‘Dark Souls 2’ server shut down, potential PS4 and Xbox One ports discussed

Yui Tanimura has added more comments in regards to a future sever shut down possibility and the potential of a PS4/Xbox One port of “Dark Souls 2.”

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stuna11647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Pretty please!

The thought of it being in Full HD 1080p 60FPS just makes my mouth water.

DoctorJones1646d ago

'The thought of it being in Full HD 1080p 60FPS just makes my mouth water.'

Well I'll be doing just that when it hits pc, good luck for the ps4 and xbox1 versions.

frostypants1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Read the pretty much flat out says it's not happening. Which sucks. Also, the headline is misleading...saying "discussions for ports never happened" is kind of the opposite of ports being discussed.

Jubez1871646d ago


Yea because Dark Souls I on PC was such a gem....

MEsoJD1646d ago

It's coming out on PC so....

DoctorJones1646d ago


After the mod to change resolution it certainly was. I have 228 hours of play on Steam out of it, although I also had over 100 hours on the ps3 before I bought it for pc, so over 300 hours between the two platforms.

Can't wait for the sequel.

maddskull1646d ago

dont forget 720p on xbox one /s

Ares84HU1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


Every PC elitist like you deserves to get such a virus that it burns down your rig to knock you off your high horse.

Seriously, why the fuck do you PC guys need to provoke console gamers constantly?? Yeah, we know that PC is the most powerful out there but maybe less than 10% of you can actually afford PCs that can run games on full 1080p with 60fps let alone what you guys started bragging now about, 4K gaming.

PC is all powerful yet it's missing a lot of the biggest games ever released because they are console exclusive.

So how about you PC elitists shut the fuck up once and for all and stop provoking everyone you see. You are no better than an 8 year old with a nintendo ds.

DoctorJones1646d ago


I'll post what I like, don't tell me what to do. And I was replying to stuna1 saying Dark Souls 2 in 1080p 60fps made his mouth water, I'm looking forward to playing it like that as well. I know I'm going to be able to, but I hope console gamers get that chance as well.

I was stating facts Ares.

And can you not swear so much please, 8 year old children with ds's may be reading. Thank you.

MoonConquistador1646d ago

Well said Doctor Jones, you put him back in his place without coming across as infantile or derogatory.

Ares, you could learn a thing or two from an 8 year old with a Nintendo by the sounds of, chill out.

Ares84HU1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Now you really told me DoctorJones. You were stating facts yet you wish good luck to consoles with 1080p 60fps when you know all to well that they can do that. You were mocking consoles and you know it so don't act so innocent. Read your comment again, it comes down as PC can easily do 1080p with 60fps but consoles probably will not is what you are saying.

Does my two curse words bother you that much?? I'm sorry, maybe it's because I'm sick and tired of PC elitists constantly mocking console gamers every chance they get.


Thank you, I did learn something. How not to be an arrogant PC elitist.

Oh and I feel the need to explain this because I think you two are not getting it;

An 8 year old with a nintendo ds is just as much a gamer as a 20+ year old with a $10000 rig. PC gamers aren't better than the rest of us is what I meant with this. Too bad I had to explain this but apparently you guys didn't get the point.

LAWSON721645d ago

After DSFix it is amazing.
I would not be surprised if DS2 sold just as well if not better than the xbox or ps3 version

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joab7771646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Damn, Damn, Damn...worst news ever! I want to play this so bad and can't wait! I knew they would do this right before. Now I have to either wait til infinity or play on ps3 or 360. I wish they had waited. Dont get me wrong...I don't mind playing on ps3 (though I'd love new dualshock) but I don't wanna shell out $60 more. Wish they had just done both!

Shoulda read actual news! Good to go!

Bob Dole1646d ago

The PC version of Dark Souls was superior in almost every aspect AFTER you modded it. Being able to run that game at 1080p/60fps (well more like 55) with high res texture mods, AND being able to connect with my friends easily thanks to another mod made the game a major step up from the console versions. Only gripe to be had was the shitty GFWL nonsense.

make721646d ago

pc is for cheaters.Origianal games are origianals not the raped moded games.

Bob Dole1646d ago

pc is for cheaters? top lel. Your lack of bubbles isn't surprising.

twdll1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Hard to choose.... This or Deep Down? Oh we'll... Both will do.

frostypants1646d ago

If Dark Souls 2 came to the new consoles there'd be no need for Deep Down, for me at least.

Transporter471646d ago

Deep Down is F2P so why not buy one but play both ;)

frostypants1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Because truthfully, with Capcom's record and F2P trends in general, it would actually cost more to play Deep Down in a way that wasn't intentionally tedious. Hope I am wrong.

Transporter471646d ago

Well you can still play Deep Down regardless of micro-transactions, you don't need to buy anything. I never spent money on F2P games only on some LoL skins and that was 14.99 with the collectors pack.

maddskull1646d ago

deep is free so i will go with both

KiLLUMiNATi_891645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Should be easy dark souls is a proven franchise while deep down is another hype Sony exclusive....

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Tainted Gene1646d ago

hahahaha my thoughts exactly

mydyingparadiselost1645d ago

That's the best thing I'll see all day! All teh bubblez fer u!

MrSwankSinatra1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

nvm they never even discussed ports, guess thats what i get for getting too excited before reading the article lolol.

MrSwankSinatra1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

triple post