Lazlow from Rockstar Games "Confirms" Next Gen Ports of GTAV

By: Derrick Gott

If you were like many of gamers out there, you traded or sold your PS3 or Xbox360 to bankroll your entrance into the Next Gen console of your choice , thus causing you to miss out on the massive epic that is GTAV.

Well have no fear, because Lazlow from Rockstar Games spoke during an interview on Opie & Anthony’s SiriusXM program revealing in not so many words that they are indeed working on Next Gen ports of GTAV. He doesn’t come out and say it, but use your detective skills & read between the lines.

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Xbot3601585d ago

I hope this is legit! Nice scoop TaG

AngelicIceDiamond1585d ago

Next gen port sounded like a good idea couple of months ago.

But I don't care for it now. Terrific Sp but greedy MP scams is R* way of saying "thanks, now pay more money in our MP"

Seriously, docking the mission pay, slap in the face DLC and practically telling people to pay for those money sharks to get rich.

Nope, not taking my money R*.

IHassounah1585d ago

U do realize it's free DLC , also the next Heists DLC will eventually be free so please shut up and enjoy the game or enjoy other games and stop whining

GhostTurtle1584d ago

Totally agree with you dude. Online is fun but they just make it too f***ing obvious that they want you to buy the shark packs with all the nerfs. S*** is ridiculous. With that said, I'm a sucker, so I would prob end up buying it for the PS4 if it were to release.

AngelicIceDiamond1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

@IHassounah Sounds like your enjoying those money hacks or killing others in the bad sport lobby.

Free DLC. Yeah, that's barely worth a download and got constantly delayed.

"next Heists DLC will eventually be free"

The heist was suppose to come with the MP as advertise. Even you forgot the original plans of heists.

Instead or telling me to shut up how bout you quit being a fanboy and respect my opinion like I respect yours.

IHassounah1584d ago

I respect ur opinion but what I mean is that Rockstar made a good job with the game , maybe it isn't the best game out there but it did fill the space it needed to fill , I actually agree on things like the GTAO is for now boring so I'm waiting for heists to come , the SP doesn't have value after finishing the story , what I meant with shut up isn't literally shut up , what I meant is enjoy the game or try other games

vigilante_man1584d ago

Why? Why so much interest over a port?

A game made for next gen consoles using all that memory would be amazing but a port of the same current gen just with icing on is a good thing?

It's called lazy and greedy.

That's why it is great to hear Sony confirm that their studios new developments will be for PS4 only not PS3/PS4.

Magicite1584d ago

nothing matters as long as the game is fun

ramiuk11584d ago

yeah at first the thought was good but tbh with games like watchdogs,division and the rest of the epic looking games i couldnt give a poo.
i want new games not remakes

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dale_denton1584d ago

can we upgrade ps3 to ps4 for $10?

BLAKHOODe1584d ago

That's what I want to know, too. I don't have as much time to game as I'd like, so I didn't get too far into GTAV before I got a PS4 and Xbox One. My PS3 (that I moved into another room to make room for the new consoles) with it's digital copy of GTAV is now collecting dust.

GraveLord1584d ago

That's the only way would rebuy it honestly.

hollabox1584d ago

Finally, I just hope GTA 5 comes out before Watch Dogs, my PS4 is getting kinda dusty.

thekhurg1584d ago


Dusty after a month of being out?

MRMagoo1231584d ago

im guessing you just dont have enough money to buy games with ? I have 7 games now and the only dust my ps4 gets is when i am too busy playing to clean. Just seems to me gaming is not your thing.

hollabox1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )


Yep, switched back to gaming on my PC and Xbox 360 after about 3 weeks. So it's been awhile since my PS4 was fired up so I had a nice build up of dust on it when I installed my new TV stand.

Any who my living room stays clean but it's carpeted, with my sectional and a crap load of pillows making my black electronics become dust magnets. But hell that launch lineup was pretty weak for games I wanted to play. Only purchased Need for Speed and Madden 25 with a couple of free arcade titles. Please I don't need some idiot listing games they think I might like, I know the lineup, either I have it on my PC, or games just don't care about.

MRMagoo123, dude get real, all my bills fit on 1 pay check, I bring home $1325 every two weeks after taxes, unions fees, medical insurance, and retirement with a pay raise every 6 months. My fiancée brings home the same amount with the same bills.

Looking ahead the only games I'm interested in is GTA 5, Watch Dog, FF 15, The Division, and maybe infamous second son. Waiting on E3 for Uncharted, God of War, and The Last of Us announcements. If you want to talk about games I have over 60 installed on my 3 hard drives for my PC, an about 8 left for my X360, so I have plenty of money to buy the content I want.

MRMagoo1231583d ago

"dude get real, all my bills fit on 1 pay check, I bring home $1325 every two weeks after taxes, unions fees, medical insurance, and retirement with a pay raise every 6 months. My fiancée brings home the same amount with the same bills." how in the hell do you live on $1325 a fortnight lol i make more than that every couple days making and repairing pcs.

hollabox1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

@ MRMagoo123

Its simple, all of our bills come up to $2143 leaving us with over $3000 a month in spending cash out of $5200. Our paychecks would obviously be higher but we both chose to have $276 taken out every two weeks for retirement. Again this number will change since I get $1.26 pay increase every 6 months until I hit top pay in my union.

I did PC repairs for a contract company called Teksystem awhile ago. Only paid me $17 an hour with no benefits. The Majority of PC repair jobs in between Chicago and Milwaukee typically pays between $12-19 and hour. I also build and repair PCs but the flow of income is not steady for me to make that my full time job.

I don't know about your region but unless you're doing PC repairs as a business I doubt you make over $1300 every couple of days after taxes, insurance, and retirement. So with over $3000 in spending cash after all bills and taxes, retirement, and union fees I think buying a $60 game would be pretty easy. For me I don't see nothing I don't own already on various platforms to spend another $60 on my PS4 at this point in time.

Next year will probably change but for now its collecting dust while my PC takes care of my gaming needs. Overall I'm just not feeling this new generation yet, the Wii U "Meh" XB1 "Hmm" PS4 "Ok I got but now what?"

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ZombieKiller1584d ago

I need this in my life. Now damnit.

I need the share feature. I have a group of friends that play everyday. I know them in real life too, they live down the road. Good friends actually.

There is nothing better, or funnier than playing GTA with real people you know.

I had a friend take a selfie while I commited suicide in the backround, the picture is priceless, imagine a video :)

I need this in my life.

showtimefolks1584d ago

this isn't news i don't work for RS and i can tell you we will get GTA5 on next gen consoles in 2014 along with pc

it makes too much sense, they can charge $59.99 again. Online will not go through the same problems. And who knows maybe even a DLC pack too

JackBNimble1584d ago

Can I borrow your crystal ball ?

showtimefolks1583d ago


its called history smart ass

look at all past gta's ending up on pc's and now next gen are like pc too so not that much extra work

frostypants1584d ago

GTA V got boring fast. Giant sandbox with nothing interesting to do. Same 'ol GTA.

ZombieKiller1584d ago

play with some friends and you will think differently.

frostypants1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

@ZombieKiller, I have. The online is the worst thing about the game. If we want to play deathmatch, there are countless other games that do it better. Racing? Plenty of dedicated racing games do it better. Missions? The missions are awful. There's literally no compelling reason to play it other than drive around ganking people. Oh wow, buy property that serves no real purpose! Fun. Red Dead Redemption's online was far better (but even it got old fast).

pivotplease1584d ago

Yeah I haven't even played it yet. I held off because I knew this was an inevitability. Will probably include dlc or whatever too which will be nice.

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SoldierX1585d ago ShowReplies(3)
joebeta1585d ago

Maybe they're just making waves to stir Gamers up, a bit?

MxRBrobaFett1584d ago

I think it's going to happen and the only reason they haven't announced it yet is to maximize ps3 and 360 sales

MrCrimson1585d ago

I hope I can upgrade for 10 bucks.

LOGICWINS1584d ago

Same here. I got the digital versions of GTAV and TLOU for these reasons.

MrCrimson1584d ago

I don't think there will be a next gen of TLOU but I was kinda hoping for a GTA:V one. - I don't think it matters whether or not your copy is a digital one.

Pogmathoin1584d ago

I am hoping Rockstar have some incentives to get this again. Playing for 100% completion now... But becoming a chore....

Moncole1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Its very greedy that these companies make you pay to upgrade. It should be you put the disk in and the console will detect it and will download a digital version but you can only play with the disk in to access the digital version.

GuyThatMakesSense1584d ago

Man, that's incredibly selfish of you to even suggest that but whatever you say, your majesty. I think the government is greedy because they don't make it so chocolate milk comes out of the sink when I want it to... ._.'

Moncole1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

If you buy a games on PS3 than you should be able to play it for free on PS4 without paying. Just like how you buy a game on Steam you can play it on any OS it supports or on any computer as long as you have Steam installed with your account logged in.

Philoctetes1584d ago

I would upgrade for $10, but I didn't care enough for GTA 5 to double-dip at full price. It was a good game, but not that good.

By way of contrast, I would happily pay another $60 for a next-gen TLOU.

Ch1d0r11584d ago

I hope they don't get too greedy because i aint buying this game twice at full price.

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edwineverready1585d ago

Let it be oooh let it be so!!!