The Elder Scrolls Online: PvP, Map Size, Factions, and Guilds Explained

"Zenimax Online Studios took the time to explain various details about The Elder Scrolls Online, ranging from PvP to the size of the game's map."

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cesuf921d ago

Looks fun and a certain cinematic quality to it.

Douchebag696921d ago

I love the idea of this game but I hate that it is not f2p.

GHOSTxx420921d ago

Lets just hope it's actually good,and worth paying for..

Volkama921d ago

I love that it is not f2p but I hate some other ideas they have :)

Dehnus921d ago

Yeah as F2P is soooo much better. Rather then paying for something that is worth it.

djplonker921d ago

It will be dead on arrival no one wants to pay £40/$60 for a game then £10/$15 a month AND have micro-transactions in the game... when something like guild wars 2 is £30/$40 and no sub fee!

Dehnus921d ago

So again RP is screwed. Where in TOR people plan huge interfaction events including battles. IN here the PVP crowd won again and deleted all forms of communication besides /spit and teabagging.

WHoopeee... thanks alot guys, you ruined it again for another group. Not saying you can't have your game, but sometimes allow others to play as well.

Douchebag696921d ago

Good contribution to the conversation at hand.