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Call of Duty is the most successful first person shooter of all time. With each release smashing records year on year. The latest installment Ghosts not only starts with a brand new story arc after Modern Warfare but also bridges over into the next gen consoles. Infinity have a golden opportunity to really go crazy with Ghosts and reaffirm that it is still the greatest shooter of all time so have they succeeded? Let’s find out.

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sdozzo1549d ago

Took me a few hours and I didn't like it on ps3. Maps are big... but I'm liking it on PS4.

riverstars861549d ago

It's the same game, I have it on PS4 as well. Please explain why you like the same game on different systems?

SirNintend01549d ago

Finally, someone reviewed this game. I've been waiting to see what it was all about.