E3 Struggles To Stay Alive

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, has been struggling lately to remain significant in the gaming industry. Ever since E3 stopped accepting public attendees and became more of an invite-only show, it's lost a lot of its luster. That, and no more booth babes either. The whole gaming nirvana feeling from the show has faded substantially. Now, five major studios have opted out of displaying at this year's E3, two studios have dropped out of the association all together.

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Harry1903850d ago

not being open ended anymore,what were they thinking....what happened to the American way of doing things on a completely different scale....pity....but i foresee,we foresee a is coming.

ElementX3850d ago

What does public attendance have to do with "the American way"? What different scale are you talking about?

jadenkorri3850d ago

going invite only, ya thats gonna change, open ended is how it should be, what too many people show up when it was open....excuse me, but isn't that the point, no wonder game companies opt out of it, noones can go unless invited

Harry1903850d ago

so i have a different perspective on it.What i mean was that EA epitomized the American way of doing things big,guns blazing,with stuff everywhere and very little moderation.It might be stereotypical,but that's what i associate America to:doing things on a larger scale than everyone else.What better than the huge LA Convention Center to showcase
THE EVENT in videogames industry?I always hoped one day i would go to E3,and that's why i hope someday it will be back to the old ways.

Personally,I think the only challenger to E3 is TGS(Tokyo Game Show)That's where the biggest news have been coming from since the 'gimped' E3.And japanese developers also like to unveil their new projects in their homeland.

Skerj3850d ago

They did it that way because E3 was becoming a shiny bloated turd version of its former self. Focusing on which celebrities got in to endorse games, and tons of people who normally should not have been there taking up space at all the lines while neglecting personal hygiene.

E3 was starting to lack focus, it became more about the show itself than the games they were there for to begin with. Don't even get me started on the whole idea of booth babes.

Granted I don't think it should be AS restrictive as it is now, considering they cut out a lot of indie devs by going invite only. A more rigorous and thorough signup process could have solved both of those problems.

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lodossrage3850d ago

E3 used to be important back in the ps1 and early p2 age of gaming.

But now most of the major companies have their own events to show off their games. Sony gamer's day. Microsoft's X day, Squaresoft's yearly party. Konami gamer day, Koei gamers day. Just to name a few.

So a lot of companies do see E3 as being relevant the way they used to.

BilI Gates3850d ago

E3 is still the biggest of the bunch.

lodossrage3850d ago

But the thing is, when a company has their OWN event, they don't have the constant worry of being out done by their competition.

Lumbo3850d ago

"E3 is still the biggest of the bunch."

Compared to the GamesConvention its small. They tried to make it an professionals only event and failed. The pro people like GDC more, and the E4E was a joke no one bothered to attend. Right now the focus switched to the GC in Europe as the largest gaming centered trade fair around. And it will only grow when the GC is moving to Cologne next year (Airport close by, located near the city center of Cologne and perfect traffic connections) as it gets closer to France and the Netherlands that way compared to the kinda backwater location in Leipzig.


trancefreak3850d ago

bring back the booth babes....

Bolts3850d ago

That was very, VERY, gay.

iamtehpwn3850d ago

Moar games + moar b00bs = Moar Fun

Liquid Dust3850d ago

Ahh brings a tear to my eye. I remember back in my earlier days of gaming when I would wait months for my E3 issue of PSM to arrive in the mail. That was a time when there were just a rediculous amount of games to look forward to. Metal Gear, Xenogears, Gex, Brave Fencer Musashi, TOMBA!, Resident Evil, etc. Definitely the golden years of the expo and the playstation. But, it is good to see some other shows popping up on the radar so there are more shows per year to look forward to.

jadenkorri3850d ago

that video makes me want to go play [email protected]*

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