New Fable 2 Screenshot

A new Screenshot from Fable 2, coming from Peter Molyneux his blog.

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Dnarbeis3755d ago

Honestly? The person looks not good IMO

skynidas3755d ago

YEAH i noticed that too

WIIIS13755d ago

You mean that small pic of that guy at the distance? Yeah I can't see the individual strands of his hair either, which is a jarring contrast to the astounding details of his surroundings.

Voozi3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

My only gripe w/ Fable 2 atm graphic wise is the draw distance, I hope they're able to improve it and increase it a good amount (since in that one playthrough demo they showed a while ago the draw distances were kinda bad to my liking at least)

Everything else for the style it is, I think looks great and hope they're able to deliver w/ gameplay and live to the hype unlike Fable 1

MK_Red3755d ago

I don't care about graphics or combat or such. If there is real freedom and RPG depth here along with chance to be really REALLY evil then I'm sold. Plus the co-op ROCKS!
Definitly my most anticipated game of the year after Fallout 3.

actas1233755d ago

To be honest this looks just like a PS2 game. I hope the devs are working on improving the graphics for this game.

AngryTypingGuy3755d ago

To be honest, you're a retard.

beans3755d ago

Thats a pretty picture!

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The story is too old to be commented.