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Submitted by masterabbott 780d ago | opinion piece

Will Next-Gen gaming suffer from Sequelitis?

Michael Marr of Capsule Computers wrote :

In recent weeks, I’ve found myself being asked the same question a lot of people lately. “Are you getting an Xbox One or PS4?” When you work with video games as a profession it’s a pretty difficult question to avoid. It is with some disdain that I honestly answer “Neither” each time I’m asked. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

mrwawa  +   780d ago
I agree with how lots of titles are yearly regulars but have very little different features to warrant a completely new title which is usually priced at a full price.
erathaol  +   780d ago
I came into how crippling Sequelitis can be to a franchise, when Giantbomb started discussing Assassin's Creed in their last podcast.

Now, they only had a few bad things to say, mostly how its a fun pirate game but a really boring Assassin's Creed title.

They need to re-imagine the Assassin's gameplay mechanics and create a new fun way to play these games, instead of putting essentially the same product out every year but with new features.
Subby  +   779d ago
Agreed, Black Flag was the best pirate game ever with a great pirate story. But there was hardly anything "Assassin" about it.

Gameplay is still too easy, stealth is a bit laughable and starting a new AC game is like going back to work. You know exactly what to do and it's the same rhythm all over again.
allformats  +   780d ago
Haha. Sequelitis. Love that. On topic: Yes it will and that's because of the publishers, not developers.

Given a chance, developers would have already lead this industry to new heights of creativity, but these bloodsuckers such as EA and Activision only see the almighty dollar and nothing else, hence, gen 8 will suffer sequelitis like the generation before it.
decrypt  +   780d ago
Well you need to rely on Indie developers to get any real creativity. The big houses rather not change the formula since it might not go well with the Masses. Hence you keep getting the same game over and over. Infact in all likelihood games are dumbed down so they can cater to the wider audience.

I think the Indie scene has recently brought us some great games:

Dota 2 (personally have 1000+ hours on this game and its free on Steam),
Assetto Corsa (probably one of the best racing Sims out there).

I think if you look hard you will find gems on the Indie scene.
TheFanboySlayer  +   780d ago
agreed I think indies will lead in creativity so we should look towards them. If there is a indie game that is a huuuuge hit then the publishers will notice and probably hop on the bandwagon or scoop up the indie dev and make them bigger. All in all, indies will save the industry from being boring.
cyguration  +   780d ago
Yes, they will suffer from it because AAA publishers will never stop being too greedy.
DCfan  +   780d ago
And gamers will never stop being idiots. That leads to publishers being greedy
R00bot  +   780d ago
Sadly we'll probably see CoD 52 this gen.
It'd be nice if publishers would make more new IP, but they're too scared that they'll lose money.
wolfsaviorzx  +   780d ago
Destiny, Titanfall, Watch Dogs = Enough Said. Problem is Japanese Studios refuse to try. Capcom same shit. Square Enix (which is getting better with Tomb Raider and Thief reboots but still japanese side is shit). Tecmo same shit. Konami same shit. Bandai Namco same shit. Only 1st Party Japanese studios even bother. I want new Japanese IPs, tired of same old shit.
R00bot  +   780d ago
I know there's Destiny, Titanfall and Watch Dogs, but I'm willing to bet at least two out of those three will get sequels (that is, if they sell (it looks like they will)).
masterabbott  +   780d ago
hopefully Watchdogs does get released ... who knows when that will finally come out..
R00bot  +   779d ago
Ubisoft actually said that they are hoping to turn Watch Dogs (and any new IP they make) into a series.
ShaunCameron  +   779d ago
Just like it'd be nice if gamers actually gave IP's other than the popular ones a chance, but they're scared of offending their peers and being ridiculed.
Gabenbrah  +   780d ago
It's a new generation and we are already seeing some amazing new IPs from all publishers; EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, Activision, etc: Games like Destiny, Quantum Break, Titanfall, Order 1886, Rime, The Division, The Crew, Watch Dogs, Star Citizen, etc and more, not to mention we're going to see Indie developers shine this generation, just look at No Man's Sky. There will be plenty of new IPs this generation.

But this doesn't mean we don't want sequels, I for one would love a Last of Us 2, Halo 5 and Zelda U, but a balance of the two would be great throughout this generation.
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thehitman  +   780d ago
Ya exactly. The guy starts off the article trying to say he is not bias towards computers but then goes into a completely on sided article against consoles. Then ends with they should license their exclusives lol... sounds like he just wants console games on PC.
Gabenbrah  +   780d ago
lol PC gamers have plenty of games to play, there out buying too many games on Steam as we speak ;)
thehitman  +   780d ago
@ Gab I am a PC gamer and there is really nothing new and innovative to play that is interesting that I cant play on either my ps3/ps4. PC gaming has been stale for the last 5 years. Last game I bought was SC2 and the expansion. Other than that I stick to F2P games and my Playstation. Those games people buy on steam are the same games he talks about in this article and gets on about not being original.
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Smoovekid  +   780d ago
@thehitman How has PC games become stale?

There are a ton of games on PC that are fun and will never come to consoles, and you also have mods to keep games from becoming stale.

I have a PS3 and Wii and enjoy the games on them but PC games are not stale.
thehitman  +   780d ago
@smoove name me a good new PC game thats worth spending on?
Einhert  +   780d ago
Exactly there is never any shortage of new IPs, some of them you just have to find yourself or look out for good youtubers who check out new games and recommend them.

Just because it isn't hyped by geoff Keighley or talked about on major game sites does not mean it isn't good or doesn't exist.

Loving Brothers a Tale of Two Sons atm, just picked it up on steam for £5.99.
wolfsaviorzx  +   780d ago
Agree EXCEPT "Last of Us 2" hell no fuck that. I want Uncharted 4 and Jak 4. Shit of Us was the worse "game" Naughty Dog has ever made.
Subby  +   779d ago
@thehitman complains about lack of innovation in PC gaming and yet plays Starcraft 2! It's the same game it was a decade ago.

I'd rather play my stale PC games than my innovative PS4 games like Knack lol.
webeblazing  +   779d ago
dont bother he s one of the biggest sony trolls in here even if you post some suggestions hes going to downplay it and brag about the ps4. he said i stick to my f2p games and ps4 after saying theres not anything worth playing on pc. that have to tell you something especially since the f2p games was pc exclusives but now on ps4 (equals worth playing now) and ps4 dont have much games since it just launch. how do he even have bubz it amazes me every time.
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thehitman  +   780d ago
If you have a Playstation that is never the issue. It is easy to look at titles that have yearly releases but if your a true gamer you play and pick up the others as well. I can count over 10 new IPs from last gen and I am sure there will be just as many this gen.
wolfsaviorzx  +   780d ago
Beyond 2 Souls and Last of Us aren't games. They are interactive Movies.
TheAwesomessMan  +   780d ago
I've enjoyed playing The Last of Us. By this logic every game that has you pressing buttons to have your character to perform an action is an interactive movie.
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Master-H  +   780d ago
Maybe Beyond 2 Souls, but clearly you have never played TLOU.
Hellsvacancy  +   780d ago
This is why I haven't bought a PS4 yet, Killzone 4, Battlefield 4, AC4 are not all that appealing to me, that's only because I've played the previous entries so god damn much, 800+ hours i've put into BF3 alone, I lost total interest in the AC games after the AWFUL AC3, and KillZone? LOVED the 1st game, but after K2 and K3 my interest in the series has faded

The Witcher 3 is what I'm waiting for "WHAT? but that's a sequel" yeah maybe, but I haven't played The Witcher 1 and 2 so it's a new franchise for me to explore

Got my eyes on The Order aswel, oh and Fallout...............4, i've kind of contradicted myself here
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cyclindk  +   780d ago
Honestly you arent missing much, save for black flags ship aspect... It scratches an itch ive had for a while perfectly, though i would have loved an even more in depth sailing/naval warefare game as well, not necessarily more realistic, but definitely more ships and options. Love it
Imalwaysright  +   780d ago
Playing Witcher 3 without playing Witcher 1 and 2 is like starting to read a good book in the final chapter. I highly recommend that you play the 1st 2 games before playing Witcher 3 and I guarantee that you won't regret playing them.
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decrypt  +   780d ago
I would agree.

Specially Witcher 1 amazing. Hell you could load up some hi res textures mods on the Witcher 1.

Witcher 1 with mods till this day can go head to head against the best looking RPGS out there and still come out on top.
Hellsvacancy  +   780d ago
My laptop won't run The Witcher, that's why i've missed it, I could always borrow my mates 360 and rent the early games,

I played the Mass Effect games backwards, ME2, ME3 then ME1, wasn't that much of a problem

Besides, I'm sure the Ps4 version will have some sort of "previous on The Witcher" to fill in the gaps, explain some of the story, I hope so anyway
Derekvinyard13  +   780d ago
@ hell

Dude this is the same exact thing I'm doing you pointed out all the games that I'm interested in also. I mean infamous looks good but I can wait
cyclindk  +   780d ago
Farcry: Blood Dragon is the perfect go-between in place of sequels, reuse all that hard work but give people a fresh experience and for cheaper, though a larger "mod/conversion" might certainly warrant a higher price tag if it is justified through what it offers.

I played Blood Dragon 10 times more than I did Farcry 3 and i think it was free for me on PSN plus.

And on PC at least there are half a dozen big name games i would never have touched again if it were not for a few mods, company of hereos modern warfare conversion = awesome. All the skyrim mods kept me going a long time until it became too many for me to be able to choose anymore (all encompassing total conversions would have been preferrable for me), sins of a solar empire star wars conversion = i never played it after buying because i didn't much care for it, turn it into star wars and all that music and sound effects it was like a dream come true.

And in the old days, mods/scenarios kept me playing the civilization franchise, namely civ III for years and Far Cry 2s level editor was the right direction but future games need to add more to that process i.e. Little big planet and halo (dont know which one) map editing mechanics level building more streamlined.
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BattleTorn  +   780d ago
Totally!!! Re: blood dragon
elweon  +   780d ago
the consoles themselves are pure sequels, of course they will suffer from it.

SteamOS is the next step, true Next-gen gaming.

Ps4 and Xbone are sequels of the same old segregated locked-in-to-the-same-hardware -for-years consoles of the past where you have to buy every console just to be able to play with your buddies.

I own the same game for 2 platforms just to be able to play with all my friends, it's retarded.
cyclindk  +   780d ago
Why don't all your friends just play on one platform then? THAT is retarded that you think someone forced all of you to get games across different platforms so you feel you "have" to get all platforms just to play with them all... sorry to say, not trying to be mean.

And the very fact that we won't NEED to really upgrade these consoles for close to 10 years is their strength. New consoles may come sooner, but they really do have substantial longevity in terms of hardware, more so this time around due to the increased RAM and no tremendous resolution bump like the attempts last gen.
Subby  +   780d ago
It will. The only thing carrying the next-gen consoles right now are established franchises. Even "new" IPs like Titanfall and Watchdogs are essentially spin-offs from tired formulas. CoD with mechs and jetpacks, AC+ GTA = Watch Dogs...then we'll get sequels of these IPs and it'll go on forever.

Even now everyone's waiting for Uncharted 4 or GoW4 (both sequels) to put life into the PS4, as it currently has none. They'll be spectacular, no doubt, but they are still sequels.

There are exceptions and no doubt we'll see some gems. But this industry is about annual sequels and turning IPs into ongoing franchises. That's it.
Subby  +   780d ago
I disagree a bit with the pie chart separating graphics, story and gameplay. Too many developers INSIST on wanting to be movie directors instead of VIDEOGAME creators. Hence why we now have to sit through cutscene after cutscene after cutscene and then have the game hold our hand half of the time.

Gameplay is shrinking in favour of BOMBASTIC, EMOTIONAL, HEART-WRENCHING storytelling. With fantastic exceptions like Dark Souls. We do not need a movie budget with movie voice actors and movie scriptwriters in videogames.
DanielGearSolid  +   780d ago
EA, Activision, maybe Ubi are still gonna do it obviously.

But I really think Sony and MS got the picture.

Especially MS, and im a Sony guy
#12 (Edited 780d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
masterabbott  +   780d ago
This year MS released no original IP's none that i can really think of unless u call Gears Judgement something original.
DanielGearSolid  +   779d ago
But the question is Will next gen gaming suffer from sequelitis, not current gen. And MS has alotta New IPs coming down the pipe
Subby  +   779d ago
That's correct, but MS were forced to create new IPs because most of their devs have left, been shutdown or make games for multiplatform now. Here's hoping they keep their devs close and happy this time.
Coach_McGuirk  +   780d ago
of course it will. look at the target demographic
hazardman  +   780d ago
Sequelitis and Portitis. We need to stop it before it gets out of hand. Look at what happened with FBV we let it get out of hand and now there is no cure!!!
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   780d ago
FBV? Heck, look at the Wii U's launch lineup.
If that's not a sign that we need third parties to create fewer crap-tastic ports and start focusing on original new games for each system, I don't know what is.
hazardman  +   779d ago
FanBoy Virus!! That what im saying as well. They need to focus on new ip. Do we blame devs or publishers? Dont get me wrong I want my Witcher, Infamous, Uncharted, Halo, etc. I just want to see a new IP(The Order 1886 and Titanfall) but the games are coming. Its the waiting that sucks!!!
BattleTorn  +   780d ago
Most likely
gpturbo81  +   780d ago
its already begun. not going to get any better with companies like ubisoft saying 'multiple assassins creed titles a year is a possibility'
ilovefatgirls  +   780d ago
sequelitis i was hoping we were getting over that but i guess a remission should be expected

tbh i more concerned with a trend or prequels or spin-offs, they worry me the most cause its like saying, we didnt trust this new game we had on paper so we named it after something else to make sure it sells even though it looks and plays nothing like its namesake but its kay cause we retconned a tonne of lore so youd feel better about dropping the 60 euro then another 60 on dlc locked on disk

/rant over
ShaunCameron  +   779d ago
No more than previous generations did.

And for every new IP that succeeds, many new IP's will fail.
madjedi  +   779d ago
Better question has any gen not suffered from sequelitis, not sure when sequels became a horrible term, because you take any system and get rid of it sequels direct or spiritual and most systems are losing 50-75% of it's lineup.

Btw you want new ips look to indies because tried and true will pay the bills whereas new ips might tank.
madjedi  +   779d ago
Lol i love people lamenting the industries reliance upon sequels, and yet in the same post, say i can't wait for mario extra pawz edition or uncharted 4 the next discovery. Or some other sequel or spin off after just ranting omg not enough new ips.

No that's not the slightest bit hypocritical.

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