Dragon Age: Inquisition new images

LGN "Bioware has shared some of the new images for Dragon Age: Inquisition, their upcoming RPG, is currently in development for the PC, as well as current and next-gen consoles with a release window of autumn 2014."

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Whatsupdog918d ago

Looks good; hope we get to see some new gameplay soon.

SirBradders918d ago

Is it me or in the first pic between the trees it looks like there is an evil wizard.

JohnnyTower918d ago

How do you know he's evil? Maybe he's just looking for directions.

TopDudeMan918d ago

Even if he is, he could still be evil. Evil people get lost. *nods*

BeathuberCH918d ago SpamShow
Archmagel918d ago

Maybe Flemeth decided she wanted yet another daughter?

MrTrololo918d ago

Look stunning. This game and the witcher 3 is gonna be my most anticipated game for 2014

stuntman_mike918d ago

agree this and witcher 3 are gonna be awesome.

adiacs918d ago

no more hesitate for da inquisition..

thezeldadoth918d ago

is this game 100% open world?

AntoineDcoolette917d ago

Yes the game is 100% open world. However, keep in mind that open world does not equate to sandbox. Bioware has basically described the game as being a bunch of sand boxes that you can travel between as opposed to one gigantic interconnected area.

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