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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 710d ago | article

Sony, Microsoft Both Claiming Victory in Early Console Wars

They were both released in November within days of each other, and both have launched to undeniable success, quickly selling in excess of a million units . They are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the two newest consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and each company is claiming victory in the early going of the newest console wars. (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

ZodTheRipper  +   710d ago
When did any of them "claim victory"? They both stated that this whole console war is a marathon, not a sprint. But unlike Microsoft, Sony can't produce enough consoles to meet the demand so it should be pretty clear who is "winning" right now.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   710d ago
The funny thing is, despite the PS4 being sold out, who still sold more?

So you're right, it is a pretty clear winner, glad we are on the same terms.

Also worth telling you that although a console race is a marathon not a sprint, if two runners have a race and one of them starts of sprinting and gets ahead, then after they both run at around the same pace for who knows how long, who is ahead? Obviously the runner who had a large 1st sprint.

Slow and steady DOESN'T win the race in this scenario.

@below I agree with you also 100% if there were no gamers, Sony and MS couldn't claim anything. When it all goes down, it's the gamers that MS and Sony have to cater and some companies don't do it right (ex. EA). Gamers are mostly always the winners
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JokesOnYou  +   710d ago
Well BOTH are selling very well. Just as it should be.
Simco876  +   710d ago
Funny the PS3 had a slow start but ended up ahead didn't they? Guess it does matter about slow and steady after all.
ratrace  +   710d ago
iGAM3R-VIII  +   710d ago
lool idk why im getting disagrees, i both consoles have been breaking records and are neck and neck. I was just saying how juat because 1 system is down doesnt mean the other is going to murder by sales
kickerz  +   710d ago
When are you guys gonna stop worrying about sales so much and start actually playing games. This iPhone I'm writing this on prolly sold 10 billion units, who cares
B1663r  +   710d ago
Wrong. Sony needed to dominate, they failed. The very best you can say about PS4 sales is that they are mildly outselling the X1 because they released in more countries.

However, the PS3 did that the entire last generation, except for the first two years. Sony lost billions of dollar by only outselling the x360. That financial reality will really start to hit home this year, and Sony is in store for another couple of rounds of downsizing.

Realistically, they may have 'won' the battle of console sales, but lost the console war, as they are forced out of the business unable to make any money in it over a 10 year period.
maddskull  +   710d ago
the ps4 sold more
Muerte2494  +   709d ago
Will people please stop trying to compare Xbox One to PS3. The only reason why PS3 started pulling ahead was Sony "FIRST" party studios started to show what the system could actually do. Let's not act as if Microsoft has even a fraction of the same first party support.


Microsoft has lost billion with the Xbox brand, that's why it was being considered to sell the division off.
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Jvaughn661  +   709d ago
As someone who participated in cross country,you should know that the person who sprinted out in front at the beginning of the race trying to get ahead ended up loosing because they used all their energy at the start. A smart runner learns their pace, and sticks with it till the home stretch where they can try and sprint out other runners. The truth is know one knows who's going to win the console war because of all the variables it includes.
ThunderSpark  +   710d ago
Only person who can claim any victory so early in this console war is me, the gamer. With these companies going at it, I am guaranteed victory as I get my hands on as many great games as I can get.
tagan8tr  +   710d ago
@whathappened unless you can only afford one console. The race is not who makes the best console as it should be its who locks up the exclusives, then holds the game hostage forcing gamers to buy two things that serve the same general purpose give or take a few features.
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AceBlazer13  +   710d ago
Pretty clear its the one with higher sales numbers.Easy to meet demand when most people want the competition's console.

Btw this is launch time so whatever is produced will be sold. Since sony has higher sales wouldn't that mean they are also producing more?
himdeel  +   710d ago
They're suppose to.
Clarence  +   710d ago
Well seeing as the PS4 is always out of stock and you can find Xbones, than we all know who's winning right. Besides the PS4 is breaking all records while the xbone is just breaking 360 records.

The PS4 is the fastest selling console in history. That's a fact.

We all know how pr works in M$ camp.
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SLUG  +   710d ago
lets see who wins at the end of 2014
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   710d ago
Only one of them is breaking records tho.
himdeel  +   710d ago
Who Sega?
rainhell77  +   710d ago
DragonKnight  +   710d ago
You're both wrong.

It's Magnavox.

Geez, do you even game?
Trekster_Gamer  +   710d ago
Have you played ATARI today???
xHeavYx  +   710d ago
Neither console is claiming victory, but one company's number don't add up
jackanderson1985  +   710d ago
who's numbers aren't adding up and how/where aren't they adding up?
Unreal01  +   710d ago
Microsoft's numbers aren't adding up. They make out they're selling just as much as Sony's PS4, but pretty much every country/retail outlet in the world (perhaps excluding Australia) is saying that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, ergo, not adding up.
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KingDadXVI  +   710d ago
@Unreal01 Actually the largest console market by Country is the USA and Xbox One has sold more consoles in the USA in a shorter period of time. Being in the lead by 100,000 consoles world wide in the first week of December is hardly much of a margin when you are selling in 21 more countries than your competitor.

Both consoles are selling well and had reached the 2 Million mark world wide a couple of weeks ago. The numbers will drop off after the holidays and then pick up again once some exclusives hit the market.
DragonKnight  +   710d ago
@KingDadXVI: Actually that's full of it. Sony sold 1 million consoles in a day, Microsoft needed 9 days to do that. The PS4 was out for 2 weeks when the ratio comparison was made and that's the only reason why it LOOKS like the Xbox One was selling at a faster rate, but 1 million consoles in a day pretty much trumps that. Especially given that Sony only needed 1 market to sell that many.
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JokesOnYou  +   710d ago
OK but outselling could be 10 sold vs 11 for that specific retailer, what about others who frankly feel no need to go on record about sales??? Every retailer/country in the world??? Links please???

Actually ps4 had bigger launches in regions like US and UK but again that's for completely separate launches= more stock in 2 separate launches vs X1 stock spread to 13 regions. Logic says although more sales upfront in those 2 large regions may be better for headlines the overall totals are nearly the same, that's simple math because a car manufacturer could sell cars in 1 or 100 regions but if you only have a supply of 1000 cars vs your competitor with 1000 cars at launch and you both sellout you both only sold 1000 cars.

What we do know is NPD said X1 sold more per day vs ps4 in Nov= not rumors and speculation, but confirmed.

What we do know is:
"Xbox One beats PS4 in Australia"
DragonKnight  +   710d ago
Jokes, are you really trying to suggest that there is a change the X1 could have outsold the PS4 based on no name retailers choosing not to divulge sales?

You're really desperate aren't you?

You just need to accept that the PS4 is doing better than the X1 right now.
LeCreuset  +   710d ago

"What we do know is NPD said X1 sold more per day vs ps4 in Nov= not rumors and speculation, but confirmed."

There's a reason you need to qualify your bullcrap by adding "per day." It's spin. NPD is throwing MS a bone. Because Xbox came out a week later, they are trying to create the impression that it is only because Xbox launched later that PS4 beat it in sells (A funny argument coming from the camp that boasted of having more sells with the 360 than a system that launched a whole year after it, but I digress.).

To say that Xbox sold more per day is deliberately misleading. Why? Because the PS4 sold out fast and was not available for the whole time period. After the first day, most, if not all, PS4's were sold. So what MS wants us to do is to take into consideration that Xbox was not available until the 22nd, but their argument conveniently neglects to factor in that the PS4 was not available every day from the 15th on. Yes, it launched on the 15th, but it was not available every day from the 15th on.
JokesOnYou  +   710d ago
Dragonknight & Lecruest it was a response to Unreal01 who said:

"Microsoft's numbers aren't adding up."

What Iam specifically pointing out is there is plenty of data/examples to suggest that X1 sales are indeed on par with ps4 sales vs his assumption based on whatever unknown sources he's referring to who has said ps4 is outselling X1. It was to demonstrate that his logic isn't sound when stating X1 sales don't add up. Nothing about my posts suggests as a whole X1 is winning in total sales or that ps4 doesn't have less supply like in Australia but again that doesn't change the fact that at least up until last count they were both essentially neck n neck, also although it seems X1 has better supply after launch ps4 has been available through many retailers off and on with quick sellouts, again though not sure about allocations also better stock on micros part is a positive. lol, the purpose of my response that X1 is selling well isn't to prove that ps4 is or is not, it's to highlight those specific links showing X1 is selling well in comparison to ps4, contrary to what Unreal claims...that's all no need to take it personal.
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LeCreuset  +   710d ago

You could have made that point without throwing out the misleading talking point of Xbox One selling more per day.

In fact, those numbers have nothing to do with judging if a console is the fastest selling, as it is described in the link you provided. For example, if Product A launched on day 1 and completely sold through its stock of 1,000 units in 10 hours, and was not available on days 2 & 3, the average sells per day from time of availability (day 1) to day 3 would be 333.33. Now, if Product B launched on day 2 and sold through its stock of 1,000 units in 24 hours, it's average sells per day from time of availability through day 3 would be 500 units. Looking at it from each products time of availability to day 3 shows that Product A only averages 333.33 units per day sold versus 500 per day for Product B, but clearly this is impacted by Product A being unavailable after Day 1, and clearly a product which sells 1,000 units in 10 hours is faster selling than a product which takes 24 hours to move 1,000 units.
LeCreuset  +   710d ago

"Actually the largest console market by Country is the USA and Xbox One has sold more consoles in the USA in a shorter period of time."

Link please.
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   710d ago | Well said
Great launches for both consoles. Now lets flip the calendar to 2014, so we can play all the great games that are coming out!

EDIT: I love that the first 3 comments all have subtle jabs at MS. How shocking on PSN4G.
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solidsheep  +   710d ago
Don't be so sensitive. There are other sites for you.
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   710d ago
Link me too another site that posts news articles from all gaming and entertainment sites so they are all in one place.
solidsheep  +   710d ago
I don't need to. Just grow up a bit and stop taking videogame fans opinions so seriously.
Anyway someone needs to be the whipping boy each generation. Last generation it was the ps3, and before that it was the Gamecube, and before that it was Sega. It's just a vicious cycle that will never stop.
malokevi  +   710d ago
How is it that you only have 3 bubbles, with an awesome comment like that? You've got the right attitude. 2014 is going to be awesome. Here, have a bubble up.
wynams  +   710d ago
Try polygon if you want a nice MS echo chamber
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   710d ago
Ew, Polygon... I don't even know how Xbox fanboys go to that site.
Sci0n  +   709d ago
misterx also has a site for the indenial and delusional xbots just google the address and you will find it. Lies on that site regarding the X1s stats are glorified and as long as you are drinking the green koolaid even though its poisoned you will be accepted.
nategrigs  +   710d ago
I thought the first comment was a jab at sony?
ZodTheRipper  +   710d ago
Double negatives can be confusing, huh? :P
But you should understand my comment if you have followed the news in the last few weeks.
MasterCornholio  +   710d ago
Making claims that N4G is being run by "teh Sony fanboys" wont get you anywhere. Stop being paranoid and just admit that at this moment the PlayStation brand is more popular than the Xbox brand. Which is why the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One.

P.S Even though the Xbox One is getting outsold by the PS4 it isnt a bad system to own. I dont own one because im not really interested in Microsoft exclusives and paying 100$ more for a camera and a weaker system doesnt fancy me at all.
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LeCreuset  +   710d ago
PSN4G? You must not have been here the other week when that pro-MS mod went on a rampage.
FamilyGuy  +   710d ago
PSN4G lol, I like that
TheFallenAngel  +   710d ago
I still laugh at major nelson fastest selling comment.
JBSleek  +   710d ago
It is a correct statement. Technically the Xbox One is the "fastest selling" console on a per week basis as the PS4 has the higher volume.
Unreal01  +   710d ago
Just no.
TheFallenAngel  +   710d ago
Yeah and ps4 outsold xbones sales within 24 hours. You can't sell what you don't have.
CGI-Quality  +   710d ago
I'm trying to understand your math. The PS4 is the fastest selling console, at launch, and has the higher tally to date. Your view doesn't make sense.
JeffGUNZ  +   710d ago
It makes sense. It's worded that way for PR but it's fact.

First, he's talking about America. Second, he is going per amount sold TOTAL at the time he made that claim. Since the X1 was out a week AFTER and you added the total sold in America for each console, you then divide that by the amount of DAYS it was out on the market. Since the X1 was out for less time, it's numbers per day were higher. That's all that statement said.

Now, it's pretty obvious one of the factors could have been PS4 were out of stock so it was hard for them to continue to sell as much as the demand was.

This is PR folks, anyway to make a product look good. This is why boasting about sales this early into a launch is dumb. Lets start looking this time next year.
DigitalRaptor  +   710d ago
@ JeffGunz

It's still spin, and spin (real meaning - "deception") should be criticised.
jessupj  +   710d ago
And people complain that the first few comments are always calling MS out on their BS...

I showed my wife who's not into gaming both headlines and she just laughed at MS's pathetic attempt to try to spin the numbers.
malokevi  +   710d ago
.... oops!
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TechNews  +   710d ago
both systems suck
supraking951  +   710d ago
ps4 like...won
Neonridr  +   710d ago
Everybody Wins!!!
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   710d ago
So basically this is Sony and Microsoft......
Neonridr  +   710d ago
hahaha, that was so ridiculous and funny.
superbhoy  +   710d ago
yes.... but a certain Norman is Better....Sony
MaverickStar7  +   710d ago
Just like last generation where both sold over 80 million can make the argument that one is the victor, but neither really loses. If both are successful, everyone wins.
Pillsbury1  +   710d ago
ELCUCO  +   710d ago
Would any of them claim any different? I bet Nintendo even claims to be a winner of some sort...
strigoi814  +   710d ago
all i know there is one that doesnt even last an hour online and in-store...yeah it is not the choosen ONE
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Unreal01  +   710d ago
I live in the UK, and just popped into Game near my home, and it's massively busy at the moment obviously due to Christmas. But yeah, on one side of the store they had the PS4 section with a demo console and stuff, and on the other side they had the Xbox One section. And oh my god, I'm not even joking, there were queues for the PS4, and a huge audience watching people playing it and picking up stuff, and I swear not a single person touching the Xbox One, which was up and running. I know it's a bit off topic, but it was pretty amazing to see.
jessupj  +   710d ago
Interesting. Maybe a lot of people aren't so quick to forgive and forget what MS tried to do to console gaming after all.

Maybe there's hope yet for humanity.
GirlOnFire  +   710d ago
Someone set the fire for this flamewar? It wasn't me because I'm on fire too.
This is obviously bait guys don't bite.
#16 (Edited 710d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
KratosSaveUs  +   710d ago
No company is claiming victory yet. The battle is far from over. Me growing up on PS and loving PS exclusives I had to get the PS4 first but I'm looking forward to getting a Xbox One when the price drops. They have some decent looking games coming out like Quantum Break and Halo 5.
Max-Zorin  +   710d ago
All I know is I'll be enjoying the exclusives of every system. All that system loyalty crap is for the weak.
zippycup  +   710d ago
the only people winning are the one that got both systems

i am glad Sony sold a ton of them and i am glad Microsoft sold a ton of them cheeers to you both
bornsinner  +   710d ago
ps4 2.1 mill 32 countries
xbone 2.0 mill 13 countries

xbone FTW
superbhoy  +   710d ago
ps4-1 million in one country in 24 hours
xbone-1 million in 13 countries

ps4 FTW
snp  +   709d ago
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   710d ago
The only difference is that one is actually showing numbers while the other is using PR speak like "top selling console."
bleedsoe9mm  +   710d ago
it will be closer when ms drops the price even with sony's , i wouldn't say its a very big lead at all not at 100$ cheaper
Belking  +   710d ago
victory? too early to be calling it. MS says xb1 is beating xbox 360 numbers at the time it was launched. Sony says ps4 is beating ps3 numbers, but we all know sony had a horrible launch with ps3 so the bar was pretty low there.
GarrusVakarian  +   709d ago
The PS4 has sold more than the X1. More people want the PS4 than the X1. So far.....the PS4 is in the lead. Fact.

" but we all know sony had a horrible launch with ps3 so the bar was pretty low there."

Yeah, but in the end is sold more than the 360. I love how you don't mention that.
cbrcsg2001  +   710d ago
Shouldn't be claiming victory, especially when 15 days after launch, there were day 1 editions still in stores.. Just Sayin...
tommygunzII  +   710d ago
Denial isn't a river in Egypt.
CyrusLemont  +   710d ago
Sony won when they announced better hardware, a cheaper price, no restrictions for play and no pay wall for playing lent games and being able to trade in used games. Xbox lost when it did everything wrong about its console and tried to flip it around permanently damaging their name in the entire process. You might not see the leap Sony has now in their sales, but that's because the damn thing is sold out from such high demand. When a system is sold out and people can't get it, they scavenge out of desperation to get something else hence why Microsoft might have higher sales than they should. Wait 12 months and you'll see who the obvious winner will be out of the two companies.
parentsbasement  +   709d ago
what did the "winner" of said war win last time? and what will the "winner" get this time?
pinzir  +   709d ago
Well at my job we have alot of xbox ones, and none ps4. Mostly returns
NeoTribe  +   709d ago
The ps4 is winning in sales even in the us. Sorry but this is going to be a so y generation like we the old days. Its gonna be amazing. Best part is a lot of converted xbox owners are gonna see the amazing games they have been missing out on for years.
Kavorklestein  +   709d ago
I think your whole idea of convert/s is flawed. Some people have seen all of what Sony or Microsoft have done or had on their systems in the past, and STILL said: "I'll pass...." or "I don't care enough to buy a whole nother system."
I think you acting like there's some glorious gaming "legacy" to remember is just a phrase spat out of nostalgically founded nonsense. If EITHER of these two companies decided to support some actual Backwards compatibility, THEN- you could say something about the past games... as if it actually matters, because they bought the system to play NEW games. Not just play their old games while they wait for more good games to come out.

I personally have enjoyed all 3 major consoles manufacturers systems with both of the last two generations, each with their own pros and cons, but I would never say: "ohh ps4 rocks, therefore, remember Sony's greatness of old games you will never play all the way thru, or will have a backlog of games you need to play/beat but will never have the time for."

Steam users (like me)often run into this problem, and have more games than we will EVER beat, or playthrough once, let alone have time/money for ALL the newest next-gen games to play as well...

Which is why, picking a primary console is the ONLY realistic option for most of us gamers... it Isolates the types of games, the AMOUNT of games so we aren't backlogged on "must play" titles after being out only six months, and so we can actually USE our consoles enough to justify the purchase in the first place. I never have the seemingly endless amount of time I once had to just play, and play, and play, I have a job working graveyard shifts, and a girlfriend, and an apartment with chores, and a life to live. Live and let live, and let people pick what they want to play for the price they want to pay, for WHATEVER reasons they decide. THAT is the only true way to support gaming and fellow gamers in a way that shows that you embrace gaming... no matter how, in any way, shape or form.

I mean, are you gonna tell someone in a 3rd world country, that the excitement/joy/fun they feel when the finally get to play Super Mario World on SNES 20+ years later, that they aren't supposed to enjoy those feeling of fun? That dreaming of what the future holds for "them" with games, is less validated simply because they aren't playing on a PS4,Xbox One, or Maxed out Gaming PC? I surely hope not.

I say, STFU and play some games! P.S. If an individual is writing a review, which purpose is to critique or reccomend a game, that is different than POINTLESSLY, NEEDLESSLY HATING on a system, or it's manufacturer/s for simply doing what they can/want to bring games to an ever-progressively bigger, global market.
Everybody wins when we get to play games and have options for how to do it.

It's not like unless it's the biggest, strongest, or fastest, that it is the be-all or end-all to everything electronic... By that logic, NOBODY should play ANY video games cuz it's not like: "Some dude in Texas has the BEST gaming pc, and everybody else isn't going to have fun without THE EXACT SAME PC."

Sales, schmales, Nintendo have probably made enough money just off Pokemon, to keep making video games and consoles for the next 20 years, and STILL have some money left over, regardless of if they ever SOLD another unit form this day forward.
A stretch, maybe, but really, NOBODY in the big 3, making Video Game Consoles, is in Danger of bankruptcy. PERIOD. THAT is ALL the sales numbers say... At all.

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