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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 707d ago | article

Graphics Over Gameplay: Can ‘Beyond’ Creator David Cage Innovate?

David Cage is talented. He works as a musician, writer and video game designer but is best known for being the founder of the game development studio, Quantic Dream, which has brought us some remarkable titles such as Heavy Rain and The Nomad Soul. Added to that list is Beyond, Cage’s last game which was in many reviewers opinions and ours, a bland game that placed graphics over engaging gameplay. Cage is possibly the most interesting modern-day game developer, but can he now use the Xbox One and PS4 to create games that not only look good, but play well? (Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain , Industry, PS3, PS4, The Dark Sorcerer)

HelpfulGamer  +   708d ago
I love Sexy Graphics.
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xHeavYx  +   707d ago
People need to realize and accept that David Cage's games are different than your average game. I thing Beyond and Heavy Rain are great games and I'd take them over COD every day
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LonChaneyTV  +   707d ago
"People need to realize and accept that David Cage's games are different than your average game."

Crytek shares the same thoughts as cage.
hellzsupernova  +   707d ago
Heavy rain is in my top three games on ps3 love that game sooooo much played through eight times.
_QQ_  +   707d ago
But his Stories are terrible so it doesn't even matter.
SlapHappyJesus  +   707d ago
Dem emotionz doh.
KonsoruMasuta  +   707d ago
Yeah, I agree, his stories are a little "meh".

I think Telltale does it better. They may not have the kind of polish or graphics Cage has in his games but they can keep you on the edge of your seat.
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pivotplease  +   707d ago
I enjoyed their walking dead game but it was far from goty material and I think some people have gone overboard with the praise. Heavy Rain was at least twice as cinematic and I wouldn't say either game blew me away story-wise. The walking dead game used the franchise as a crutch in terms of story and it only really came into its own as a decent story in the last episode. Also, you're going to be more on the edge of your seat when zombies are constantly busting in. Not to mention the overall graphics and voice sync glitches often broke the immersion for me. Telltale's game was essentially a copy of Heavy Rain. I'm glad they made money off it though, so maybe they can get on Cage's level for season 2.
SlapHappyJesus  +   707d ago

And I couldn't disagree more with the majority of your points, nor the idea that Telltale doesn't do what Cage does, yet better.
Telltale are better writers. That, in a way, can be looked at as opinion. Really comes down who takes to what sort of story, though I think most would agree that, in terms of overall quality writing, Telltale are some fair steps ahead of Cage . . . to put things lightly.
Hellsvacancy  +   707d ago
I REALLY liked (most) of the story for Beyond Two Souls, HATED (some) of the gameplay, overall it was good though, compared to crap like Metal Gear Rising (played it last night, it was terrible) I know what i'd rather choose to replay

Most games these days are total crap with no imagination, same old grunt type games with big guns and over the top gore, it's nice to play something that actually has something going on, a story to follow, it still doesn't top The Last Of Us, Beyond was still a good experience, i'm all for good entertainment, reading, listening, watching or actually doing something physically

I did honestly guess who Aiden was extremely early on in the game, I would of preferred not to
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Bimkoblerutso  +   707d ago
I am surprised you're getting so many disagrees. I thought most people acknowledged that the actual narratives in his games are pretty terrible even by video game standards.

They're still fine games just on the strength of their presentation, but personally I've always found his stories kinda hackneyed and uninspired, especially when he eschews all semblance of context in favor of classic cinematic tropes and cliches.
_QQ_  +   707d ago
Most gamers who say they want a good story game really mean they want good presentation. I don't think they know the difference.
pivotplease  +   707d ago
"I've always found his stories kinda hackneyed and uninspired, especially when he eschews all semblance of context in favor of classic cinematic tropes and cliches."

Wow... I'm back in English class and that pretentious kid with the scarf is going on another useless rant about "the dichotomy between x and y".

I don't know what you're getting at. The majority of video games don't have great stories. Most shooters like CoD, Gears, Killzone, and the like are all write-offs. Even the RPGs this past generation had garbage stories compared to the last two generations. What are you left with? Maybe Bioshock (based off another game), MGS4 (convoluted at times), and Mass Effect (could get very dull and then there was that original ending). Even some of my favourite games like Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us fell back on tropes and cliches (especially for their endings). Heavy Rain was nothing groundbreaking, but I wouldn't downplay it relatively when there are very few quality stories to boast of in the video game medium.
Bimkoblerutso  +   707d ago
....the scarf makes me look more cultured.
hazardman  +   707d ago
I didnt read article, so im just going on the title. Whats the sense having awesome graphics if your story sucks. Graphics can only carry you so far. Story and gameplay is where its at man and always will be.

Im ok with the disagrees. This dev has alot of fans im just not one of them. A bit overrated but thats my opinion!! Keep em coming.
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Hellsvacancy  +   707d ago
That's why Crytek fail with every game they make
Only about graphics??? Am I the only person with a soul that actually felt bad for Jodi or Shaun Mars or Shelby? And before some idiot replies with a simple

"But teh story suckz" let me stop you right there, explain please or just don't bother.

"Im ok with the disagrees. This dev has alot of fans im just not one of them. A bit overrated but thats my opinion!! Keep em coming."

And the ego goes into defense mode. Way to share your opinion guy, "hey guys this game sucks, go ahead and disagree, I don't care if you guys hate me for saying that!" SMH...
hazardman  +   707d ago
Hey blondie I wasnt on the defensive at all man. Like I said I went off what the title said "graphics over gameplay" and stated my opinion on the matter. So if you like a game I gotta like it? Fuck QD!!
WeAreLegion  +   707d ago
I think Quantic Dream does both very well.
Evil_Abed  +   707d ago
Gameplay? Very well?? Hahahaha! Man come on!
David Cage does not know how to write a good story. QD need to invest in a proper writer or else their games will remain Beyond: Too Convoluted
InTheLab  +   707d ago
So you think Cage is just a one man army and does everything at QD?

And specifically, what was your issue with Beyond's narrative?
MrDead  +   707d ago
I'm glad that gamers like me are being catered for by dev's such as Quantic Dreams, some people like this site found Beyond bland and others love it. I enjoyed the hell out of Beyond and in my opinion it's one of the best titles I've played this year, it is as beautiful to look at as it is to play.

I myself find games like COD ,any one on one fighting game such as Street Fighter or Injustice bland, people enjoy different genres.
Hellsvacancy  +   707d ago
I'm with you buddy, read my comment above
goldwyncq  +   707d ago
If only David Cage takes his time to develop his story and characters further instead of jumping straight to emotions, then maybe it would have a far greater impact to the players.
linkenski  +   707d ago
The first sentence is a lie. He's close to being as much of a hack as Mac Walters from Bioware.
Sevir  +   707d ago
I felt his games were awesome, I'm half way through completing Beyond and its fantastic. Though I'd have liked for Cage to have done the Tory of Jodi in Chronological order. It sometimes hard to follow
azshorty2003  +   707d ago
True, but some of the chapters play off each other. Some of the chapters of Jodie younger are placed toward the middle and end to avoid spoiling some of the plot points early on.
False-Patriot  +   707d ago
Haters gonna hate, gamers gonna play.
azshorty2003  +   707d ago
I got Beyond on Black Friday and just got Platinum yesterday. Overall it was enjoyable. It was a nice break from every fast paced action game.

It had a good story and for what it was, decent gameplay. But I can see why people would be against his kinds of games. While I definitely feel I got my money out of the game @ $25, I dont know if I would've felt as satisfied if I paid full $60.
ironmonkey  +   707d ago
if this was on ps4 instead of ps3 it would sell.
mt  +   707d ago
I don't care what everyone says I played beyond two souls I loved it. gameplay that is QD way of doing it if you don't like don't play. it is a type of gameplay. beyond two souls is great game but I loved heavy rain more.
feraldrgn  +   707d ago
His games are good, the graphics are phenomenal, but he needs to get some writers to help him.
Koyes  +   707d ago
I guess the sales indicate just how much people actually cared for B:TW

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