The best RPG's of the last generation

A group article, discussing the very best Role-playing games from the past eight years.

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Bigpappy1641d ago

Without reading the article, the answer is Skyrim. If they choose anything else, the site should be closed down

Yi-Long1640d ago

No Dark Souls, no Demons Souls, no Ni No Kuni, no Dragon Quest 9 (DS), etc etc...

List seems kinda missing quite a few big names(!)

Sly-Lupin1640d ago

Sounds like it's missing ALL the big names.

hellzsupernova1640d ago

I am so disappointed I put down ni no kuni, it is very hard to pick it up again and remember the controls etc, absolutely loved everything about that game

Evilsnuggle1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Demon's Soul's was my favorite game this gen . Demon's Soul's was the most innovative Game of last gen no game is like it .it has original gameplay and Original game elements. Demon's Soul's and The Last Of Us are the 2 best games of the last gen . P.S loved the Witcher 2 and fallout 3.

anticlimax1639d ago

It's not a list of the best 10 or fifteen, just 5 people chosing their favorite. Nothing wrong with their choices. We can't all enjoy dying as much as the average Dark Souls-lover.

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Sly-Lupin1640d ago

Skyrim is a fantastic game, but it's also a terrible RPG.

jsslifelike1640d ago

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who stopped playing Skyrim after 10 or so hours because of it's shitty, wooden combat.

torchic1640d ago


I was on my way to buy Skyrim then stopped at a friend's house who had just bought it and after seeing those absolutely shitty combat mechanics I went back home I wanted nothing to do with that garbage

anticlimax1639d ago

It's not an RPG, it's a tourism simulator.

HammerKong1640d ago

sory my list goes like this
5.xenoblade cronicles
4.dragon age origins
3.fallout series
2.wither series
1.mass effect series
runner ups are skyrim and dark souls.

Magicite1640d ago

Skyrim without mods has low value.

Sly-Lupin1639d ago

I always wonder what mods people are using when they post this. I've got 100+ installed, most of which from the Top 100 on Nexus, and I've gotta say that they don't really make too much of a difference from Vanilla.

Sure, they improve lots of minor aspects of the game, but it's not like they totally revolutionize any of the mechanics.

The mod that changes things the most, I think, is just Interesting NPCs. Nearly everything else is purely cosmetic.

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indoimran1641d ago

Bahaha Skyrim is one of the choices indeed!

NeoTribe1640d ago

Ni no kuni won rpg of the year yet fails to make this list....

InMyOpinion1640d ago

It's a list where editors list their personal picks.

gillri1640d ago

Some great choices there, Mass Effect 2 would be mine

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