UK Law Firm: Battlefield 4 lawsuit 'Doesn't Look Good' for EA

"Sheridans says US class action lawsuit is a 'problematic case' for EA."

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Newmanator1612d ago

My girlfriend got me a PS4 game for Christmas and it's wrapped under the tree. I am pretty sure it's BF4 which is very nice of her but N4G has me scared it is BF4. To all who have it on PS4, is it that broken?

Callediceman1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I played it last weekend for about 7-8 hours crashes seemed to have stopped. I got some rubberbanding on certain maps (maybe the server) but other than that i had no issues (aside from the "i swear that mofo should be dead", but ive had that with just about every bf/cod game from time to time).... I think you will be pleasantly surprised! (after the 600+ MB update of course)

Edit- i have only played an hour of singleplayer so i dont know about the save issues on that end.

Newmanator1611d ago

Okay that's good to hear, i prefer listening to Users' comments over blown up media issues..

famoussasjohn1611d ago

I'm in the same boat on the singleplayer on the Xbox One, may try and go through it some more, but don't want it to be wasted on if it crashes and the saves get corrupted.

FPSRUSSIA1611d ago

i have it on the ps3 and i am having no problems at all and i had it day one they have released many patches so i think the game should be good story mode is still broken

RyanShutup1611d ago

Been playing for about a week now with no crashes. Seems to be fixed.

BcozoftheImplication1611d ago

No lad I have it on the ps4 & its amazing I've played through the campaign 3 times already and I'm never off-line with it, the multiplayer is fantastic I've yet to have an issue with it I think due to it being released in america first we managed to dodge the majority of issues!!

joab7771611d ago

I have had it since launch and overall...its not that bad. Yeah...first week I got booted a few times and couldn't get on my android app but I have similar occurences with many games. Also its a new console and I prepared myself for some bugs etc. Considering everything, I am quite pleased at how few problems have happened. Kinda wish I coulda used my china rising dlc before december 17th but its cool.

It will b fine. Enjoy it. And are we gonna sue every game that releases with problems? How many problems have there been with CoD and they never do a beta. If they had released it and then did nothing to fix it...yeah maybe. But do we start a war against broken games, incomplete games etc. Almost every Activision game that releases is garbage. All movie liscensed games are trash. Its absurd!

1nsomniac1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I bought it on release & had about 5 crashes in total, all while changing level. Last one I had was about 2 weeks ago.

rayzorn1611d ago

i had the game. beat single player and only had 2 crashes no big deal.

then i went to play it on hard mode got to the 4th chapter crashed had no save when i went back. tried hard again got a few hours in and save got erased again.

didnt have to many problems with multiplayer. never seen the rubber banding didnt have no lag problems. but i would get kicked out of servers especially on conquest mode. probably only 2 times in an hour max though if that.

i traded it in last week since none of my real life friends had the game. but it got another patch since i got rid of it so not sure how it works now.

SonyKong641611d ago

still cannot play what I've been playing for the past 4 years with the battlefield series..

32 player, 16v16 conquest is completely and utterly broken.. I have yet to play one single round within my favorite mode.

I'm just devastated and forced to go back to sailing the high seas as a pirate assassin, after a few rounds of the other modes I'm not interested in..

the worst part, as far as I know, DICE/EA haven't even acknowledged this problem, and it was excluded from their list of things to fix = /

extremely disappointed with 'next' gen because of this.. can't even lobby up with friends in bf4, can't even use my brand new wireless SONY headset to talk to by friends.. instead in 2014, I'm provided one ear piece that itches and falls out of my ear, while trying desperately to hear someone on the other end, with my tv on mute..

pinching myself never ends the nitemare that is battlefield 4..

NeoTribe1611d ago

It was when it came out. Its fine now and you will have a blast. See you on the battlefield.

Newmanator1611d ago

Thanks Neo and everyone else, super excited to play it now!

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MegaRay1612d ago

Lol companies should stop releasing bugged rushed games orelse...

starfox0791611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

What do you fanboys expect Microsoft and Sony just have the same games and 1 version is always better ???? i just play WiiU,and with Microsoft's policies like you can't release a multiplat on another console before the xbox1 ect,basically WiiU gamers will have to wait for project CARS now until xbox1 version is done how sad.....

I'm just sick of multiplat games they are mostly rushed and half the time 1 platform gets the better treatment it's the worst way to compare a consoles power too many back handers.

Playstation will get the worst versions of most multiplats xbox1/ps4 games,why Microsoft pays for the best versions.

MasterCornholio1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

"Playstation will get the worst versions of most multiplats xbox1/ps4 games,why Microsoft pays for the best versions."


Are you saying that the PS4 will get the worse version of multiplats due to Microsoft paying for exclusive content?

Did you see how AC4 turned out on the PS4? 1080P with a rock solid 30FPs plus a 1 hour mission with Aveline. The only console that will get the shaft will be the Wii U since its hardware is to weak to handle multiplats on the same level as the Xbox One and the PS4. Again AC4 proves this.

"However, while AC4 is indeed feature-complete on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, the highly variable frame-rates genuinely impact gameplay. While the Assassin's Creed series has never really required a crisp controller response, the heavy drops in fluidity simply make it harder to quickly traverse the environment, particularly when chasing down targets. With performance so far behind every other version of the game, it's hard to recommend the Wii U game at all, despite its image quality matching PS3 and Xbox 360."

MegaRay1611d ago

You Fanboys? Im not a fanboy lol, anyway PS4 will certainly gets the best version of games except for EA games since they want everybody to buy x1 so titan fall will not fail xD

amnalehu1612d ago

The game has issue. Mostly crashes. Yesterday it crashed on my in one of the best matches I have ever played. As frustrating as that is, it is probably one of the best shooters ever made. I hope they give everyone who bought the game free premium. I would settle for that.

Pillsbury11611d ago

I do hope this teaches publishers not to release unfinished piles of glitches.

Goro1611d ago

*Looks towards Techland*

starfox0791611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

EA will get such a bad reputation soon that Nintendo and Wiiu won't want anything to do with them......all i know is EA not supporting wiiu is fine with me as I'm just sick of playing the same Fifa over and over again plus it will be EA next year begging for forgiveness from Nintendo gamers and I'll be sticking my middle finger up saying f*** o** haha.

EA just say this and that and never deliver,Nintendo with Moonlith will deliver,Nintendo with Platimun will deliver,Nintendo make developers better at making games,Platimun said as much.

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