Nifflas Calls Knytt Underground on Wii U the “Best Looking Version”, Out This Week

New graphical effects and flourishes promise to make the Wii U version the best looking console version of the game

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Neonridr952d ago

I'll definitely check this out on the eShop.

MNGamer-N952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

I watched the preview trailer on eShop, and I just don't think it looks fun? It looks boring? I dunno... let me know how you like it. Rated M too for Sexual Themes and Violence? Not sure what that is about.

Neonridr952d ago

lol, yeah not too sure about that either. I mean the developer even mentioned to not play this in front of Grandma because of the language.

It definitely looks different, which is why I think I am attracted to it. Definitely weird, hopefully there's an interesting story to it.

wheresmymonkey952d ago

I played it at a con a few months back. Was lucky enough to meet nyflass too, lovely chap.

Its really damn good. Its got an odd metroidy vibe about it. platfomring is spot on and it looks lush on the wiiu.

the Sex and violence thing is bacuse of the games dialogue and theme its set in a post apocalyptic world and the characters swear a lot.

CandyFace952d ago

The trailer doesn't sell the game very well, i'll have to admit but I know the Knytt series and it's awesome! I also own Knytt Underground on PC and it's great fun. You have to play it to judge it IMO :)

kB0952d ago

eshop no thanks!

I want digital games i own.

WeAreLegion952d ago

I would, achievements/trophies and digital purchases aren't linked to your account. Screw that.

kB0952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

I dont get why ur getting makes complete sense.

I think some people would blindly follow a console... this goes for PS and Xbox users alike!

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