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Top 5 Characters Of 2013

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

We also had some brilliant characters make their way into videogames this year, and I’m here to share but a few of them, and my top picks for this year. Each character is well written, and interesting in their own ways. We saw growth, development, and heck some may have even brought us to tears. It’s an awesome feeling when you truly love a character, and this list showcases the ones I loved the most this past year.

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GamingAngelGabriel946d ago

I'd argue that Booker was the best character of the year, but good picks!

SlapHappyJesus946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

I can't really think of any characters to argue this list, aside from Edward Kenway who I would switch out for Pavel from Last Light.
Then again, there is Zinyak from Saints Row IV.

caseh946d ago

Ellie for me, likable char who is pretty handy with a knife. :)

Xer0_SiN946d ago

joel and ellie easily for the the top two. good picks!

hulk_bash1987946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

My Top 5 Videogame Characters of 2013:

1. Joel (The Last of Us)
2. Ellie (The Last of Us)
3. Booker Dewitt (Bioshock: Infinite)
4. Jodie Holmes (Beyond: Two Souls)
5. Trevor (Grand Theft Auto 5)

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