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Forza 5 Proves Microtransactions in Games are a Real Problem Now

Crave - "A while ago I posted an article on CraveOnline in which I said that I didn't think microtransactions in retail games were that bad. My article was in response to a piece penned by Crave's Joey Davidson, who argued that they had "killed a part of gaming". I argued that as long as microtransactions remained unobtrusive, I didn't find them to be a cause for concern. With the benefit of hindsight, I can now see how wrong I was." (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

ftwrthtx  +   526d ago
I can understand micro-transactions in F2P and mobile games, but not in full retail price console and PC games.
theshonen8899  +   526d ago
The problem isn't microtransactions, it's the developers gimping the game on purpose to incentivize them. I don't think there are many gamers angry about Team Fortress 2's hats right?

Microtransactions should be used as a way for gamers to add OPTIONAL experiences to the game. EA is the biggest offender of this, with Real Racing 3, Battlefield Play4Free, and Need for Speed World being almost completely unplayable without shelling out ridiculous amounts of cash.

I don't think the concept of microtransactions are wrong, the same way I think DLCs aren't wrong. They are just like any other product. If they offer good value and don't deteriment the core experience, they can really help give developers the extra cash to make the core experience that much better.
mydyingparadiselost  +   526d ago
But TF2 is F2P and that's the difference. Forza is game that you already paid for. You bought that content already, it's in the game, but now the amount of time you have to put in to get that content is enough to make Korean Starcraft players gasp in horror. Besides we already have a way for publishers to make extra money in games and that's DLC. How many new ways of keeping content from players do we need before if becomes too much?
Agent_hitman  +   526d ago
See?, MS is greedy
Somebody  +   526d ago
I understand that F2P games have microtransaction because that is how they make money but personally it is also a major factor that constantly putting me off from dedicating myself from them. I have downloaded Warframe a month ago...and I haven't even played it. There was a couple of time when I loaded it up but when it starts the update process, I quit.

Ironically it was Battlefield 3, a game that doesn't have microtransaction, that killed my spirit to play games with microtransaction. Specifically the Premium package did it. So I've unlocked some types of weapons and attachments for a class and now I have to do it all over again for another class. It's tiresome grinding in a non-microtransaction game, it'll be worse with microtransaction-enabled games.

It's hard to give any long term dedication to any F2P game and even harder if you leave it even for a while. I left Planetside 2 for several months and when I got back in recently I feel useless facing an army of high level players.
MasterCornholio  +   526d ago
Before I start I own a PS4.

Out of all the games that I own the one that offends the least when it comes to micro transactions is AC4s multiplayer. Because with AC4s multiplayer you cab grind to get everything however if you want something earlier you have to purchase points to get it. These types of micro transactions dont bother me at all.

The worst offender IMO is Warframe with its 3day crafting system that you can speed up by buying platinum. DCU isn't to bad but there are some extreme limitations on players without a membership like the amount of cash you can hold or inventory\bank slots.
DOMination-  +   526d ago
GT6 has a jaguar that costs $195. If you're going to pick on one, you kinda have to pick on the other too.
-Foxtrot  +   526d ago
If we don't do something now whether it's MS or Sony (GT6) then it's just going to get worse

It will be the "DLC" of this gen and look how out of hand that got...some developers just took the p*** with it.
spicelicka  +   526d ago
Totally agree, this shit I see in DLC nowdays is pathetic beyond belief. Boggles my mind how the developers/publishers swallow their dignity to even think of this crap. $5 so my virtual character can wear a different colour t-shirt, seriously??
Stick89  +   526d ago
Honestly, vanity items are GOOD use of micro-transactions. It's when a developer strips actual important elements of a game out, and then sells them as DLC on day f***ing one (looking at you CAPCOM), or makes things in game hardly obtainable without dropping real cash on it, that is the REAL problem.
Narutone66  +   526d ago
At least in GT6, there's a multiplier if you play everyday. That will greatly add to the winnings in every race.
its_JEFF  +   526d ago

I agree, but from what I'm hearing from other the GT6 stuff isn't noticeable at all. It's really hard to even find the microtrans page of GT6. If that's wrong, please let me know cause I'm just going off what others are saying.
ftwrthtx  +   526d ago
GT6 can be played and fully enjoyed without spending any more out of pocket cash, and grinding for credits is how the GT series has always been. That grinding not only earns you credit, but gives you much needed practice as well.
SpiralTear  +   526d ago
"We don't have paywalls. We have acceleration."

To me, this kind of implementation of microtransactions is just as bad as paywalls. The advantage of buying content with real money and grinding for it is far too big of a difference; in such a competitive game, grinding isn't even a real option since it takes so long to achieve the equivalent result of using real cash.

I really hope that this doesn't reach the level that on-disc DLC during the seventh generation, but from the looks of it, it's moving there quickly.
cyguration  +   526d ago
It is good, the Dorito eaters are seeing the err of their ways.
Gabenbrah  +   526d ago
Turn 10 have already responded and are fixing the problem next week with the update. Makes the cars half the price and doubles the credits you earn.
BitbyDeath  +   526d ago
You call that a fix?
Sounds more like they aren't selling so they're going to lower costs to see if they can attract more suckers.
Gabenbrah  +   526d ago
Well the issue was that it was too much of a grind to earn cars, so by doubling the amount of credits you earn per race and halfing the price of the cars, that is a legitimate fix, what else do you want them to do? In fact it'll be easier to earn cars than it was in Forza 4... At least they don't charge $200+ for a single car *cough GT6*
n4rc  +   526d ago
People are all bitching about it when they haven't even played it..

I have maybe 5-10h into forza 5 and I already have a Audi r8, ferarri 458 and 2 other cars.. Plus 1.2m in the bank..

I mean crap.. Your drivatar makes like 100k a month for nothing..

Micro transactions are for extra cars you don't need to play the game in any way.. Its just extra content
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beerzombie  +   526d ago
I trade this game in. It is designed to take money from gamers and that's it. The entire game is gimped so you have to grind so much to achieve anything. At least in forza horizon you could win cars. Also any rented cars for online playing do not help you progress. This is the worst game I ever bought.
mydyingparadiselost  +   526d ago
The problem is more than just 'lazy people can buy the levels' it's that these kinds of F2P mechanics exist in full priced retail games AND that these kinds of practices affect game design as a whole. What may have taken 5 hours to unlock will now take 20 or 50 hours - unless you pay. Gaining levels will start taking double the effort - unless you pay. Unlockables become unlocked - when you pay.
These kinds of practices don't take into account progression mechanics, nor do they give a care to how much of your time they're willing to ask you to waste before getting a new car/item/outfit and so on. Microtransactions hurt GAME DESIGN ITSELF by pushing the player to pay instead of spending the ridiculous amounts of time needed to get the content you already bought. F2P can do this because it's free, retail is a different because you pay for the content outright and play the game to unlock that content because it's supposed to be FUN.
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JohnnyTower  +   526d ago
This is my Nightmaaaaaaaare!!!!
creeping judas  +   526d ago
Games like GT and Forza have always been about the grind!! Now we have rich kid fixes for the grind, but for f**ks sake you don't have to use the micro transactions in either game, stop being a goddamn self entitled gamer, and play the f**king game the way it was supposed to be.
Allowen  +   526d ago
The problem of that to me is that most of the time these kind games wants to force players to spend momey to win.

They make the rules on their games by making then so hard some times to win without micro transactions so they are pushing us to the limit of giving up or buying stuff to win.

I belive if this continues without some kind regulations we will soon be seeing more ppl selling stuff to keep their addiction going.

Look at the cellphone game called plants vs zombies 2, it was super hard in later stages to be able to win legit.
Some stages you had to save around 5K golds to be able to win. The problem was that by replying a stage to farm cash would not give more then 50-100gold .
I guess that a lot gamers complained about how unfair was the game that now, after an update PvZ2 is so dam easy now that only real bad softcore players that will now spend real money.

To finalize I want to say again that micro transactions can be a real issue when added in full retail games.Because the devs for these games might be 'forced' by the investidors to improve this 'milking thing' to the limit of turning games into some kind casino or a Diablo 3 for Pc .
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urwifeminder  +   526d ago
I have almost finished the single player portion of the game have not had to use one micro transaction only thing I don't like about the game is the one thread lag in car view around certain corners skips one frame that and all the Sony car stereos you should be able to throw them out the window so many cars have em.

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