Naughty Dog Comments On A Video Game Inspired By Gravity

"No, Uncharted and The Last of Us developer Naughty Dog isn't talking about an existing game based on the critically acclaimed film Gravity. Rather, game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann commented to on whether we'd be seeing a game based on the film, since both are such big fans of it."

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Visualift1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Such an amazing game. While I'm looking forward to the sequel I'm glad it was never made into a film. Well done ND!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1495d ago

I think telltale could make the last of us spin off.

hellzsupernova1495d ago

I agree with this entirely. just finished the wqalking dead season 1 it was awesome, they could make something special in the last of us world for sure. However they are already making the walking dead, Borderlands, game of thrones, and the wolf among us so i dont think they have enough people to pull off a fifth game

jaixvx1495d ago

walking dead was a buggy mess. I couldn't get past episode 2 it kept freezing on me. So no thanks.

Acquiescence1495d ago

Uncharted X Gravity Rush crossover. You know you want it.

dcj05241495d ago

Eh... no. Kat with a gun or Nathan with gravity powers just doesn't look right.

hellzsupernova1495d ago

HAHAHAHA nathan with gravity powers would be hilarious

himdeel1495d ago

No Uncharted. New IP :)

ShinMaster1495d ago

But they already announced a new Uncharted.

Also there's a second team and we don't know what they're working on yet.

InFAMOUS11495d ago

Team 1 is finishing Uncharted 4 and team 2 is doing the next TLoU. When team 1 is done with UC4, you can expect an new IP. The sales of TLoU will determine part 3.

Sono4211495d ago


The other half is working on last of us DLC.....

Omran1495d ago

I saw the movie one week ago
OMG the movie was one of the
best movies I have ever seen !

g5bay1495d ago

Gravity sucked big time movie was shitty lol.

Swiggins1495d ago

"I don't know how to tell you this...but...I'm afraid you have shitty taste in's incurable."

Noctis1495d ago

I can see Uncharted taking an unexpected turn and venture into space. Next gen brings many capabilities and Naughty Dog could showcase what the PS4 is really capable of by making an Uncharted game set in space (not NASA wise, but a secret portal to different world/galaxy would be interesting, given the supernatural occasions in the games)

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