EA Faces 3rd Battlefield 4 Related Lawsuit From Brower Piven.

"It would appear EA's investors across the country are rapidly taking action on recent allegations."

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Tru_Blu1586d ago

Good. If nothing else hopefully scare EA so bad they quit shoving half finished half-assed games out the door.

DJ1586d ago

This is (finally) going to set a huge precedent for the game industry. Games should, like all other products, be fully tested and nearly flawless prior to release. The issue isn't DICE. It's how some individuals in EA's management (per the article) used BF4 as a means to increase their own salaries, and even hid its problems from the public prior to release.

Heisenburger1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I don't disagree. However, when you sign a deal with the devil you can't act like your hands are clean.

cabbitwithscissors1586d ago

If nothing else teaches EA a lesson, perhaps this will.

Einhert1586d ago

Money is the only language they understand

KarrBOMB1586d ago

I hope this starts turning the trend around of companies putting out unfinished games and expecting to just patch them to make them playable. Games should be playable on day one, not this huge mess that is BF4. I do know that the single player campaign on PS3 only crashed 1 time for me, I'm curious to know if any other PS3 players had fewer crashes as well. I know with the next gen systems it was a mess. Any other PS3 BF4 players have only a few issues like I did.

Tru_Blu1586d ago

I had zero issues with BF4 on the PS3. Did the $10 upgrade and 'poop' hit the fan. I haven't even thought about playing the game in the last 3 weeks if that's an indication. Really wish I had bought the disc version so I could at least get some money back for that mess they call a game.

KarrBOMB1586d ago

Thanks Tru_Blu. I was curious about the upgrade. I have the disc and haven't had a moment to play online, so I only played the campaign so far. I had 1 crash and some other weird graphical bug issues, but nothing nearly as bad as what I've been hearing. Were you playing online Tru_Blu?

Tru_Blu1586d ago

Yep online was a mess for me. If I wasn't rubberbanding or having everyone else around me rubberbanding, lagging so bad a full clip into the back of a campers head won't kill them from less then a meter away. I was crashing, in other words the game was and likely still is unplayable.

Lonnie181586d ago

I agree, teach them a lesson and also make Dead Space 4 single player only

Tru_Blu1586d ago

Wish I could give you more then 1 agree for that. Some games NEED to stay single player, cough Fallout cough.

GasTankKiller1586d ago

I feel the same way about the new Tomb Raider. Never even accessed the multiplayer menu.

TekoIie1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

I hope they don't make a Dead Space 4. Dead Space 3 just destroyed any dignity the series had. The best hope for Dead Space is a reboot and make it as close as possible to Dead space 2.

Get rid of that rolling crap too.

Dirtnapstor1585d ago

Dead Space 1 & 2 were supreme (less the MP). DS3 is alright, but doesn't have the hook the first two did. Hopefully EA has learned something here for all their franchises. Why change what's not broke...look at the AC series, it's flourishing still!

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