Yahoo Games: Official Gears Of War Review!

One of the first published game reviews of Gears Of War brought to you by Yahoo Games. Enjoy!

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PSN Starfleets4213d ago

This is torture!

10 more days....

DC RID3R4213d ago

having to wait 10 days for this is BS!!!

some stores in the u.s are selling it now, anyone picked up a copy yet?

Ravenator5294213d ago

I am pretty sure that my local Gamestop is having a midnight release. I am going to call later on to find out.

I will let you know.

nambo4213d ago

Got a call from my local Gamestop last night stating that my copy will be available this afternoon. Really looking forward to it.

THWIP4213d ago

...that equates to a 9/10. ;)

rj814213d ago

the game is the real deal

RBlaze4213d ago

..As you cant really have 1/4 stars, the 4 and a 1/2 rating could be anywhere between 85 and 95%

THWIP4213d ago

1.) Who says you can't have a 1/4 star?
2.) If you divide the total # of possible stars (30) into the # given (28.5), you get 95%...which is even better than the average from the 4.5/5 score.

Either way, it's 9-9.5...NOT 8.5 :)

Ravenator5294213d ago

Give me a break man! Are you really trying this hard to knock the game?

RBlaze4213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

no! 4 stars equates to 8/10, 4.5 stars to 9/10, and 5 stars to 10/10. So the range that 4stars can be is 7.5-8.5 out of 10. The range the 4.5 stars can be is 8.5-9.5. And the range of 5 stars can only be between 9.5-10 coz you cant get 10.5/10.
Trust me!
Im not tryin to diss this game, ive had it preoreded for months!! i hate the star system coz its too vague! i reckon this game should be sittin in the 5 star from the averages of all the other stars! but they never seem to do that. Just wish theyd rate it out of 10!

THWIP4213d ago

...and I already broke it down for you anyway. The ACTUAL SCORE is 95%...the "rough" average is 9/10. And again, who says you couldn't have a 1/4 star anyway? I've seen NUMEROUS movie/book/game reviews that did so.

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beans4213d ago

This is a great score from Yahoo because they always give low scores from what I've noticed in the past! 9.0 isnt a bad score at all and for those in doubt just check out!

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