Microsoft: No plans for larger harddisk!

Despite the rumours lately, Microsoft today announced once more that at the moment absolutely no larger harddisk has been planned.

Boris Schneider-Johne, Product Manager of Microsoft Germany wrote this at his personal blog and also Shane Kim, General Manager of Microsoft, confirmed his statement.

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G_CodeMonkey3975d ago

Usually they just say "we haven't announced..." .. I still don't buy it--they'll release one probably spring. gCM

Silver Bull3t3975d ago

Just pick up an executer360 and any size SATA hdd you like.

peksi3975d ago

Never understood proprietary hardware anyway. Why not go along with standard fit drives? It would be easy just to grab that 160G drive and be done with it.

tatical3975d ago

Microsoft does use standard hard drives. They're SATA drives for laptops. But have to be formated & partitioned a certain way.

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The story is too old to be commented.