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Submitted by deantak 778d ago | news

An IBM executive reacts to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs game about hacking smart cities

Just what would happen if a hacker took control of a city's nervous system? (PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Sadie2100  +   778d ago
I'm looking forward to smart cities. I'm guessing San Francisco will be one of the first up for that.
ShwankyShpanky  +   778d ago
Oh heck yeah... can't wait for these things to spread beyond Vegas:

Too bad Hollerith machines couldn't be hacked as easily as the stuff in Watch Dogs.
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iGAM3R-VIII  +   778d ago
LOOL what that isnt really qualified as smart, i think NYC or Chicago is the better option lmaoo
DeadIIIRed  +   778d ago
Seoul would most likely become the first truly smart city. Take a look at what they already have going on there and the plans for future development.
wita  +   778d ago
Love seeing games contextualized with real-world developments. Very cool.
staticdash22  +   778d ago
"You have an agent that watches the city — no different from the agent that watches you, but it’s vastly more powerful"

This is not exactly instilling confidence in people to trust devices like kinect, an be all for smart cities. Once again, the message is fumbled over private security.
mediate-this  +   778d ago
Cant ps eye spy on you same way kinect can? And my kinect is unplugged, and if my ps4 was mandotaroy with my ps4 it too would be unplugged. People on here act like they cant unplug it.
Douchebag696  +   778d ago
Guess I'll stick to that backwoods country life. I already feel like large business and government control too much of our lives already. Though the game sounds like a lot of fun and I can't wait to play it!
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Dspdspes  +   778d ago
Die Hard 4. Enough said...
TheTimeDoctor  +   778d ago
maybe if they had a dollar
rainslacker  +   778d ago
I'm all for the positive aspects of what this guy talks about. I really am. I think technology does have the ability to improve people's lives.

However, I don't feel technology needs to be so pervasive to do so.

My problem with all this stuff isn't the fact that it's becoming so common, just that it's controlled by single entities such as business or government.

My other problem with all this stuff is that it doesn't take long before it becomes a way to monetize what should be done in the public interest. How long before we get those targeted ads thrown at us as we're walking down the street telling us to try some new shop that just opened up, because we just happened to go to a similar shop with a friend.

Some times it's OK to disconnect from the rest of the world, and having smart cities just makes that all the harder. The choice should always exist, and this kind of thing is just a stepping stone to what the author of this article calls an "Orwellian society". At some point, people have to put convenience aside, and just say enough is enough.
kingPoS  +   777d ago
Seems like Watch Dogs is reality based after all. It's both amazing & scary at how much can be duplicated outside the the game.

Gateway MT6706 2008
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