An IBM executive reacts to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs game about hacking smart cities

Just what would happen if a hacker took control of a city's nervous system?

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Sadie21001555d ago

I'm looking forward to smart cities. I'm guessing San Francisco will be one of the first up for that.

ShwankyShpanky1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Oh heck yeah... can't wait for these things to spread beyond Vegas:

Too bad Hollerith machines couldn't be hacked as easily as the stuff in Watch Dogs.

iGAM3R-VIII1555d ago

LOOL what that isnt really qualified as smart, i think NYC or Chicago is the better option lmaoo

DeadIIIRed1555d ago

Seoul would most likely become the first truly smart city. Take a look at what they already have going on there and the plans for future development.

wita1555d ago

Love seeing games contextualized with real-world developments. Very cool.

staticdash221555d ago

"You have an agent that watches the city — no different from the agent that watches you, but it’s vastly more powerful"

This is not exactly instilling confidence in people to trust devices like kinect, an be all for smart cities. Once again, the message is fumbled over private security.

mediate-this1554d ago

Cant ps eye spy on you same way kinect can? And my kinect is unplugged, and if my ps4 was mandotaroy with my ps4 it too would be unplugged. People on here act like they cant unplug it.

1555d ago
Dspdspes1555d ago

Die Hard 4. Enough said...

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