Best Technical Graphics of 2013

What does Hidden Audio Log think is the technically best looking game of 2013? Find out here! Or not. Whatever.

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HelpfulGamer924d ago

Grand Theft Auto V powered by PS3 Cell CPU!

Magicite923d ago

Purely technically its Crysis 3.
Although I didnt enjoy it as a game.

quaneylfc923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

I'd say ryse had better graphics than killzone, the colour of the beach in the saving private ryan ripoff level and less jaggy edges overall.

my top 3:

gold: Ryse: son of rome
silver: Killzone: shadow fall
bronze: the last of us

edgeofsins922d ago

Better graphics technically or more appealing to yourself? There is a big difference.

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ATiElite924d ago

Ryse Son of Rome!!!

haters can hate but you only make Ryse stronger.

AC4 PC looks pretty good Project Cars PC 4K is outstanding

i still like Arma III the best.

NeoTribe923d ago

Sorry but killings is the most graphically impressive launch title. Ryse can't hold a candle to it.

MidnytRain923d ago

Where is BF4 and Metro Last Light?

Concertoine923d ago

last light is probably the best looking game developed on the budget that it was, hell it can compete with some big budget AAA games.

Trekster_Gamer923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

BF4.. Most broken game of 2013!!
And below the Crysis 3 statement.
Ryse is All game engine real time cutscenes!
Blows away Crysis 3!

sorane923d ago

"Ryse is All game engine real time cutscenes!
Blows away Crysis 3!" Not even close with either of those statements. Here's proof of pre-rendered cutscenes:

"Unfortunately, that brings us to another disappointment; Crytek's stated commitment to "real-time, all the time" goes unrealised in Ryse with the move to pre-rendered cut-scenes."

Nice try though.

kingduqc923d ago

Anyone stating a console game havent played on a real pc for a long time....

sorane923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

Crysis 3 is easily the most technically advanced game this year. No other game has come close. Feel free to try to prove me wrong even though I know you can't. Killzone and Ryse look nice and all, but the cutscenes which are the best looking parts of those games are fake pre-rendered videos. During real in-engine gameplay they are not that technically impressive at all.

MidnytRain923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

Where IS Crysis 3? This list is a failure...

MadSientist89923d ago

lol crysis 3.. haha Killzone mops the floor with that game in scale alone..

sorane923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

What scale are you talking about? Killzone has very small open levels compared to Crysis 3 and Killzone quickly becomes standard corridor shooter #45567878. Crysis 3 blows Killzones scale away. You've obviously never played Crysis 3 if you think that or Killzone for that matter.

MadSientist89923d ago

I was talking about visual scale.. anyway I played crysis 3 and killzone SF both suck gameplay wise..

ion666923d ago

epic fail on this website , its broken.

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