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Titanfall Will Stomp Japan on March 13th, but Without the Xbox One Version

Electronic Arts announced today that Titanfall will be released in Japan on March the 13th, only two days after the United States and at the same time as the European launch. Since the Xbox One still has no release date in the country, the Xbox One version of the game remains TBD. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

zeal0us  +   656d ago
I'm not sure that an PC and Xbox 360 only version will sell that well in Japan.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   656d ago
When's the X1 launching in japan?
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Abriael  +   656d ago
iamnsuperman  +   656d ago
Well we don't really know when those delayed regions are getting the Xbox One either. So with that in mind and the fact this comes out without the Xbox One version I am going to say late next year at the earliest (I assume around TGS)
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nategrigs  +   656d ago
after march 13th is my guess
Sarcasm  +   656d ago
Probably somewhere in 2014.

Although I truly believe it's a lost cause there.
gaffyh  +   656d ago
Yeah looks like it might launch much later than PS4 in Japan.
Mikey32230  +   656d ago
... they wont.

I am still glad i have my 360 for this game though.

'tis a shame that it wont come to PS4 :/
AngelicIceDiamond  +   656d ago
@Mike Just get it for X1.
Unreal01  +   656d ago
Yeah, picking this up for my 360, as will a lot of people I think. Ain't no one buying a £430 console for one game.
M-M  +   656d ago

He doesn't have an Xbox One, and maybe he doesn't want one.
nukeitall  +   656d ago

Titanfalls is likely one of the few console movers next year. Watch the console sales increase, similar to how Metal Gear Solid 4 lifted sales of PS3.
Unreal01  +   656d ago
You seem to forget that Metal Gear Solid wasn't featured on the PS2 (or PC for that matter), so the choice was never there. I think it'll sell some systems no doubt, but I genuinely think 360 gamers will be happy to just stick to that version.
DOMination-  +   656d ago
Isn't the 360 version basically a different game made by some no name devs? kinda like wii ports back in the day? Lets face it X1 and pc are the only versions worth playing
Unreal01  +   656d ago
It's not a different game, it's just being developed, with Respawn's support, by another unconfirmed developer. Sure it obviously won't be as good as the Xbox One version, but I really doubt it plays much different.
Beastforlifenoob  +   656d ago
LOL @ all these noobs who are hating on the XBX1

I was a ps2 gamer and when the ps3 came out everyone hated me for getting a ps3 rather than a 360... I WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS RIGHT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOBS
HammerKong  +   656d ago
its an exclusive buddy ,will you curse MS to bring exclusive's to xb1 ,so what's shame in it that if it is coming on xb1 and not on ps4 .you all ps fanboys land on xb article to bash xb1 ,its shame on you that you gamers are still raging this fanboy wars ,can you please stay on your ps4 and stop writing shit about xb1, be happy bud and have good time playing games on your greatness ,ia'm having both consoles and none of them are greatness to me ,for me both are just consoles on which i play games,shame on you that still you are pissing on some one's other's property ,if you want to play this game on your 360 so please keep it to you,we dont want to hear.
joab777  +   656d ago
Sony left a few doors wide open for xbone but they simply don't walk through. They announced a Nov. 15th launch and MS responded by releasing a week later. Then PS4 launched in North America first to establish a base on MS' s home turf. MS responded by doing the same...instead of launching 3 months ahead of PS4 in Japan. I dunno. Now this. They should launch Titanfall and xbone on the same day in Japan. Or they could have thought ahead, had them make a lost odyssey 2 and release as a bundle in Japan. Theres no rpgs for the fans at launch...someone coulda capitalized. Though I get my fix with DCUO...its amazing...can't believe I never tried it before.
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princejb134  +   656d ago
hmm idk japanese are crazy over giant robots
it might actually do well
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blackpanther25  +   656d ago
very true they love all types of mecha
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mikeslemonade  +   656d ago
It's gonna sell like a drop in the bucket. Considering Halo 3 sales to this date has only sold 130,000 units in Japan. Halo is a more popular series.

princejb134  +   656d ago
not every likes halo you know
many people such as my friends and even myself bought halo 3 because of the hype
in my opinion is a terrible game
mikeslemonade  +   656d ago

Consistent with COD too.
CrowbaitBob  +   656d ago
You're forgetting the mech effect. My first thought is that it's not going to do well in Japan either, but there's something about mechs and giant robots that the Japanese seem to really go crazy for. If there were some kind of panty sniffing mini game included it'd sell billions.
Skip_Bayless  +   655d ago
Lost planet 1 on 360 100,000
Lost planet 2 on PS3 200,000
Armored Core 5 on PS3 240,000
Armored Core 4 on 360 20,000

Mind you those are more centered around mechs and made by a Japanese developer.

Home-Console games generally don't sell well at all. The game has to be really specific like a MGS, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. Armored Core 5 is the only exception but that came late on the PS3 with a respectable install base.
miyamoto  +   656d ago
This a lot of LOL!
TBONEJF  +   656d ago
Don't think they are too many gamers playing on PC'S in Japan plus don't think not too many will have a XB1
NeloAnjelo  +   652d ago
It won't sell in Japan.
Eonjay  +   656d ago
Titanfall may be the first cross generational game to sell more on a newer platform than an older one.
WildArmed  +   656d ago
What makes you think that?

Just by pure numbers, and a 20% attachment rate:
Xbox 360 has 80mil
Xbox one hopes to have 5mil (guess)
PC has idk, 100mil+?

The odds of the game selling better on 360 n PC are much higher than Xbox One.
Eonjay  +   656d ago
Thats absolutely true, but so far the Xbox One Preorders are much higher than 360's. Even the PC has higher preorders than the 360.
GrizzliS1987  +   656d ago
did you just say PC has 100mil potential buyers? are u high?

be lucky if 15% of those are actual gamers in the market for this type of game.

or else every game ever released for PC would be hitting 10mil in sales easy.
Eonjay  +   656d ago
No is said "preorders". More people have preordered Titan on PC than on 360.
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WildArmed  +   656d ago

Reading comprehension would go a long way here.

No one said potential buyers, I was talking about the PC gaming market. There are over 100mil PCs capable of gaming out there. I don't know how you find that surprising when you have last gen consoles closing in around 80mil.


I stand corrected, 1 billion gamers would wide. Now, let me know when you are done being high.
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WildArmed  +   656d ago
Ah, I see. You may be right, I haven't looked at the preorder numbers. But that sounds promising if true.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   656d ago
Either way That's good for the Japanese market. Or the ones that care for the Xbox or Titanfall all together.

The reception over the game has been positive but I dunno if I can say the same for the console.
Grimhammer00  +   656d ago
My fear is that too much is sitting on this games shoulders. If turns out to be average....or even good, the MS gaming sphere will implode!
robtion  +   656d ago
Pretty obvious the game will do well. Its basically cod with mechs and increased mobility. It will sell well with the mp shooter crowd who buys x million copies of cod each year.

Not my thing, unless there is a strong so campaign.
Ju  +   656d ago
This game doesn't have a campaign. I am not so sure. This could be Xbo's Warhawk. But who knows. The biggest fear is, the visuals will be lacking. It might look good on videos, but it's the same CoD team, and its an old engine (based on source engine). Sure, it'll be CoD on steroids, and I kinda like Ghost, but tbh, I also have two other (next) shooters which makes me question why I got that one, too, because this makes it quite visible how far CoD is behind...it p...es me off, that MS payed this game off, yet again. It's a shame, but then, I also think it's quite overrated. We'll see when there'll be actual gameplay.
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Jubez187  +   656d ago
I had no idea this was coming out for 360. Different servers from Xbone?
mhunterjr  +   656d ago
Different game altogether... Developed by a different team...
Unreal01  +   656d ago
Same game, it's just being developed by different developers, with Respawn's support.
supraking951  +   656d ago
thsi sounds like a huge fail, very common for MS and Japan hehe
kewlkat007  +   656d ago
Who cares maybe they will buy it with the 100 or so 360 consoles sold there the last 7 years.
christocolus  +   656d ago
Titanfall........xbx live servers need to be ready for this.
HarryB  +   656d ago
This looks good but who the hell wants to play a game like this with a controller. I want to bunny hop all over the map. Plus xbox one blows. Too many problems too expensive. If gta5 was coming out then I would get it for ps4 or xbox.
JohnApocalypse  +   656d ago
I wonder if the 360 like be trimmed down like the last 2 Battlefield games. The footage they've shown look allot more close-quarters then BF
Rustynail  +   656d ago
Xbox One, Xbo, Xbone, XO, X1, Xone, XB1. CAN YOU GUYS COME UP WITH A DAMN NAME??????? Why not just call it Xbox One? Is it really that hard to type?
DigitalRaptor  +   656d ago
If they hadn't given it a dumb name, we'd all be calling it the Infinity or the Fusion or something cool. They brought it on themselves.
thecowsaysmoo   656d ago | Trolling | show
assdan  +   656d ago
Console and handheld are king in Japan. There are not very many Japanese games that get released on PC. the 360 numbers in Japan are quite literally next to nothing. I've seen the 360 sell less than 100 units in a week in Japan. It will make almost no difference in sales of the game.
Angerfist  +   656d ago
I wonder how many Times Japanese actually import Games? :)
ichdich  +   656d ago
This game is the next big thing in Multiplayer gaming.
idontcare  +   656d ago
lol @ disagrees
Sharius  +   656d ago
i dont know japanese even get hot on FPS, make idol@master fall and it will sell better
Goku781  +   656d ago
Man I keep forgetting I have a 360, no reason at all to by Xbox One version unless it will be in 1080P but I doubt it.
candoa  +   656d ago
is like saying there is no reason to buy bf4 for next gen console if it's on current gen, but we all know that bf4 is 100 times better on next gen console, in fact I didn't even like bf3 on current gen because it looked cartoony, but bf4 on next gen looks amazing. the only problem that I have with the game is the servers, but besides the next gen version destroy current gen.

the reason you guys keep saying xbox 360 is because you guys want to diminish the game and want to make it seem non important, but to anybody that is truly a gamer here don't listen to this fanboys the xbox one version would completely destroy the xbox 360 version. Now don't give me that pc crap, because some how now everybody has a gaming pc and I find that ironic.

fanboys stop the hate there only one place for this game is xbox one.
KingDadXVI  +   656d ago
IMO MS would be smart to tie the launch of the Xbox One with the launch of TitanFall. The Japanese love their giant robots/mecha.

They could have even spent a few million on getting a really good Anime studio over there to do a TitanFall mini-series to hype the game and the console.

Too late now I guess.
jacksons98  +   656d ago
I don't even understand the hype for titanfall. Am I missing something?
DVAcme  +   655d ago
This will be a sales flop in Japan. Western games hardly sell on console as it is, in PC it's even worse. And Japanese PC gaming is VERY centered on RPGs and visual novels, so the average PC gamer has a rig that's not really powerful enough to handle Titanfall. Some hardcore Japanese gamers might be attracted by the mecha-centered gameplay, but I still see Titanfall being a sales failure.

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