Dragon’s Dogma Quest Finally Comes To Vita With Christmas Themed Jobs

The Presenter, illustrated by Dragon’s Dogma artist Daigo Ikeno, dons a crimson costume and is an honorable thief. Presenters give stolen money and good to people.

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sdozzo1820d ago

Those pictures don't do it for me. Vote down all you want. White American Male.

PeaSFor1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

i dont like polka music.

Nabbic1820d ago

Aside from your "American White Male" comment (which is actually slightly racist in itself), i'm going to have to agree here. The first woman looks absolutely awful.
I do prefer the second, though that's just me, I prefer cute.

sdozzo1820d ago

That's racist? No chance.

PeaSFor1820d ago


by writing "White American Male." at the end of your post, do you think its giving some sort of contextual credibility to your opinion or something?

AzurePaladin771820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I have to defend the OP here, I think it does add "contextual credibility" to his statement. It is simply not racist to state what Race and Nationality you are in the manner he stated it. He was simply saying that as one of the target demographics the pictures were supposed to be aimed at, he is not attracted to them. That, therefore, shows some credibility to the theory that the pictures are not what the artists' intended demographic wants to see. I, however, as another white American male won't go as far as to say they "do it for me" since it is just a cartoon picture, but she does have a nice butt in the first picture. lol.

PeaSFor1820d ago

oh oh OHHhh!! nice costume!

SilentNegotiator1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Yeah, a thong is no good for someone with so little of butt. An adorable tanga or high cut...

...I mean...sexually dressed fictional women?! THAT'S OFFENSIVE! That objectifies women! Place a mentally handicapped man next to her and make her be sassy and cold, otherwise, I won't find her "realistic"!

jc485731820d ago

I gotta agree lol. I think they simplified her butt way too much that it looks flat.