TrustedReviews: Overclocked: A History of Violence

It's hard to recommend that anyone else rush out and buy this game. Overclocked seems to have taken elements from Fahrenheit and applied them to a classic point-and-click adventure style, but Fahrenheit worked because it gave you choices and immersed you intellectually and emotionally in its world. Overclocked tries with its conversations between you and your soon-to-be estranged wife, but these scenes are too close to primitive machinima to make that work.

Does TrustedReviews feel slightly mean for criticising a game because its budget and technology can't match its ambitions? Sure, but Overclocked just doesn't work as it should. Nothing bar the story is strong enough to compete in today's games market, and the result is another adventure game that has one toe in the future, but the rest firmly stuck in the past.

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