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Submitted by Garethvk 707d ago | opinion piece

Does An Abundance of Xbox One Systems At Retail Signal Lower Demand Than Expected For The Xbox One

After an eveving of Holiday shopping where he noticed several Xbox One units for sale but not a single Playstation 4 to be found, Gareth of Skewed and Reviewed asks if Microsoft produced more units than there was a demand for or did they simply plan their production needs better. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

MorePowerOfGreen   707d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(4)
NatureOfLogic  +   707d ago
Xbox One demand is not on the same level as PS4. MS is producing at a PS4 demand rate, but not selling as many. That's why you see so many on the shelves.
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donnieboy  +   707d ago
PeaSFor  +   707d ago
what wat.
Sayai jin  +   707d ago
PS4 is selling like hoy cakes, XB1 is selling well too. Where will the numbers be at the end of this year, 4 months, and so on. No one knows. I personnally do not care as long as there is enough support for all 3 consoles I own.

Nature where did you find production numbers of XB1 and PS4 from? I was not aware that anyone outside the company knew this info.
Belking  +   707d ago
you sound stupid. both have sold 2 million and there are ps4s on the shelf regardless of what you fanboys may think. I saw 4 xb1s and 2 ps4s being bought earlier today. Dont believe the hype dude. These consoles are gonna slow down in sales before they pick up again. So much for ps4 selling millions more than xb1 out of the gate.
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Broburger  +   707d ago
I haven't played mine since launch
SlavisH2  +   707d ago
thats because you don't own one.
Broburger  +   707d ago
Actually, I do, but my 360 and PS3 get all of the action.
Sayai jin  +   707d ago
WHats your gamertag?
Trekster_Gamer  +   707d ago
Because you don't own one TROLL!
Why o why  +   707d ago
Both selling well, ps4 just selling better. No need for spin or damage control
MasterCornholio  +   707d ago
Its that simple really.

But some people refuse to accept it. Thats the way a blind fanboy is.
Sayai jin  +   707d ago
Fanboys refuse anything that may be negative about their piece of beloved plastic.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   707d ago
Not sure @Why is getting disagrees here. PS4 is selling better.

The X1 is still selling very well its just PS4 is pushing more sales.
PudgeySan  +   707d ago
The way I see it. They both can make around a million a month.. But the demand is higher for PS4 so naturally you are going to see them Xbox ones sitting around. But that's not a valid reason not to buy one. If you like Xbox games.. Buy an Xbox if you like PlayStation games.. Buy a PS4.. Its really that simple.
DarthJay  +   707d ago
I'd love to know where this abundance is located. I just finally got the only one I could find locally Tuesday for a Christmas gift. I have searched everywhere daily and a friend sent me this picture from a somewhat local Best Buy late Monday evening:

By the time I got there when they opened the next morning, they had two left. Maybe it's a Massachusetts thing... but these things aren't clogging any space here...
Garethvk  +   707d ago
As I said in the article. Phoenix, Las vegas, Seattle, New York and Florida. Last night and today I saw units ready to go at Best Buy, Three Target locales, two Gamestops in fhe Phoenix area. Lowest stock at any locale was two units and some had signs saying they have them in stock and ask. Not one had a PS 4 anywhere.
DarthJay  +   705d ago
I wasn't even talking about your article, because quite frankly, I didn't read it. I am talking about all of the comments every time this is brought up.

I saw a ton of them out and about on Saturday and went to a lot of the same places on Sunday and they were mostly gone. This thing is selling here. It's not Microsoft's fault Sony hasn't replenished stock as quickly.
omegaheat  +   707d ago
Actually, I'm quite impressed by the sales of both consoles, but I'm even more impressed that Microsoft were able to put up the numbers that it has even though their console cost $100 more than the PS4. If both companies exceeded their sales expectations by a far margin, how can either achievement be undermined just because on sales slightly more than the other. It seems that so many people on this site want the X1 to fail, but I would suggest a little sleep and therapy. If one console causes the other to fail, it won't be good for us gamers at all. Publishers would bail and say things like consoles are dying and the industry is over. Nobody wants another time like there was during the Ps2 and Dreamcast era. I almost gave up on videogames at that time because I was left with a great console that was no longer supported. I couldn't really get into the PS2, so I never bought another console until the first Xbox hit the market. As a Sega fan, the Xbox felt like I was right at home. I never looked back.
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Whiskeyjacked87  +   707d ago
Funny how people disagree when you write that the ps4 is selling more than Xbox one! Completely in denial, go see a psychiatrist or a psychologist because you need to be evaluated.
coopman300  +   707d ago
Not necessarily, might just mean production is high enough to keep their console onthe shelves.
Submarine01  +   707d ago
The XBOX ONE is about to receive an update to allow developers to create games in native 1080p.The first game to use the new update is Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.I honestly don't know why people buy the PS4 it's not that great of a system.And with the update coming soon there won't be a difference in the games at all.While it seems great to buy a PS4 at $400.00 dollars you really aren't getting your moneys worth when Sony doesn't even have or will have anything like Cloud Compute.
N4GJD  +   706d ago
You can find an Xbox One around here with almost no problem, but that's definitely not the case with the PlayStation 4; not even a single one can be found on selves. So demand is obviously much larger, and my local game store manager confirmed this yesterday. But this was obviously going to be the case even before launch.
Goku781  +   706d ago
It's nowhere near what the Wii U is doing but after everything that happened this year they should be burring them in a desert somewhere like those ET cartridges.
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NeoTribe  +   706d ago
Theres still day one editions out there...... that should tell you everything.

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