How Video Games Teach Valuable Life Lessons…Some Not Taught in School

DualShockers writes:

A dark quite room, locked away from the world. Empty pizza boxes thrown across the floor, a shirt, your shirt covered in grease stains and remnants of crushed potato chips. Endless amounts of caffeine, as you pull an a marathon…for video game playing.

This is what many people imagine when they hear you’re an avid gamer. Someone who only communicates in gaming terms, someone incapable of understanding real life issues; someone who couldn’t possibly handle interacting with other people unless it requires a headset and kill streak. This is far from the truth. In fact gamers are more capable of navigating through life than the average non-gamer, for video games provide these essential building blocks.

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hosseincode1585d ago

"if you see enemeies coming ahead, you're going in the right way..."

this is what i learned from games!

Sayai jin1585d ago

Well thats just it. Life lessons should not be learned/taught in school. It should be taught at home an in life. I see what the author is getting sat though.

Tzuno1585d ago

Well one thing is for sure. No mercy for the ones that tried to kill you. Play Last of us to know what i mean.

BelkingOfSony1584d ago

Scooby doo taught me that the real monsters are humans