Boomtown SingStar Summer Party review

Boomtown reports:

''Here I am, sat in the very same (metaphorical) chair again, with a copy of the newest PS2 SingStar game, and a hangover from the night before. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than thankful for Sony to send over the newest in the 13 strong UK releases in the franchise and give me an excuse for a drunken party (for review purposes only; perhaps I could get an alcohol sponser too?) but I can't help but feel like it's turning me into a music reviewer.

SingStar Summer Party ruthlessly exploits our wonderful British weather and our general feeling of summertime towards theming a track listing that generally feels quite upbeat and… summery. I'm sure you know, but just in-case, it's a Karaoke game but you're scored on your singing skills and can set up multi rounds of duets, battles, medleys and pass-the-mic modes to entertain 8 people at a party. We're used to the lack of any new features by now, generally rating the game on nothing but the music, but I was shocked to find something new in SingStar Summer Party.''

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