Wii U Performs Better Than PlayStation 3 and Vita for First 54 Weeks in Japan

According to Media Create numbers crunched by a Neogaf member (via Nintendo Enthusiast Forums), while Wii U initially had a rough Spring and Summer 2013 selling season, it has since picked up its selling rate and is now rivaling the life-to-date (LTD) performance in Japan of Sony’s PlayStation 3 as well as their PlayStation Vita.

Note: Title updated to clear up any confusion.

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TheHater1619d ago

PS3 LTD 9.654.780 units in Japan
Wii U LTD 1.343.139 units in Japan

KonsoruMasuta1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

They're comparing what WiiU sold in one year to what the PS3 sold year one. I had to re-read the article to understand. The title is kind of misleading. Right now, the WiiU is doing better- if not closely the same- than the PS3 did it's first year in Japan.

That's what they're saying.

mikeslemonade1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

"Life-to-date" is a term used a lot in gaming debates. I'm surprised you guys don't know what it meant.

It's understandable since Japan has shifted from a PS country to a Nintendo country. While Sony lost some in Japan, they're still strong in other territories.

Also PS3 wasn't particularly good at all in sales in Japan and especially early on. There wasn't a single game last generation that made the PS3 a system seller in Japan.

plsburydoughboy1619d ago

We appreciate the feedback guys. Title has been updated so it's much clearer.

JodyCones1619d ago

People are waiting for the PS4. No surprise, PlayStation and Nintendo always kill it in Japan.

DeadlyFire1619d ago

Well considering 7 new generations were born between PS3 launch and WiiU launch that is natural.

PS4 could well exceed that as well.

Neonridr1618d ago

@DeadlyFire - care to elaborate on 7 generations between the PS3 and Wii U?

7 years yes, but 1 year is not a generation.

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lassenwolf1618d ago

Do you read it said the first year. And the ps3 didnt take off until 3 years ago

Concertoine1619d ago

Theyre definitely in as good as a position as they can be in japan, with monster hunter, dragon quest, and now a dynasty warriors cross over.
Europe and america are they places they really need to nail. especially europe.

herbs1619d ago

But but how can this be the Wii U is a complete failure everywhere worst ever with no chance of success no chance, don't you people read the daily doom?!

jefejose1619d ago

Well, I cant see the failure, im having fun with wind waker HD, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World and NintendoLand. I know those arent much games, but im having more fun with those than those PS4 launch games (Killzone its boring, graphics everywhere but the gameplay its Meh). That's why i like more nintendo as a company of videogames, they are always focused on the user who just wants to play and chill out with some friends, like the old times.

Mr_Writer851619d ago

I don't find Killzone boring.

Me and my friends chill and play games on the PS4.

How is this exclusive to Nintendo?

Oh wait it's not.

Knushwood Butt1619d ago

@ Mr_Writer85

Yeah, I was playing Ratchet and Clank: Into The Nexus last night and was having fun until I remembered that Nintendo have exclusive rights to, 'fun'.

I even laughed a few times.

Now I feel betrayed.

Neonridr1618d ago

you can find fun on both consoles. I think jefejose is just saying that there are tons of people who are really enjoying the console. If you don't own it, you can't really say that you wouldn't enjoy it.

I own both a Wii U and PS4 and I am having fun playing both at the moment. I have way more games to catch up on my Wii U currently. I only have BF4 for my PS4. Nothing else really interests me at the moment until Infamous releases. That gives me tons of time to finish up my backlog of Wii U games.

miyamoto1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

comments like these lost a lot of potential wii u buyers

the article $600 ps3 vs $300 wii u? duh!

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Locknuts1619d ago

Agreed. Things are getting too joyous. I'm headed back to Gamespot where the staff and community take every opportunity to rip on Nintendo :P

InTheLab1618d ago

This comment clearly came before the choice of the Link 3ds game for their

Locknuts1618d ago

Oh god! InTheLab is right! ALBW won GOTY....Where the hell am I going to go for my doom articles now?

Beastforlifenoob1619d ago

Well it's a MASSIVE achievement beating a console almost 8 years old 8 FRIKING years old.... Lets see the WII U get anywhere close to the PS4 in 200 years.

Neonridr1618d ago

I think you are still not understanding.

The article is saying that the Wii U sold more in the past year then the PS3 sold in the first year it released.

Wii U Sales 2012-2013 > PS3 Sales 2006-2007

get it?

microgenius1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Well,dont get too excited bro
its still struggling in other teritories

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Mr_Writer851619d ago

If the WiiU is a next gen console why not wait to compare it to other next gen consoles?

Why compare its first year sales to a console that launched 7 years ago at a much higher price range?

a08andan1619d ago

Well the other next-gen consoles hasn't launched in Japan yet :P?

Mr_Writer851619d ago

That why I said why not wait.

The others havnt launched yet so these numbers are just fanboy porn.

Neonridr1618d ago

because the PS3 still sold almost 10 million consoles in Japan which is still a great number. Would you consider the PS3 a failure? No way. So I think the author is trying to make a comparison that the Wii U is currently ahead of the pace set by the PS3 back in 2006. If the Wii U goes on to sell over 10 million consoles in Japan, that would be considered a huge success.

Mr_Writer851618d ago

So because it's ahead slightly now that means it's going to outsell the PS3?

And what if it does but the PS4 sells more than the WiiU?

Unless you are saying WiiU isn't next gen? And is infact in compition with the PS3 rather than PS4?

Neonridr1618d ago

I never said that it would outsell the PS3. I said that it's currently ahead of the pace set by the PS3.

This is about sales, not comparing consoles specs to each other. The PS3 is globally considered a success in terms of sales. In Japan the console sold almost 10 million units. If the Wii U was to sell that many units in Japan I would consider that a success too.

The PS4 could very well sell double that, Japan likes Sony consoles. But that wouldn't mean that the Wii U still wouldn't be a success in Japan.

Mr_Writer851618d ago

But it's yet to do that.

Selling more them the PS3 in its "first 54 weeks" in Japan is meaningless.

Just like that it sold more world wide then the 360 and PS3 in its first 6 months as both of them went onto sell more in a year than the WiiU has globally.

Until the WiiU matches the Wii numbers or better the PS4/X1 globally it's not a success.

Chrischi19881618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

You really dont get, what this article is about. It is about, how everybody says, Nintendo and its Wii U are doomed and that they cant possibly turn this around, even though, PS3 happened to be in a worse spot, during the same amount of time of being released and it was still able to become a huge success nowadays. I dont understand, whats not to understand about that.

If somebody would consider the PS3 a failure now, most people would go crazy about it and because of that, we should actually wait and watch and not tell doom, before full moon.

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McScroggz1619d ago

I don't want to sound too pessimistic, but I'm not exactly compelled by these numbers. The 3DS has already sold more units in Japan than the entire lifespan of the PS3 (The PSP is double the PS3's LTD numbers). It's a fact that Japan is much, much more mobile/handheld gaming centric, so Wii U doing decently well over there isn't a tremendous boon to the console. Plus, if we take in the entire scope of the Wii U's sales, it's hard to be anything but pessimistic about the Wii U. Besides, while the global landscape is important the United States is by a large margin the biggest single gaming territory - so what are the Wii U's numbers there?

Of course, I don't want people to throw in the towel on the Wii U - just like I don't want people to think I'm trying to downplay the Wii U. Let's just not get too carried away with every bit of good news the way so many have blown so many negative stories way out of proportion.

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