Square Enix Honcho on Final Fantasy XIV: “A Wonderful Rebirth,” Expects it to Be a Pillar of Revenue

When the original Final Fantasy XIV crashed and burned, the current President and CEO of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda was Chief Financial Officer under Yoichi Wada, and his position placed him as the man most likely to oppose the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn project. In fact he had doubts about it, but in the end everything turned out beautifully.

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GentlemenRUs1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

"Expects it to Be a Pillar of Revenue..."

Hahahaha I can't stop laughing... Really now?

I knew there was a little greed in there somewhere...

EDIT: £3-5 a month and I would not have minded it... But £10 is way too much...

Myst-Vearn1404d ago

of course they want it to be a source of revenue, they are a business..

at least the game is good IMO (playing the PS3 ver)

The Killer1404d ago

If it costs 10 GBP per month, then the game will fail i think. If they it $2 or so per month, maybe we will swallow it.

if they wanna make it a cash cow, then they should make it $10-20, and to offer nice items for $1 or less.

too much greed back fires sometimes.

rdgneoz31404d ago

It is a fun game, though grind heavy as hell after you do the the main / side quests. Pretty much have to fate grind to level all the other jobs.

I'll be waiting for the PS4 version before I get back into it, was always fun when you'd get killed by mobs you couldn't see in open world events... That or trying to heal a dungeon, and the models for teammates bug out and stand in place (when you can clearly see a mob 100 feet away taking damage from their spells) causing them to "be out of range" of all your heals later on...

Blood_Tears1404d ago

I don't get what's so funny. The game is great and will likely give SE a return on their investment.

SirBradders1404d ago

You comment badly on every SE article, your such a weirdo and what do you think companies do make free stuff to lose money you idiot.

Baka-akaB1404d ago

Why is it so funny ? the game is currently meeting a big success , and eagerly expected on ps4 ..

Flipgeneral1404d ago

I can't wait to be a part of that "stream" come April when it launches on PS4

I'm only expecting to play for a month or two, but who knows

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Jubez1871404d ago

It's just not good PR to say "pillar of revenue." I'm sure there are some great things in the article that he said about FFXIV, but that statement isn't the most optimal to use. In business you always want to speak in a "for the customer" tone.

But anyways, game's a blast, new patch is a blast, TAKE MY MONEY.

Irishguy951404d ago ShowReplies(1)
TomahawkX1404d ago

I can't wait to start up again when PS4 version drops.

NiteX1404d ago

Minutes ago I bought the CE on Amazon. Can't wait to play. Huzzah for Holiday sales!

Ocsta1403d ago

Revenue... Literally the only thing the new Square Enix cares about.