The Last Of Us Devs: Sony Created A Mock Review To Tease Us

The Last Of Us is the latest game from acclaimed developers at Naughty Dog. As a project, it was financially a huge risk since it was a new I.P right near the end of a console life cycle. Although, this didn't stop Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann from fulfilling their own vision for this project. Once the project was finished, Sony hired a consulting group to create a mock review of The Last Of Us, that gave it an average score and complained about lack of boss fights and variety in the game. This fooled the developers in thinking that the game will not be well received and they started expecting average scores, only to be left surprised by the actual critical reception.

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GarrusVakarian1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

"As a project, it was financially a huge risk since it was a new I.P right near the end of a console life cycle. "

And a risk i am very grateful for, i wish more devs and pubs would make these risks instead of playing things so safe.

And lol at Sony trolling ND with a fake review XD.

colonel1791647d ago

More companies need to take these kind of risks. The industry is becoming full of sequels and yearly releases. Now even Nintendo is releasing more Mario games in couple of years that they had released in 3 generations. They are even starting to do it with Zelda with the announcement of Hyrule Warrios.

There are indie games that are very original and unique. Big companies need to take that originality and great ideas and convert them in AAA games, while indies keep doing the small ones.

Also, there are a lot of shooters. We need more generes to be made. We need variety.

zeee1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Yes, thank God that Sony decided to take that risk for this risk would go on and become a masterpiece!

Thank you Naughty Dogs for creating such a wonderful and amazing video game. I hope they are working on the sequel

filipakos1647d ago

Demon's souls was also a huge risk and they almost turned it down.Im glad they didnt.
Naughty Dog taking risks?Sounds great :D

assdan1647d ago

Innovation is based on risks. Most companies are just going to try to ride on the success of previous games (see everything Microsoft makes). Thankfully, Sony is willing to back new and creative ideas.

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JEECE1647d ago

Oh that was a troll? I thought Polygon was a real site. My mistake.

Kyanu1647d ago

You earned yourself a bubble, sir!

Simply game of the generation for me. Nice trolling from Sony. They really know how to do it. :D

MasterCornholio1647d ago

Lol even Sony trolls their own developers.

I love it.


KwietStorm1647d ago

Being a veteran gamer, it's kinda sad when new IPs are outright labeled risks, but being a PlayStation veteran, I'm used to these "risks" on a normal basis. Sony has showed that they are willing to stay this path with the PS3 the longer it was out, and hopefully it will continue with PS4, emulating the older PlayStation consoles. No doubt the indie explosion will help out too. And that's pretty dsmn funny they went so far as to hire a whole firm to fool with Naughty Dog. I guess they already knew they had a masterpiece.

Inception1647d ago

Ah, if only people bought Puppeteer and Tearaway just like they bought TloU. I'm happy that TloU being a success. But on other hand, i'm also sad that Puppeteer and Tearaways doesn't reach the level of success like TloU...

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