The 7 Hardest Bosses in Gaming

Boss battles have traditionally been the icing on the cake of video games. Almost every genre has them, and whilst they are a staple of the industry, there’s some that stand above the rest in terms of difficulty.

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Lonnie181646d ago

Vergil from Devil May Cry was not difficult lol!

mikeslemonade1646d ago

Alma is the easiest on that list. With checkpoint feature all you have to do is get lucky by hurting her with a heavy combo.

Deep-throat1646d ago

Checkpoint feature? The game doesn't has that...

mikeslemonade1646d ago

Yes, atleast in Sigma it does. When you die you restart facing the boss right away from what I remember.

There's harder bosses in that game compared to Alma.

cpayne931646d ago

From dmc 3??? Just played that recently and i thought that fight was hard as hell. Harder than any boss in dark or demons souls imo.

SoulSercher6201646d ago

I admit I died a couple of times but he was tough, not hard. I was playing on Normal BTW.

MightyNoX1646d ago

I vote for False King Allant.

Ornstein and Smough are definitely good picks, though. ("Now Smough and I, we fight with a code of honor. We have a code of honor, don't we, Snoralax?" "Sure do, Pikachu.")

Skizelli1646d ago

VERY good choice, but it was just a matter of learning his animations and keeping your distance. The long trek back to him was more frustrating than anything. Between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, Ornstein and Smough are the only bosses that still give me grief. :(

Back-to-Back1646d ago

I found allant one of the easier bosses in demons souls as long as you were patient. IMO all his moves were easy to read.

MightyNoX1646d ago

He was, indeed, easy once you know his animation but losing levels to his de-levelling grip meant one would have to level up all over again. I basically summed up backtracking your levels + making way back to Allant + the actual fight and now we end up with a truly griefing boss fight.

BoriboyShoGUN1646d ago

(Mega Man 8) That damn Dr. Wiley, first you have to re-fight every boss before him so they can soften you up a lil bit. Then the bastard has like 3 or 4 different forms!!!!

Deep-throat1646d ago

The Penetrator from Demon's Souls

Go fight him ALONE. But the fight was fair though.

Flamelurker from Demon's Souls

That damn boss was hard and unfair. He spams A LOT.

edgeofsins1646d ago

Penetrator is easy. You just have to roll to the side and you pretty much roll under his sword every time and then you can attack and repeat. Flamelurker is also easy, you just need to know the tricks to beat them. There are plenty of harder bosses in Demons Souls or Dark Souls.

I'd say Ornstein and Smough, Gaping Dragon, or Seeth the Scaleless were more difficult and harder to figure out how to overcome, and even if you knew the tricks they had more crazy abilities you couldn't really get away from.

calis1646d ago

I found Flamelurker surprisingly easy in Demon Souls, but I might have had the benefit of the white light or whatever it had when things were a little easier?

HeavenlySnipes1646d ago

The last boss battlein Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (on the highest difficulty)

The fight has 3 parts too it (no checkpoints) and on the last part, the boss spams the hell out an attack that will hit you 95% of the time unless you have perfect reflexes

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