Motorstorm 2 officially adopts Pacific Rift as subtitle

PS3Fanboy reports:

''It had been rumored around the internet for a while now, so it's not exactly shocking news to hear its confirmation. Motorstorm 2 has officially been re-named Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. We're almost certain we'd heard this before, but since it hadn't been confirmed (the official unveiling is due in June's edition of PlayStation: The Official Magazine) we thought it'd be nice to assure you that you can, in fact, call the game by this title when amongst groups of friends.''

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fan_of_gaming3877d ago

not a bad name, although i think Motorstorm 2 would have been fine.

Harry1903877d ago

Motorstorm2 would have been perfectly fine.

sonarus3877d ago

Well pacific rift sends the message across that they are now in the pacific.

Its going to be either this or Grid that takes home racer of the yr.

TheWickedOne3877d ago

I kinda like it, but yeah M2 was fine.

heyheyhey3877d ago

yeah i agree

a simple Motorstorm 2 would have sufficed

or perhaps they want to make it known that this one is set in a different location so people wouldn't think its more of the same?

i dont know, but the location they chose does sound interesting

beans3877d ago

Theres something about this name that makes me think of Waveracer for Nintendo!

EZCheez3877d ago

I used to love that game.

beans3877d ago

Heck yeah...For some reason that game felt so next gen and immersive for its time! I don't think I've played to many games that gave me that I'm in the world feeling like Waveracer!

sniper-squeak3877d ago

this motorstorm is gna be rubbish with no proper in-car view like in the origional trailer for MS

pwnsause3877d ago

i think evolution games confirmed in car view.

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The story is too old to be commented.