Plummeting Wii U Sales Could Change Nintendo

Max Level: The Wii U, Nintendo's latest console, has had a tough life thus far. Will the continuation of plummeting sales mean the end of Nintendo's console game?

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Reboot1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

The Wii U..sadly has last generation technology. This is the Era of the PS4, XBOX One & Mobile Gaming EX:Smart Phones, Tablets etc. I can't for tell the future of what will come for Nintendo but it's not looking good is all I can say.

cesuf1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

and era of pc gaming. Also the 3ds is selling well.

curtis921454d ago

Nintendo fans don't like truth. They like their same four franchises and all of the spin off games based on those franchises. And they certainly don't mind playing them on hardware that's a generation behind.

wonderfulmonkeyman1454d ago

I'm sorry, but until third parties stop making money off of their continuous use of the same ideas across multiple different IP's, let alone the ones that have become series with multiple entries that people gobble up every single year, you can't just point the finger at Nintendo alone.

Joey_Leone1454d ago

As a veteran PlayStation gamer, i would actually buy a wii-u if it came with a hhd and ethernet port.

Neonridr1453d ago

@Joey - Nintendo lets you use any external HD you have. Cheaper to go out and buy a 500GB external rather than having Nintendo jack up the price of the console. As for an Ethernet port, there is a Wii LAN Adapter that is a USB to Ethernet port. I picked it up for $5 from best buy and it works on the Wii U. I always prefer wired connections over wireless.

Biggest1453d ago

wonderfulmonkeyman, this is about Nintendo. In a general conversation about gaming your valid points would be more valid. They are not valid here.

What new franchises have been launched by Nintendo in the past 15 years? There have been a handful or two for sure. That is not good enough. Everyone loves Mario. Awesome. Who loves ANYTHING when it's the main dish every single time a new dish is released?

Again, your point would be more valid in a general discussion. Don't introduce the sins of others to excuse the sins of the indicted.

Theallplatformer1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

The same thing could be said about Xbox and Sony fans, they turn their heads the other way to avoid seeing their companies problems.
Xbox never has been profitable for Microsoft, and these sales are hidden behind the success of their other products(phones, and PCs OS)
Sony never profited for 5 years until they sold off some of their buildings, got rid of an entire division of their business(that's over 2300 people fired)and at the time of selling their buildings the Yen was a lot weaker so...converting those American dollars into Yen was a good day at the bank in japan. That 400 dollar price tag wasn't to be nice to you, it was to keep their name brand from sinking, cause another 700 dollar console would just be upsetting, now would it?

Since the time of Iwata taking over Nintendo, they have profited from the DS, 3DS, Wii. Wii U is struggling but it's picking up speed with each new release.
Those are your truth, can you accept them?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

"Plummeting Wii U Sales Could Change Nintendo"

They better or go 3rd party for home consoles.

They have no choice but to learn. Or they are stupid.

Sales are getting a lil better since mario and if sales keep rising for more than 3 months then good for nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman1454d ago

Going third party would just kill Nintendo off faster.

decrypt1454d ago


They will die with their current policies anyways.
Best to go third party release games on Steam and other consoles.

Biggest1453d ago

I disagree that third party would kill Nintentdo. It's the only reason that SEGA is still a name. The same franchises that Nintendo believes will carry their hardware would also sell without hardware. There would be close to complete profit if Nintendo went with games in my opinion.

swice1453d ago

One console flop isn't going to kill them. They would be so stupid to go 3rd party right now

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bitboi1454d ago

yes, all hail the future of nothing but realistic,mature,greyish, gritty shooting games!!! Oh, and also HD remixes of HD games!!! Yay XBO and PS4!!!

decrypt1454d ago

Or you could get a gaming PC and actually have variance in your games, not just shooter after shooter lol.

And yea there is no question of scams such as HD remakes on the PC :P

McScroggz1454d ago

You know Sony has A LOT more than realistic, greyish, gritty shooting games...

NeoTribe1454d ago

Speaking of hd remixes, hows wind waker? Enough of that though, all hail the fruity rainbow colored critters with cute levels and cute charachters and levels made of candy cane bubble gum balls. Who wouldnt want a yearly rehash of a almost unemployed plumber who makes his living jumping on goomba heads for coins? Sorry man im older now and am tired of playing little kid games, k? When i want to play a cute colorfull candy cane game ill play little big planet because its the king of user generated side scrolling awesomeness.

bitboi1454d ago

@NeoTribe Hd remixes of old games that weren't HD to begin with are warranted. I was referring to the recently announced Tomb Raider game which is the same game that was on Ps3 and X360...which is already HD. That's a trend I don't want to see on ps4 and xbo.

And you mention yearly rehashes? I'm begging you to please tell me that you do not play Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, Need for Speed, any sports game, etc... There's been a total of 3 mainline mario games released in the Wii's entire lifespan. There are 6 Assassins creed games that have been released in the same time frame on ps3 and x360 alone.

We live in an era of sequels, they sell. The argument of "yearly rehashes" is moot. I'd suggest you'd stop bringing it up in any video game argument. Because when a game gets really popular in this day and age and sells well, you better damn well believe you're going to see sequels, more frequent than not.

Ittoryu1454d ago

Yeah 6 Assassin Creed games over 8 years. 3 Mario games over 1 year Mmmmmm...

Neonridr1453d ago

Ittoryu : what was the third Mario game? Aside from New Super Mario Bros U and Mario 3D World I must have been in a coma to miss the last one..

And those 2 Mario games are from different developers and different genres. One is a 2D sidescroller, the other is a 3D platformer. Not the same thing at all.

InTheLab1453d ago


That TR game on the X1 and pS4 is called a port. Not an HD remake. It's the same thing as Deus Ex on the WiiU except TR isn't even a year old yet unlike Batman AC getting a port and Deus Ex which is over two years old.

2muchw1nn1ng1453d ago

Because we all want to play Mario and Zelda games multiple times... /s

There's a genre for everything. And way to be a fanboy in claiming that Sony and MS only deliver shooting games. All companies milk their own products. Nintendo milks Mario and Zelda, Sony milks God of War but actually includes new wonderful IPs each gen. And MS.. well, they're getting a little better.

LOL_WUT1453d ago

@ Neon

NSMBU, Luigi U and Super Mario 3D world 3 games in a 12 month lifespan. Yes, Luigi U is counted as a full game because that's how it's advertised in the bundle. ;)

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3-4-51454d ago

Nintendo won't take as big of a loss as Sony or Microsoft would in the same situation because their system doesn't cost as much to make and they didn't invest as much money into it because the tech is similar to wii of last gen.

Nintendo will be fine.

Ittoryu1454d ago

Sony and Microsoft are actually making money on hardware this gen, because hardware is getting more efficient and less expensive. They aren't making much on hardware but neither is Nintendo all the console game companies are making about 50$ per unit sold that is why the xbone is 500$ that is the price needed to make money because the stupid Kinects. So your argument is invalid add to that Nintendo has very deep pockets and actually could afford to take a hit for at least one gen to bring the image of their hardware up to gain more third party support and thus sell more consoles. The Wii sold well but that was luck and gimmick lighting doesn't strike the same place twice, as the Wii U is showing. I hope I'm wrong but it will be the Wii U in third place again this gen like with the gamecube.

Realplaya1453d ago

@Ittoryu There not making money on hardware yet. All 3 are taking hits on the hardware.

Shnazzyone1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Are you really all jumping on this bandwagon when the author is writing about a non existent what-if scenario? You folks don't even need facts anymore. 1 article like this and you're all on the circle jerk train based on the title alone.

the article states, "Nintendo stated that sales of its Wii U console went up 340% in the U.S. last month after pushing the $299 price drop in September, hoping that the big-time games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 will help the sales of the console in 2014. But what happens if the plan falls through? "

It then goes into the questionable what if scenarios posed by people wrong before with imaginary situations that haven't happened yet.

What if ps4 sales dip past holiday season? What if xbox one's numbers don't match up? Know what i'll bet will happen? Noone will bring it up and the nintendo doom articles will continue.

Sony fans are bragging about their 2.1 million in sales. Wii U had 3 million by mid january. then died out because it didn't have the lineup to sustain. Xbox is about at the same levels as sony. All systems launch with poor initial numbers until the games justify it. Will any of you feel stupid a few months from now when wii U is doing fine with its exclusives and pc is chewing out the numbers of ps4/xbone? No. More nintendo doom articles instead.

No fucking logic.

bitboi1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

you couldn't have said it any better. That's the sad logic with most of these folks here and with gaming in general.

BosSSyndrome1454d ago

Bubble up, bro. That was perfect.

Ol_G1454d ago

wow the first reasonable comment
it's just as you said these people don't need much to bash Nintendo
Really sad i'm still trying to figure out who's puppy it was Nintendo killed to get all this hate

MsmackyM1454d ago

Whoa whoa whoa slow down with all that logic, you should know that kind of reasoning has no place in a fanboy induced circle jerk.

serratos271453d ago

Last I heard Nintendo sales are going up atm. "Plummeting" my arse.

SilentNegotiator1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

What is it with people ALWAYS using the word "circle jerk" when defending Wii U? Freud wants a word with you.

Besides, if any of that is going on, it's between Nintendo fanboys pretending like a holiday rise in sales means that Wii U is doing perfectly fine.

AKR1453d ago

Too much logic in this comment.
Kill it! Kill it with fire! You can't do that here!! These incredibly intelligent people can't comprehend such use of COMMON SENSE and REASON, with a pinch of REALITY!

But seriously; bravo good sir. I'd bubble you up more if I could. There are a shortage of commenters like you around this land.


"Besides, if any of that is going on, it's between Nintendo fanboys pretending like a holiday rise in sales means that Wii U is doing perfectly fine."

- Aside from a few; I don't see much people here acting like nothing ever happened. The most popular chant I see is that things are getting BETTER. Perfect? No, not really. But it's a RISE.

I find it wonderful how you love to down-play every last positive article about Nintendo, especially Wii U ~ but yet blow the negative up like it's gospel. Aren't you a bucket full of sunshine? Your Nintendo-hate bias is too obvious, mate.

SilentNegotiator1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

"but yet blow the negative up like it's gospel"

Yes, I'm sure that's how you view everyone that doesn't try to ignore the issues Wii U faces. I will always fight fanboys that try to glaze over issues in gaming, and if you don't like it, too bad.

Beastforlifenoob1453d ago

I disagree, Infact the reason why i think the WII U sales dropped tramendously were because everyone knew the PS4/one were going to be announced within a few months and people wanted to wait and see what games and features those consoles would be offering. Because everyone hyped up the PS4/one like crazy people jsut bought the ps4/one because everyone else was buying one, like apple products. This lead to people practically forgetting about Nintendo. This wont happen to the PS4one because no one is waiting for anything else, maybe more games and looking out for steambox. YES games did play a role but on the other hand Nintendo had plenty of games and yet the ps4one have far less games but their still selling more.

Shnazzyone1453d ago


The numbers now are the early adopters. There is still no system seller titles. No god of war, no halo. The only possible system seller right now is Titanfall for xbox. However if you listen to the pc gaming community. They are starting to get jealous of Nintendo exclusives. Nintendo just has many quality games coming that exist nowhere else.

It's really unlikely nintendo will be failing anytime soon. While you say noone is thinking of nintendo I went to Target today and both black flag and Mario 3d world for wii U were sold out. Then I saw an xbox one and a ps4 sitting around still. However as mentioned in my previous comment it's all just what if. I'd prefer to see results with actual figures and facts.

We're all biased here and we're all going to find ways to justify why we think our prediction is right. In the end, we should all be playing games instead.

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starfox0791454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Custom E6760 with tons of IBM's new edram get a life more full HD game than ps4 wiiu is the only nextgen console out there KID ps4 and 1 have lots of system RAM not power....8 cores that are about as powerful as 2 of wiiu's....haha wiiu is custom everywhere,ps4 is stock also if ps4 was graphically better than wiiu it would cost £600 and have a dx12 card stop talking rubbish...

All 3 consoles off what we have seen so far are about even in graphics...if you think otherwise your just not looking at the games out so far,and wiiu has the edge in graphics in my eyes.

CaulkSlap1454d ago

This may win as the most delusional statement of the year.

CaulkSlap1454d ago

This may win as the most delusional statement of the year.

Shnazzyone1453d ago

I'd love to believe this and maybe you're right... but the bad news is it's a bit too different. PS4 and Xbox one are still basic PC architecture which means third party will happily make their big boy version for pc then move it over to ps4 and xbox one with little effort and make locked optimized settings.

Sadly, it means that even if more advanced graphics are possible. Likely the only ones who will show it is Nintendo and it might take a bit because they are still new to HD.

Who knows, I have a funny feeling X might be where we really see the new possibilities that Wii U hardware brings.

herbs1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Sales are not plummeting, its not doing great by any means but the Wii U will do fine...
Why all the hate from so called gamers do most of you not like having variety!? I get it if the games are to cute for some of you or whatever but why complain about it? Get over yourselves, its a great system with great games if your not a fan move along...

Ol_G1454d ago

Something that they don't like shouldn't exist that's the logic behind this

Bubbamilk1453d ago

That's real talk man. If I had only my ps4 right now I'd be upset as a gamer. My wii u is my saving grace. Plenty of high quality games to play until ps4 gets the ball rolling.

And to anyone who is "older" now and to old for candy canes and clouds, u are only proving the opposite by stating that. Most 16 year olds do feel that way so don't worry there is still hope.

As u get older life gets boring. U see a lot and know a lot and one day u realize through it all u don't laugh as much as u used to. I love shooters and all that but nothing brings me joy like a colorful happy Nintendo game. I don't laugh when I play a shooter I just shoot, cuss and yell. But when I pop in the Mario I just laugh.

One day u will feel like u outgrow fun itself and when u do Nintendo will be waiting with open arms. Like it or not we play for fun and there is a demand for it. Nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon and as gamers we should be thankful for that

herbs1453d ago

Great reply Bubbamilk I completely agree...
As I get older I realize more and more that gameplay and fun are by far more important than visuals and state of the art graphics. You could find a similar analogy in regards to women as you get older you start to realize that looks aren't everything lol... They do of coarse help enhance the experience though ;)

alphaomega881453d ago

@Bubbamilk -

Thank you for saying this. This is why I game, to enjoy myself. Games shouldn't taken so seriously, my daily work and responsibility is serious enough, I enjoy fun games that make me smile and have heart warming stories...and why shouldn't I? I play games to escape adulthood and become a child, not so that I can preach to everyone how adult I am bc of what I play, where in reality i am actually a child. You sir have it right.

Not to mention, other than sony fans and xbox fans back and forth in their articles(which I read to keep up with gaming news), I almost never see nintendo fans in those articles. Why is it everytime I come to nintendo articles I see sony and xbox fans? I mean, if you don't like it, please, don't come here and tell me/us, bc no one cares. I like the Wii U, others do too, honestly its my favorite nintendo system ever(and I have had them all, save virtual boy), and I come here to read news and upcoming features for the system I invested in, not to listen to juvenile children and immature adults tell me its doomed in every article, and that its failed.

That shit is annoying. I dont and most nintendo fans dont troll/badmouth on sony/xbox articles, cant we ask the same and ask you not to troll/badmouth in ours?

herbs1453d ago

Again Bubba you are spot on...

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Diesel8881453d ago

I own all consoles, PS4, X1, Wii U, PS3, X360 etc. I will be honest, I play the Wii U a lot even though I love my battlefield 4 on my ps4 or playing Forza 5 on my Xbox 1. The feeling you get when you play Nintendo games is completely different, it immerses you an amazing world. I dont know if it is the characters, the colors they use, it keeps sucking me in to play their games. The Wii U is an excellent system, I love it but maybe its not everyone's cup of tea. Those who say bad things about it dont even own it. I even have an Ipad and Ipad mini but I cannot take gaming serious in tablets. They are more for pass time and I paid three times the price.

lilbroRx1453d ago

GPGPU, 2GB of RAM, 32 MB of EDRAM and DIRECTX 11-equivlent effects all with a sub 45 watt power draw are last gen?

Moonman1453d ago

The SMOKEBOX? No thanks!

BitbyDeath1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

Why diss Nintendo for having last gen hardware but include mobile which is at least 10 gens behind?

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LOL_WUT1454d ago

Man some people are late! I noticed this a while back people forget that by this time the ps3/360 were doing much better he'll even the GameCube was higher in sales ;)

AKR1454d ago


Wait - you mean the console which sales levels have been rising worldwide from since last month? Yeah, totally doomed.

Even if Nintendo loses money on the system until the 9th-generation (doubt it) ~ that won't hurt them as badly as the PS3 and Vita did to Sony. Why? Because Nintendo is sitting on a continuously growing 16-billion dollar stash. Think that's just going to go poof? Not really.

Even the Gamecube - Nintendo's lowest-selling home console ever ~ was profitable for them.

Sarcasm1454d ago

They are targetting 9 million sold by end of march. They are at 4.3m. They have to sell 1.4m a month world wide. They have a challenging road ahead to meet that goal.

It may turn around after some specific titles release but it's not likely.

Although I'm still planning to get one myself when the 32gb system hits $199.

AKR1454d ago

You're waiting for a price drop of $199?

Well mate; you're gonna be waiting a while.

Metallox1454d ago

They are offering the console right now with TWO GAMES.

Felonycarclub81454d ago

Like sarcasm said and I have always said $199 should be the price for the wii-u and I would bet if it was 200 there wouldn't be any articles like this about the wii-u

Sarcasm1453d ago

^Yup I'm willing to wait, one or two years it doesn't matter. I'm not ready to drop another $300 on a system when I just bought a PS4 in November.

Definitely not in a rush to own one, that's just for me personally. By the time it hits that price point, I'm dropping money on SM3DW, and hopefully the full fledged Zelda title by then.

Realplaya1453d ago

VGC and other sources have put it at more like 4.6 million.

Sarcasm1453d ago

^VGC Has it at 4.5m

When I last checked it was around 4.3m. They must have added the ~200k from november NPD just released recently.

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TheEvilWithin1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

@AKR: Well said! Last I heard and read was that the Wii U was having better success in Japan. The US market has seen a nice bump. The UK market is the only market that I have seen that Nintendo has had a rough time breaking. UK just needs that one compelling piece of software to break the ice for them much like how Animal Crossing did for the 3DS. In the end it really doesn't matter to us what the sales look like, only Nintendo.

I play games for the soul reason of playing games because I love this hobby and industry. I didn't start playing games to become an accountant and start keeping track of Nintendos sales for them. They have a paid staff for that. Last I checked I was not on there pay roll.

Instead of worrying about the sales. I think we should be looking for new information on DK: TF and Mario Kart considering those are the two up and comming tittles from Nintendo.

AKR1454d ago

If only there were more "gamers" out there like you.

McScroggz1454d ago

"Wait - you mean the console which sales levels have been rising worldwide from since last month? Yeah, totally doomed."

Okay, while I understand that there are a lot of people who seemingly want Nintendo to fail and that is frustrating, let's not be reductive and contextualize things in a positive manner for Nintendo in a defensive manner. The 8-9 months after the Wii U's launch period was absolutely dreadful. I'm not sure if the Wii U averaged 50k consoles a month. With that said, do you really feel after such a staggeringly bad year that in the month of November 250k units for the Wii U signifies new life in a console? It had the launch of a new 3D Mario game (with amazing reviews) shortly before Black Friday and had a price cut. This November the Wii U's numbers were close to SEGA Dreamcast bad...

I'm not saying the two consoles are in the same situation; but acting like the Wii U's sales are "rising worldwide" during the holiday sales season is disingenuous on your part whether you intended it or not.

I own a Vita, so I'm going through similar feelings about the future of that console. It pains me to see so many people call the system "dead" and store shelves becoming less and less populated by Vita games and accessories. That doesn't mean that improved holiday sales trumpet the renewed success of the platform - it's just the holiday seasons.

As for Nintendo making a profit, they are impressively adept at it. I certainly don't want Nintendo to go third party. However, I feel it's important not to just bury my head in the sand and assume Nintendo will magically turn things around. For one, businessmen come and go and the landscape of an industry evolves over time; things change. Nintendo has entered the HD era of gaming, and even though their games will cost less to make than Sony or Microsoft it will cost a lot more than Nintendo is accustomed to. It takes longer. It takes more effort.

However, one thing I am curious about is the financial profits/losses of JUST their home consoles. Nintendo has had tremendous success with handhelds, but actually look at the sales of their home consoles:

NES - 62 mil
SNES - 49 mil
N64 - 33 mil
Gamecube - 22 mil
Wii - 101 mil

And now the Wii U is on pace with the Dreamcast, with averaged less units per year than the Gamecube while it was the current gen Nintendo console. With every Wii U being sold at a loss, plus the R&D for the console, Nintendo is not going to easily produce a profit. Sure, the 3DS might keep Nintendo in the black (I have no idea) but at what point does the obvious lack of interest in Nintendo consoles actually matter?

I don't say all of this trying to say Nintendo is dumb, or crappy. Sony has made some HUGE mistakes both in various aspects of their company - including their PlayStation division. However, because I actually DO care about Nintendo I feel it's necessary to voice my displeasure in the hopes that it actually causes Nintendo to try to fix things. To improve. To evolve.

BosSSyndrome1454d ago

I would just like to say that they turned a profit on Gamecube.

Ittoryu1454d ago

Nintendo isn't taking a loss on the hardware, I don't know where you got that information but they make about 70$ per unit that is why they gimp there hardware every gen to make money on hardware and software.

here is one story that says it cost 180$ to make a Wii U.

Another one that says the Wii U cost about $227.63 to produce that is a 70$ profit per unit.

Ol_G1454d ago

the only reason people agree with you on this site is cause your downplaying nintendo again
if i go down to 1 bubble the only thing i need to do on this site is bash the x1 and wii u and i'll have 10 bubbles again
sad f#%##g [email protected]#$ on this site

Sly-Lupin1454d ago

I don't know what the WiiU's problem is, but it sure as hell ain't games. The Xbox3 and PS4 have sold insanely with even fewer games. Maybe brand confusion? A lack of advertising?

SilentNegotiator1453d ago

It only raised last month because it's the holidays and it saw a small price cut.

The real test will be if it manages to STAY up when January rolls around.

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TheVideoGamHer1454d ago

Console sales for the Wii U have actually been climbing.