My Disappointments Of 2013

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

I just wrote my picks for Game Of The Year and decided that now would be a good time to formulate a list of some of the most disappointing experiences I had in this past year. Now, please be aware that this doesn’t mean these are horrid games by any means, it just means I didn’t exactly enjoy them as much as I had hoped to.

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LAWSON721251d ago

Dead Space 3 was terrible, I was all excited for it after recently finally playing 1 and 2 and it was just awful

SG1_dapunisherX1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

ds3 was a sad day for ds fans like myself...everything about the game was wrong, co-op, story was not scary, & human enemies killed the game

danowat1251d ago

One of my disappointments of the year is the way terrible grammar, like this article, is becoming more and more widespread.

Pixelgate1251d ago

Your concerns have been noted. Commenting on the acutal site will inform the writer however.

Douchebag6961251d ago

I found some aspects of the game entertaining but I really hated that you couldn't do certain parts of the game solo. I liked being able to create your own weapons. I felt this added a new element to the game. But, it was nothing compared to the first two in the franchise. I just hope this doesn't set the tone for an others.

SynestheticRoar1251d ago

I was most displeased with the game remember me. That game was horrid. It should of been name please forget me.

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