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The Last of Us is one of the best video games of all time and here's why

The Last of Us doesn't do anything revolutionary, it just perfects everything we love about video games. Its story, pacing and even The Last of Us’ gameplay, all combine together to create a superb experience. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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pat_11_5  +   244d ago
I'm still surprised that it ended up being my favourite game ever. I never though anything would surpass Ocarina Of time for me, but The Last of Us really does.
ZodTheRipper  +   244d ago
Mine was Gothic 2 but TLOU blew that completely out of the water :)
ape007  +   244d ago
well it's a great game but no where near Zelda oot, let me tell u that

TLOU is not on RESI 4 level or MGS, goldeneye, perfect dark, half life ,turok 2, Doom, Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Halo: combat Evolved

TLOU is a bit lower than those ELITE list of games
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   244d ago
Yeah, nowhere near.....because it's miles better :)
scott182  +   244d ago
I loved Zelda oot, it is def one of my favorites ever. But I can't say one of my favorites is better than the other, I won't rate them from 1-5 ect... I just have favorites, they are all "the greatest" to me.
And The Last of Us is one of them. I respect all those games on your elite list, but for me TLoU is just as classic as those, even though it's new. It's elite to me.
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sin7279  +   244d ago
turok 2 muha ha ha ha idiot
HammadTheBeast  +   244d ago
I thought you were serious until Turok 2.

Mario? Really? The platforming is superb, but not really a story game.
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xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   244d ago
In terms of innovation I would agree but as a GAME I can not.
classic19  +   244d ago
lol really turok/mario/halo/perfect dark. i have no comments. lol pphhff..
ape007  +   244d ago
i agree, one of the best games in history

the atmosphere is a KILLER
Loadedklip  +   244d ago
Last of Us ... was the last of my PS3 ... Yellow Light of Death!!!
uncharted56  +   244d ago
lol that made my laugh... but then again your ps3 died which is really sad :(
Loadedklip  +   244d ago
YEa ... I tried that heatgun fix but it only works temporally. Seems to work better with games that don't load too often. Last of Us always triggers it right away. Not sure why I am getting disagrees though ... unless these people are telling me they are gonna get me a new PS3 :)
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scott182  +   244d ago
I feel your pain, I too had mine YLoD recently. I had a launch ps3, wasn't happy when it bit it.
Loadedklip  +   244d ago
Same ... it was the 60 gig backward compatible model. It died last month while playing Last of Us menu screen. I fixed it with the heat gun ... played UMvC3 a few days ... then put in Last of Us and it died right away again. Fixed the system again ... Call of Duty worked. Put in Last of Us instant Yellow light of death while starting up lol. The game is too much for my dying system. Was about 50% through :(
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scott182  +   244d ago
Oh crap, that sucks! Sorry to hear that.
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante   244d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
kiz2694  +   244d ago
Got a question guys, slightly off topic but..

With the amazing success of TLOU, Do you think Uncharted 4 will have any new additions, will it learn anything from TLOU or do you think it will stick to the uncharted formula that its all to good at :P
ape007  +   244d ago
uncharted formula is great but need to add more substance to it and so is gears of war
GribbleGrunger  +   244d ago
Yes, they'll apply the same production values to all of their up coming games in order to give the events context. The problem with Drake is that he's actually just an explorer but murders more people than a psychopath. The Uncharted series worked largely because of the excitement factor, although it can't be denied Uncharted showed glimpses of what was to come.
rlacorne  +   244d ago
Haven't played it. I understand that the game is good, but I've seen a friend play it and to me it would have been a complete bore.

Still, I can see the appeal and technical prowess of tlou.
captain_slow82  +   244d ago
this game will stick with me like mgs on ps1 ie i loved it one hell of a ride start to finish :D
Warj  +   244d ago
I know a lot of people loved it, and it presented many many exceptional moments in character interaction and story telling. Even though the story itself was fairly predictable, it was presented so well it didn't matter. The opening act is one of the most stunning sequences across any form of media ever.

And the world itself is beautifully detailed as well.

However, a few of the head scratching gameplay choices, and the game design itself in the later half of the game should have probably drawn a little more criticism. While by no means terrible or a condemning aspect, I think issues were forgiven or outright ignored due to how well the rest of the game wowed. Not saying people shouldn't love it or have it be their personal favorite, but an article calling it one of the best games of all time is a big proclamation considering what the competition. One of the greatest experiences? Certainly. As a game itself? Things could of been a little more polished in that aspect.

As I said though, a lot of good in the game and it is great so many people enjoyed it. I'm not trying to dredge up controversy. I just like to keep things in perspective.
superbhoy  +   244d ago
the story was predictable??
Warj  +   244d ago
I thought the character growth and major plot points were fairly obvious within the first hour of meeting Ellie. I didn't care because the character interaction was so well done and the story was conveyed masterfully, but the basic outline was fairly standard.
Doletskaya  +   244d ago
In my opinion, this is the only game for which I would say that whoever doesn't appreciate what it does or recognize it as one of the best games last generation regardless of whether they like it or not lacks the basic intellectual abilities and only play video games so that, for example, they could shoot some stuff and see it die.
MYSTERIO360  +   244d ago
Good stuff
Corpser  +   244d ago
Not only is it one of the best video games of all time it is one of the most crowning achievements in human history right up there with putting men on the moon. Shakespeare should rise from his grave and learn how to write stories from Naughty Dog. Anyone that disagrees are just xbox fanboys that haven't played the game
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Oagoz  +   244d ago
No it honestly isn't that good. He's right it's overrated to shit.
StifflerK  +   244d ago
For me it was one of the best games of 2013 , and I'd recommend everyone at least try it.

As for the whole 'game of the generation' thing - that's subjective - it won't appeal to everyone, but it's easy to see why a lot of people really like TLOU.
Morgue  +   244d ago
It was a " great " game but certainly not the greatest but this is just one kids opinion.
Picnic  +   244d ago
There is a degree of balance I think that should be put in to considering The Last Of Us. It stands on the shoulders of some giants, past and contemporary, to be what it is.

Resident Evil / Silent Hill, Max Payne, Half Life 2 (one part might as well have had 'Route Kanal' written on it), maybe a touch of Alan Wake in the cabin levels- I am reminded in some of The Last of Us's levels by games such as these. Before these games, horror partly set in everyday situations such as shopping malls or office blocks turned scarily isolated or dark was not common, not with that level of intense atmosphere anyway.

There are very few games that make me want to play through them again in a hurry, no matter how great they are. In fact, if a game has done a great job of both completely scaring you and having a sizeable length then, as a feeling human, you probably shouldn't have the emotional resources still available to want to play it again in a hurry, your curiousity, of course, now having been largely sapped by having seen all or most of the game. Instead, what you immediately might crave is a sequel, perhaps one with puzzles that demand more than working out the only place where it is useful to place a ladder.

The Last of Us has some beautiful graphics and voice acting. The game can be scary. Even though this is not Mirror's Edge, it can sometimes feel like a free running survival horror game, speed and then rapid hiding sometimes being the last resort to try to extract yourself when you've squeezed all the stealth that is useful in any situation.

I think that the 'AAA' game of the generation that I most have fond memories of is Dishonored, just because it never tried to scare me too much beyond what my capabilities were and it let me observe many situations how I wanted to e.g. from a ledge, in a disguise. If that means that Dishonored allowed the casualisation of combat to some extent then guilty as charged for enjoying that sense of control and for being in a game where the rich beauty of the surroundings (like The Golden Cat or Lady Boyle's Last Party) was never the 'safe room'-like window dressing inbetween the 'gritty' bits like it often was in The Last of Us. The Last of Us can sometimes be hard work and beautiful hard work is still hard work.
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deadie  +   244d ago
TLOU made me feel about the characters in a way no other game had done before.

I have tried to put other games up there with The Last of Us - with no real success.

One of the best gaming experiences i've ever had.
Pentumsmart  +   243d ago
Damn, I found it boring, couldn't finish it. Maybe I have to go back as soon as I have put some more days into the PS4, and give it another chance.

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