The Best Super Hero Games Of All Time

GI - "Whether you're kicking villains in the face, swinging between skyscrapers, or lighting up bad guys like Christmas trees, being a super hero is almost always a blast. But some games do a better job empowering players than others. Here are some of our favorite games that have let us play the hero."

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joab7771581d ago

I must say having popped on DCUO with my must b mentioned. They hav done a hell of a job. Its f2p but I am liking it so much it may just b the first game I pay to play. Great launch game that goes unnoticed.

punisher991581d ago

Marvel's Ultimate Alliance would be on the top of my list.

MrTrololo1581d ago

Too bad no developer wanted to try to make a flash or superman games.

Demobot1580d ago

For me its Maximum Carnage. Although Ultimate Spiderman on the Xbox wasn't bad either.

HammerKong1580d ago

my favourite is batman arkham series and runner up are,injustice and infamous series.

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