Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode coming in Battlefield 4?

The titan mode from battlefield 2142 might be coming back to Battlefield 4 in one of the upcoming dlc. The titan mode was very popular for BF2142 in 2006.

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GreenGamers1458d ago

I really hope they will bring it back to battlefield 4!

ZodTheRipper1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I can see them doing it but as a 10-15$ DLC of course. Don't expect THIS to be free :/

bneals1458d ago

I had this game for my pc years ago and it rocked. I would love this dlc.

Bring it on Dice. You owe it to your game for the botched bf4 release.

Fishy Fingers1458d ago

That would keep me locked into BF4 that's for sure. 2142 is still my favourite BF and that's primarily down to Titan mode.

FPSRUSSIA1458d ago

hope its true i would buy it for sure bring it on Dice

kiz26941458d ago

Titan Mode was be an awesome addition, the only reason I played 2142 was the awesome battle for each others titans. This could really work as well, with Aircraft Carriers and a middle ground (most likely islands of some sort) in between them, this would be epic!

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