The Order: 1886 Gets Trailer Fully Voice Acted in Japanese; Shows How Important The Game is For Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released today the first cinematic trailer of The Order: 1886. It’s the same trailer saw at E3, but this time around it’s fully voice acted in Japanese.

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sinncross1617d ago

I dunno if the japanese shows that its important for Sony... I mean, we know it is but all Sony first party games get dubbed into Japanese. They dont skimp on that. Some, like Uncharted, even come with the option for English, so that is nice.

Cant wait for this, hopefully we see some more footage soon.

DonMingos1616d ago

I never this could be a game for the japanese market, but after watching this trailer in japanese it reminded me they love the theme of a british order that fights paranormal beings in the streets of London... That is sort of the background of the Helsing Anime.

DonMingos1616d ago

^^ *thought, "I never thought..."

MrSwankSinatra1617d ago

can we like get some gameplay please?

MilkMan1617d ago

No gameplay, no interest.

MilkMan1617d ago

Not at all. I want to see what the game is. Not get hyped on nice CGI.
Those days are over. Im 41, not 5.
Want my money? Show me the game, not movies.

Lionalliance1617d ago

That's not cgi. Its ingame.

AngelicIceDiamond1617d ago

@Milk This isn't CGI this actual in game presentation. What you see here is in game.

MilkMan1617d ago

GTFO! So you mean when the player, plays they do things like what I saw there?
Now I definitely want to see some gameplay. Maybe they mixed some Heavy Rain type stuff into 3rd person action game or something.

Let's see.

Game0N1617d ago

are u kidding me? come RAD, show us gameplay already

Spinal1617d ago


Fanboys are hyping it but not one bit of gameplay yet. Trailers mean nothing to me.

Infamous looks great an that's about it for PS4 exclusives atm. Waiting for God of War 4 tho that shud be sick.

TheKayle11617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

lol ...

"Shows How Important The Game is For Sony"

i wanna see yakuza traslated in english at least....then we can talk ..

italiangamer1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Ehm Yakuza is SEGA's franchise, not Sony. Just saying...

Infamous2981617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

bubble him down for trolling

qu1ckset1617d ago

Yup and don't even get me started on Sega lack of localization of there titles , if NA doesn't get PSO2 in 2014 , I'm official never buying another product from them again.

slivery1617d ago

Huh? The Order 1886 is developed by Ready At Dawn and Sony Santa Monica. Yakuza is owned and developed by Sega.

So I don't understand the point of you quoting that specific part, then asking for Yakuza to be translated in English.

Pretty much up to Sega and clearly for some odd reason Sega lately doesn't seem to want to localize anything that sells well. PSO 2 would be another example.

MrSwankSinatra1617d ago

dude why do you complain about PS users trolling Xbox articles when your doing the same crap on PS articles.

TheKayle11617d ago

u all right sorry my post was inapproriate

WeAreLegion1617d ago

I'm going to bubble you up to make up for their bubbling you down. Lol.

Infamous2981617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

@WeAreLegion Don't bubble up a troll, he always troll PS articles in n4g.

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