The Year of Luigi Meets Breaking Bad

Junkie Monkeys: What happens when you cross The Year of Luigi and one of the greatest shows of all time? Take a look.

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Austin481581d ago

That actually looked good

ThichQuangDuck1581d ago

I would totally play this. Yo Nintendo forum watchers ;). Mature Mario games never going to happen but hey

Loadedklip1581d ago

... good thing you are immature then.

ThichQuangDuck1581d ago


I am immature because I would like a dramatic mario story okay remove the violence that is fine. Still a dramatic rather than so light hearted Mario story would be interesting to see from Nintendo.The ramifications of a hero constantly searching another castle, the brother dynamic between him and luigi and peach always being captured. Yep I am immature. Take your 6 word comment to IGN you will get more likes there

krazykombatant1581d ago

You'll never get a "dramatic mario story" in a Mario game.... like how idiotic are you??? It's not what the Mario franchise is about, if you want a more dark and mature storyline then Legend of Zelda would be what you would be looking for.

ThichQuangDuck1581d ago

@Krazy Kombatant

Yeah I am the immature one you start off your opinion with an attack upon me. I am simply saying what I would like to see separate from their normal formula. I am not asking for the dark knight effect of all their games,but rather a more thought provoking mario game. I realize they make zelda as well. Would just be interesting to me even if it will never happen I am not aiming at the failure that was the smash bros movie. Why do you have to be so hostile man we are talking about Mario here chill

Heisenburger1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

It's a-me! The one-a who knocksa!

Clover9041581d ago

Lol, this is great. Nintendo, if you release a Breaking Bad parody Mario game I'll buy a Wii U yesterday.

pinzir1580d ago

I don't usually commect but when I do, it is because a comment like yours made me laugh my ass off.

So you will go back in time to buy a wii u lol