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Rumor: "next gen" only & "current gen" only Assassin's Creed titles in development for 2014

Rumor: "next gen" only and "current gen" only Assassin's Creed titles in development for 2014 (PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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-Foxtrot  +   708d ago
Well hopefully these ones actually feel like AC games this time and maybe they will put a bit more effort into the main Assassin...someone like Ezio where we actually give a crap about him
extermin8or  +   708d ago | Well said
I gave a crap about edwar kenway, AC4 is an excellent game.
-Foxtrot  +   708d ago
It's a good game just not a very good AC game

Edward is an improvment but even still compared to Ezio and even Altair in some cases (because he's the Master Assassin most Assassins later on look up to) are better developed.
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extermin8or  +   707d ago
@foxtrot I am hoping for a game set in London England when he returns from the Caribbean and presumably goes full time Assassin.
MrSwankSinatra   707d ago | Spam
-Foxtrot  +   707d ago

I'd rather they move on to be honest, new Assassin if they are going to set it in London. Maybe a female Assassin during WW1/WW2 where all the men are off to war and she has to find out the templar plot which is going on behind closed doors.

I think it would be good if they made her a high up first class women who gets everything taken from her because of her Assassin bloodline.
Anarki  +   707d ago
I liked AC4, but I think too much time was put into the whole "ship" side of the game, which isn't what AC is.
-Foxtrot  +   707d ago

Thank You...that's my point

Shame people would rather just blindly disagree instead of trying to understand that.

This is why franchises end up becoming crap because fans just let them get turned into shadows of their former selfs.
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CrashJones  +   707d ago
@ extermin8or

It is. Kenway rocks, but don't forget being able to use Adewale in "Freedom Cry". That's two cool "main characters" from the same title.
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Prime157  +   707d ago
I agree with foxtrot, altair and ezio were fighting for something bigger than themselves, whether their motives to join were personal or not. Conner and Edward have been simple minded character set on personal reasons, nothing bigger.

Again, just how I feel about them.
DragonKnight  +   707d ago
@extermin8or: Sorry to tell you this but Edward never does go full Assassin. Haytham has a journal that describes Edward's life and death, and there's no way they can make a game out of Edward returning to London unless they retcon A LOT of story development.
webeblazing  +   707d ago
guess im the only one asking why are they still making these. new consoles just launched and people still loving the rehashes. gotta love indies and the kickstarter projects this console generation gonna be another disappointment.
BabyObama   707d ago | Spam
MarkusMcNugen  +   707d ago
Id really love to see an assassins creed set in Egypt. I can imagine how awesome it would be to climb to the top of the pyramids with them looking pure white and shimmering the light from the sun. You know, how they looked before 4500 years passed.
Shadonic  +   707d ago
Edward Kenway didn't really appeal to me that much. Literally his main focus was gold and stuff and there was barely any creed or assassin stuff involved. It felt more like if these 2 plot points completely diverged from each other like if there was no money in the assassins stuff and there was in some other pirate venture than he would most likely not have even bothered with it. Gameplay wise it was good but character wise it was not that great. IDK maybe im thinking of this logic wise, IDK how much a ship would go for back then but it must of been close to enough for him to return home or something. Also the whole Blackbeard being badass and scary thing wasnt long enough.
N8  +   707d ago
Yea seriously I hated ezio such a boring character
beakeroo1  +   707d ago
Edward is the first AC protagonist I have liked. Ezio, Connor, Desmond etc all sucked hard.
DOMination-  +   707d ago
Hilarious how people are calling out for Ezio when I bet at the time they were the ones saying he sucked compared to Altair.

The point is, Kenway is awesome and in a few years people will see it. Conner is the only weak link
Azmatik  +   706d ago
Ummm am i the only one that seems to have notice what they purposly put in our faces? They are making games whatever they seem fit and theres nothing wrong with that Abstergo is geting ppl to go into machines to make movies and we get the privalige to play the games. This opens up a whole new world of ideas instead of play the same game weve been playing for like 4 years basic assassin stuff Altair and Ezio booooring imagine if they kept making games like that wed all be complaining that its sooo out played. Stop leting the name of the game"assassins creed" blind u that its suposed to be all about assassins this is the best pirate game to ever release so accept it.
Maxor  +   706d ago
AC 4 and Kenway is so good because it isn't mired as deep in the same bullshit as other ACs. Lets face it, the mythology and storyline of the AC universe is basically hot trash. It's nothing more than a pathetic plot device to give people an excuse to run around roof tops to do flying face stabbings.
saber00005  +   706d ago
@Foxtrot, I'm at 96% in completing the whole game on PS4. I thought this game changed the pace compared to the others. I thought the story line was solid. The only difference between Ezio and Edward, is that Edward is more brutal and reckless (until towards his end). Out of the whole AC franchise, I thought this game was one of the best I've played. Way better than AC3..

I have a feeling that Desmond is going to be returning soon..
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CrashJones  +   707d ago

I think people were probably disagreeing with the part about a character they give a crap about.

AC4 is a Pirate Game, more then an Assassins game. To me anyway.

It is the best Pirate game as far as I'm concerned. I'm happy they made it.
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-Foxtrot  +   707d ago
"It is the best Pirate game as far as I'm concerned. I'm happy they made it."

But wouldn't you rather see a new Pirate IP instead of letting Ubisoft add irreverent things into an established IP about Assassins.

They're changing the IP for the worse and theres going to be a point when they release a crap game in the future because they've changed it too much and fans will only have their selfs to blame because they didn't stop it earlier.

Pirates...Assassins....comple tely different things

Besides as for the character thing, Edward and especially Connor are not as good as Altair and Ezio. Connor was just awful.
DragonKnight  +   707d ago
@-Foxtrot: I completely agree with you. Assassin's Creed 4 isn't an Assassin's Creed game. It's Ubisoft taking the best part of AC3 and building a game around it.

Now, yes, Edward is leagues better a character than his grandson, but Haytham is still the best of the family. However, the entire clan pales in comparison to Ezio and Altair. An entire series of games can be made on Ezio and Altair because of the kind of people they are.

Altair is THE Assassin. The Symbol of the entire Order. The one that laid the foundation for the Order to exist for centuries after his death. His life during and after his self-imposed exile and reinstatement as Mentor is enough to build a series on.

Ezio is what I consider to be the extension of Altair's ideals. I didn't quite like his cockiness in his younger days, but Old Ezio is truly badass. A whole series can be made on how he built up the Order in Europe, kept the Templars at bay, and continued researching the history of the Assassin Order and who Altair was.

You can't say the same thing about any of the others. None of them are interesting enough to follow on, and 2 of them are dead after the games they appeared in anyway.

Ubisoft needs to go back to the AC1 theme of Assassins vs Templars in the way it was told in that game and how it was the main focus, as well as the romanticizing of the setting and deep character development of the AC2 trilogy.
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extermin8or  +   706d ago
@foxtrot right.... I think you are missing the point the way AC now works... basically it can be on anything based in the past also your mention of ww1 and ww2 london earlier wont be done they orrtty explicitly state in some of the intel you hack in modern world that states anything past 1900 isnt of any interest. So victorian times might be possible (springheeled jack anyone? Jack the ropper :p) anyway I think they meed to bring in the eve decendant im assuming they used her dna for aveline....
CrashJones  +   707d ago
I wanted to see a new pirate IP for the longest time, as I love the genre.

I understand what you are saying, and agree actually... but now that it is out. I'm happy it is.

That being said, if Ubisoft would have started a new Pirate IP, chances are I would have gotten that instead of a non pirate Assassins game, as AC3 was a disappointment to me.

I would have waited until I knew more about the AC game.... but when I saw that the new AC game was Pirate based... I had to get it, especially after they sucked me in, with what I thought to be great marketing of that product.
UnholyLight  +   707d ago
We need new sources to read, these mandatory video ads before READING AN ARTICLE on this site drive me nuts
UnholyLight  +   707d ago
@ Anarki and Foxtrot

You guys rock. I agree with Anarki, it's not that ACIV is bad...It's just too ship based and here's where I agree with you Foxtrot..The game feels too far away from what it was meant to be. Assassin's Creed was always built on the Pillars of Parkour running and blending into the environment to get the kill. AKA every Assassin's Creed before that terrible ACIII game. Maybe it's gotten a bit too familiar and a switch up is good, but, I'd much rather see the really amazing settings that we had at our disposal in ACII especially. That was the most Bad A** game ever, getting to be an Assassin in Firenze and Venice etc

Not to mention, Ezio was an amazing character. We need another Him!
CrossingEden  +   707d ago
I gave way more of a crap about the kenway storyline than I did the ezio trilogy because unlike in the ezio trilogy the templars of the kenway stories so far have WAY more depth than they did in AC2/B/R. Heck, even Adewale's tale was better written than the very saturday morning cartoonish ezio trilogy.
Jubez187  +   707d ago
I only played one AC (Revelations?) and I still have to agree with you. My brother and friends play these games so I kinda understand what's going on. First off, a Pirate isn't an Assassin...not even remotely close. Also, didn't they do away with a lot of that whole backstory IRL with desmond?

Overall, it kinda just seemed like UBI wanted to put out a cool pirate game. And also, there's a reason why Ezio got 3 games and every other AC character has gotten one.
assdan  +   707d ago
AC4 was the best one since two, and it was an actual evolution in the series. I hope this rumor isn't true though.
Bobby Kotex  +   707d ago
I never cared abut Ezio. The 3 games really dragged out his story.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   707d ago
You gave a crap about Ezio? Speak for yourself.
cerpintaxt44  +   707d ago
i agree that AC4 is a terrible AC game but its my favorite one, the series had grown stale after brotherhood and the focus on being a pirate instead of an assassin was so refreshing. i also agree that they should make a new pirate IP and a classic AC seperately
showtimefolks  +   707d ago
COD and other yearly games get so much hate yet UBI can do no wrong and keep making these sequels. The last few games have been so repetitive missions wise it shows that developers didn't have enough time, so they just kept making same sort of missions all over the place

but UBI i respect you a lot for watch dogs and division so not sure what i am crying about lol and keep making those rayman games those are nothing but greatness
kevnb  +   707d ago
I think black flag is the best game in the series, gameplay is well done and varied, side quests are found all over the place and interesting, and the cinematics aren't convuluted and over long. If all you play for is the story, well maybe you wont like it is as much.
ahmedghoula  +   707d ago
Let's say that ubisoft was to make a separate game about pirates.. would they keep the gameplay from AC? like climbing buildings and hiding and assassinating from above and all those things that we love about the series.

if they choose to keep those elements would it still be a pirate game or an assassins game?

if they don't will it be as good as it is right now?

the game is great because you can chose who you want to be..
a pirate that people tremble when they hear his name, or a shadow lurking in the dark corners of west indies cleaning it from those who wish to defile her freedom...
or maybe a simple hunter ridding the seas, scavenging the lands looking for his next monster to slay... and so on...

AC:Black Flag was a great game because it had AC gameplay, Pirate gameplay and story , and a big world to explore.
-Foxtrot  +   707d ago
It's not about choice though...it's ASSASSINS Creed, not "The Creed" an RPG like game where you can be whatever you want.

It's got roots which were told and developed in AC to AC2 and it's spin offs Brotherhood and Revelation. You can't just change the franchise and give the player choice to be whatever they want when they whole purpose of the game is to be an Assassin.

If they do a Pirate IP they can come up with new gameplay elements they probably didn't do in AC for the fear of it not being Assassin like, they can expand on Naval combat and add more Pirate like missions like Treasure Hunting, hiding treasure, stealing from people, doing loot quests and all that stuff. They will share elements from each other but what about if for the Pirate game in order to steal from a weatlhy home owner in his castle you need to steal a key for the tower door or another option is to find some ladders while in AC you would just scale the walls since your AC bloodline and training grants you those moves.

They could easily separate the franchise but turning a game into something which doesn't resemble the given franchise name ESPECIALLY for being a numbered game in the franchise is wrong in my opinion
ahmedghoula  +   707d ago

ok this is you last bubble... i don't know if you can even reply to this.. anyway...

I respect your opinion and i see where are you coming from, but i just don't see a pirate game succeeding on it's own without the back story of the Assassins vs Templars going on.

and hey the game might focus a lot on the pirate part, but maybe they did that to get you invested in the character, to see where he came from and how he joined the Assassins, to set you up for the next AC...

in the end it was a great game that i enjoyed, i don't think that it will drift from being an assassin game, but it might take it's time to get you there.

btw sorry for my bad English.
BeAGamer  +   707d ago
stfu foxshit
GirlOnFire  +   707d ago
I need to hurry and finish Wind Waker so I can play Assassin Creed 4. ^~^
modesign  +   707d ago
i will save you the trouble, link saves zelda, like every other zelda game.
Amigaengine  +   707d ago
wonder why you have 3 bubbles
Maxor  +   706d ago
Are you telling me that Link doesn't save Zelda in this game? No way.
OrangePowerz  +   707d ago
You had 10 years to finish it :D
GirlOnFire  +   707d ago
Dreamcast was finished since 2001 but I still play it. Why the jokes? Come on Zelda WW is classic. I beat WW years ago 2 times and a half times. I'm playing it in HD this time no joke it looks really good. Still the best cartoon looking game ever. ^~^
asyouburn  +   707d ago
I'll bet it does look awesome in hd. The original was beautiful
OrangePowerz  +   706d ago
I was kidding :)
theshredded  +   707d ago
god no please let it be in 2015 we already have Watch Dogs and the Division already!I hope its setting is not in the carribean....I can't think of anything else tbh i think it might go future setting with desmond and end the series
MrSwankSinatra   707d ago | Spam
MrSwankSinatra  +   707d ago
i'm sorry man i didn't mean to spoil it for you.
thricetold  +   707d ago
Yes you did, that's the second spoiler you've let out, AC4's ending being the first one above. Nice job.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   707d ago
If you were next to me right now I would of punched you. Way to go moron.
MoveTheGlow  +   707d ago
You can't think of anything else? This is one of my favorite series to just think about the possible settings for:

Ancient Japan or China
Cold War-era Russia
Ancient Greece
Ancient Egypt
Apartheid-era South Africa (might be a stretch with the amount of guns)
Aztec-era Mexico
Colonial-era India
Hitler-pre-WWII Germany
WWII Poland or England (think Gravity's Rainbow)
One of the many French Revolutions (Les Miserables: The Game... with even more death!)

There's a ton of great stuff out there, they just need to be creative. Heck, they could just go back to the Crusades and make a great game, so long as they did it well.
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cell989  +   707d ago
I would so want to play AC on any of those premises
MoveTheGlow  +   707d ago
(Ugh, double post. Come on, N4G!)
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MrSwankSinatra  +   707d ago
i didn't spoil AC4's ending. that something that's you have to read into the lore of AC because edward kenway dying doesn't happen in the games.
Jubez187  +   707d ago
You haven't noticed that Ubi is a sweatshop?
HammerKong  +   707d ago
i would like them to focus on next gen becasuse who ever realy wants to play good games will switch to next gen consoles and casual gamers will only be on xb360 and ps3 after the next year and who casual gamers dont care about franchises,what they want is to only refresh their minds after their homework or after the office and can live on indies or their tablets or smart phones ,we gamers care about technology and technical impovemnets especialyy on games and media.please stany on next gen we dont want cross gen games, this time case is not like ps2 or xb where cross gen games were still landing till 2009 on ps2 or xb which all were cross gen multiplats.
Debaitable  +   707d ago
The last gen (we should be calling it that now right?) install base is too early ignore.
MoveTheGlow  +   707d ago
If Persona 4 taught me anything, it's that if the game's good enough, you'll pull out the old system for it!
MrSwankSinatra  +   707d ago
I'm Hoping they take the story seriously in the next ones because as much as i love AC4 the story is really bare bones in comparison to other ones. an i really hope they bring back jesper kyd, it made me feel more immersed into the experience when listening to jesper kyds amazing scores.
modesign  +   707d ago
really i thought they were making "uber gen" and "super duper uber gen" AC titles.
MrSwankSinatra  +   707d ago
what they really need to do is give AC a damn break next year. they have Tom Clancy's The Division, Watch Dogs, The Crew & South Park: The Stick Of Truth coming out all the same year, oh an not to mention a HD remake of AC Liberation & apparently they have Far Cry 4 set for a Q4 2014 release. they do NOT need to release another FREAKING AC let alone another two of them next year.
#7 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HammerKong  +   707d ago
yeah giving it a break would be a better idea and most of us thinks that,let them take some more to recreate their ideas and add some true assassin kind of gameplay,and yeah they are having a very buisy year next year it will be better to release next ac in 2015 or may be 2016.
Toon_Link  +   707d ago
I totally enjoy AC games but I'm with you on this one. A one year break and some awesome upgrades to gameplay for next gen systems would be very cool for sure. Besides the naval battles from last two games AC feels more like a reskin than a true sequel to me(but atleast it's already a really fun game) I want to see new features.
OrangePowerz  +   707d ago
As much as I want an AC designed for next gen only I don't want to have to ay on current gen to not miss out on important story parts.
WeedyOne  +   707d ago
STOP CALLING CURRENT GEN "NEXT GEN"!!! Its sad that I have to spell this out...

PS5, XB2?, WiiUs? are "next gen"

PS4, XB1, WiiU are "current gen"

PS3, 360, Wii are "last gen"
#9 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Toon_Link  +   707d ago
I get what your saying but I think the fact that so many people can't get ahold of next gen system ATM has something to do with it not being current gen in their minds. Give it a few months let some people get their hands on console of choice and you won't have to worry about it lol.
Gore-Content  +   707d ago
With such short development time, I doubt that a "next gen" only Assassin's Creed will utilies all the capabilities of the new hardware.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   707d ago
to be fair they have about 100* studios working on it, we don't know how long its been in development.

*slight exaggeration.
Mr_Skyfish  +   707d ago
I wouldn't mind a Assassin's Creed game that was like AC4 Open world but make it the size of the earth itself!
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   707d ago
Its just me that likes being a pirate then. I would just take a pirate game to be honest.
sssb  +   707d ago
I like AC1 and AC2 but when i played ACB,ACR and AC3 i felt AC begin lose shine but AC4 is very good and make start AC series still interesting.
davequirky  +   707d ago
I'm guessing the "current gen only" project is the HD remake of liberation
KratosSaveUs  +   707d ago
I will be looking forward to the Next Gen AC game. WWII or Civil War would be cool. But that latter may be too similar to ACIII. I just want a Civil War era game.
#15 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BabyObama   707d ago | Spam
aquamala  +   707d ago
so... both will be on PC then?
Maxor  +   706d ago
The PC is eternal. There is no generations.
Hazmat13  +   707d ago
just stop with AC already you have 2 great new ip coming soon. watch dogs and The Division. focus all the manpower on those 2 great games.
i8urCAKE  +   707d ago
AC sucked after Brotherhood. Ubisoft just milking. I remember AC1 and AC2 good times indeed.
Razjin  +   707d ago
It is best that they did change AC after 3 cause there's no way they can go back to a story where you're just an assassin especially after pulling the whole twist that your ancestors were also Templar not just assassin's plus Desmond dies with a 2 sided choice which you pretty much can't control. To me the first 2 were great but there really was no cause they just did what they were told or to get revenge ppl just look at it the way someone would usually look at it that you the assassin is the good guy even though templars were doing bad things they had a reason, goal, and future plan. kinda like today's society even though there are bad ppl doing bad things doesn't always make the outcome bad "for example" big businesses who do bad things but is good for the economy something of the sort but I like the game for what it is not just because of being an assassin.
Simco876  +   707d ago
This would blow. Keep it with one system.
lucs009  +   707d ago
Cut it out already with the assassins. Hope they change the battle system
Caleb_H  +   707d ago
I think this is an awesome idea. 2 AC's? 2 worlds? Plus, if true, this will give the devs an opportunity to take advantage of next-gen (this-gen?, I still don't know what to call next gen now) power without having the restraints of making a game that will also run on last gen. Whatever the next AC is, or where it is, I just hope it's fun.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   707d ago
That site has the most alarming ad blitz, every single time.
LAWSON72  +   707d ago
I liked what I played of AC4 and that means alot considering I had zero hype and was disappointed with AC3. This game was enjoyable, the story was great, and the islands and sea were fun to explore for a while but the main missions were mostly repetitive garbage. They need a new formula or the next AC will feel really stale.
BattleAxe  +   707d ago
Ubisoft has just managed to keep the PS3 and Xbox 360 relevant for a longer period of time. With more than 160 million consoles out there, I think it's a really smart decision. With GTA5, GT6, BF4, CoD: Ghosts and The Last of Us all releasing within the last 6 months, and with Watch_Dogs, Destiny and potentially PS3/360 exclusive Assassins Creed games coming in the future, I'd say that the PS3 in particular will easily hit the 10 year cycle mark, and possibly go beyond.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   707d ago
I think something based from world war 2 or the cold war would be pretty cool maybe even something in china or japan influenced by samurais and the Chinese dynasty etc
#26 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
brewin  +   707d ago
I would love to see them do a proper Ninja Assassin game with the AC engine, but they need to change it up a little. These games are getting very stale to me and I am a diehard series fan who owns the LE versions of the first 3 games (AC 1, 2, Bortherhood). I have yet to really dig into Black Flag because it feels too similar from what I played and the 360 version has an atrocious framerate! I wont be buying that until I get a PS4 or Xbone next year sometime. Plus, I really dont like what Ubi is doing with the DLC and all that. Id rather wait for the complete version a few months down the road.
brewin  +   707d ago
Wow. These Creed games are not spaced out nearly far enough apart. Im burned out by the rapid fire release of these. Is it really necessary to have one of these titles EVERY year? Can we maybe take a 2 year break between the same titles Ubi?! I loved the AC series but this one a year stuff is not a good look. Take the time and polish these puppies up before putting them out, damn. Ill just wait until they're $10-20 new from now on.

I hope they dont do this with the Watch Dogs franchise too. Maybe find a balance of Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, and birng back Prince of Persia. One great, polished title per year between those franchises. One year do AC, next do Watch Dogs, then PoP, rinse wash repeat. That would be much better than One of each per year to avoid franchise fatigue.
Cuders  +   706d ago
AC4 is horrible. i hated it personally it didn't feel like AC at all.
Harmonizer  +   706d ago
AC4 is the best AC game since Brotherhood/AC 2.

However, perhaps they should spin-off the ship thing in a different game and make a more assassin focused AC game next time.

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