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GTA5 and The Last of Us Dominate Metacritic in 2013, One PS4 Game in top 20, None for Xbox One

With the end of the year drawing near, the top 20 for Metacritic scores is basically set in stone, and it's time to give a look at what games came on top according to the critics selected by the popular (and often controversial when abused) score aggregation portal.

Here's the full top 20.

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Lovable953d ago TrollingShowReplies(3)
R00bot953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

No, to mention that the Wii U has 4 games in the metacritic top 20 would be blasphemy on N4G.

GameNameFame953d ago

This is reoccuring story.

Of MS exclusives constantly lacking compared to other platforms.

Now with Bungie and Epic gone, their already weakest studio line up get weaker.

quaneylfc953d ago

This has to be the most biased website i have ever been on.

hakeem0996953d ago

FLOWER really FLOWER is the PS4 game that made the cut REALLY REALLY .The PS3 game that got re-released on PS4 .REALLY FLOWER is a PS3 game not a PS4 game ...SMFH

noctis_lumia953d ago

nobody cares about the wii u lol

starfox079953d ago

Things can only get worse for ps4 for xbox1 as wiiu has games coming that will obliterate that top 20.....

NeoTribe953d ago

Lol wii u....funny. wouldnt matter if all 20 were wii u. Nobody i know has or even remotely wants one. Were talking about gaming consoles here.

R00bot952d ago

Wow, people on here really hate the Wii U.
That, or they don't understand sarcasm.

SilentNegotiator952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

You guys are upset that they listed the top 2 games in the title and not the 3rd? Really?

Want them to list out the entire list of 20 games in the title of the article?

Zodiac952d ago


What does the demand for the Wii U have to do with the scores the games got?

Super Mario 3D World would have the same score no matter how many of your friends want it.

R00bot952d ago

No, Silentnegotiatior. The title says "one PS4 gmae in top 20, none for Xbox One" but doesn't acknowledge that the Wii U has 4 games in the top 20.

SilentNegotiator952d ago (Edited 952d ago )


So how is having 4 titles on a one year old device more significant than a brand new device having a game in the top 20 and the direct competitor not?

If you want to shape the story to shower your favorite system with love, start writing articles yourself. Maybe WiiUDaily has openings.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney952d ago

This is about last gen.. Wii is dead lol. ps3 lives on..

CAB1802952d ago BadLanguageShow
hazardman953d ago

Flower..ok not saying its bad, just not the game I was expecting for PS4. I dont want to offend any Flower fans!

The93Sting952d ago


Christopher953d ago

Well, Flower did come from the PS3, so it's not really a testament to the power of PS4 as a port. It's more an emotional game than anything, though.

raresteak953d ago

I'm guessing we'll see quite a number of 90s for PS4 in 2014.

ltachiUchiha953d ago

Sony has always been about quality over quantity when it comes to dishing out awesome games.

Why o why953d ago

They've proved they can do both.....

Angerfist953d ago

That List is hilarious, there are IOS Games all over the place

indysurfn952d ago

yeah I have a buddy that loves fishing games so when I saw #12 on IOS I looked it up. It looks like boboo! The graphics look like ATARI! Seriously. It better have game play more addictive then 4elements, Mario, pac man etc to be in the top 20 of all platforms because the graphics look like crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.