The Five Worst Video Games of 2013

From the overhyped, to the blatantly unfinished and even the downright terrible, the past year saw its fair share of bad games. Among this year’s class of bad games, a few stand out above the rest as those that the gaming world would much rather forget.

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zeal0us1585d ago

Ride to Hell: Retribution is the type of game you play if you want to torture yourself. Eutechnyx need to stick to Nascar.

coolbeans1585d ago

Or if you're sick and twisted enough, it's the kind where you can laugh at the methods Eutechnyx intends to torture you with.

No? That's still just me? :P

KonsoruMasuta1585d ago

My list:



Fighter Within

Ride to Hell

Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Although I do agree with the article, Colonial Marines was bad. I never played Hometown Story though.

OpieWinston1585d ago

Ryse was bad to you?

People are entitled to your opinion but how could you compare it to those pieces of shit.

You probably haven't even played Ryse or Fighter Within.

MisfitsInc1585d ago

Ryse is a pretty game, but it is TERRIBLE

KonsoruMasuta1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

How are you going to tell me what I've played? Yes, I played Ryse and I found it to be repetitive. Yes, the graphics and character models are stunning (Sometimes I had to stop to admire the scenery). Yes, the kills in the game are brutal and cool to look at but there isn't much there besides that. Maybe they will be able to nail gameplay in a sequel. I'll look forward to that.

Fighter Within.... Fighter Within.... It was just plain awful. Please don't make me relive it.....

H0RSE1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

RYSE isn't GOTY material, but to classify it in a worst of 2013 list, seems a bit extreme... I'd say it's biggest flaw is repetitiveness. From a graphics side it's phenomenal, and from a technical side, (glitches, controls, etc.) it's also well done. I'm really not seeing how it qualifies as a "worst of 2013" game, unless you are simply putting all parameters used to judge these things aside, and using nothing but opinion to cast your vote.

gamer78041585d ago

Ryse? your list i'd agree with other than that. Ryse Graphics , yes are amazing, best so far of next gen, but even though its a bit repetitive, it doesn't make it terrible, it just makes the gameplay average, at worst, its an average game with amazing graphics.

headblackman1585d ago

yeah. kind of like kill zone shadow fall. pretty game with crap game play.

gamer78041585d ago

i'd agree with that totally.

MasterCornholio1585d ago

1. Lococycle
2. Crimson Dragon
3. Ryse Son of Rome
4. Knack
5. Ride to Hell Retribution
6. Contrast
7. Aliens Colonial Marines
8. Fighter Within

If you want to kill yourself play these games in a gaming marathon.


Vegetarianshark1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

What's wrong with Contrast? It has potential to be an amazing game unlike all the other crap you listed.

_QQ_1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

My list.
Beyond 2 souls
Aliens colonial marines
walking dead
fighter within
Ride to hell.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1585d ago

Beyond 2 souls, stopped reading right there.

I respect your opinion, but i don't like it lol.

Mikefizzled1585d ago

Can't believe so many people are calling out Ryse. I really enjoyed the game the only real issue is the lack of depth to the combat. Backed up by a good story, great visuals and a decent multiplayer it doesn't deserve to be listed next to games like Survival Instinct and Ride to Hell.

christocolus1585d ago

I enjoyed ryse too. Sweet game but hope in the sequel the gameplay can match the amazing graphics though...atleast god of war ascension director is on board now so there will be no excuses this time

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