DARK SOULS II - Live Action Teaser

IGN: Check out this beautiful look at FromSoft's 2014 series leading up to the release of Dark Souls 2

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MidnytRain1819d ago

Never actually finished the first one. Maybe I'll give this one a shot. Got tired of the repetition.

Revolt131819d ago No, Dark Souls is AMAZING.

MidnytRain1819d ago

I enjoyed the difficulty, I just never found time for it seeing as every time I died it made me replay a large segment of the game.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1819d ago

Woah what? o_- Dark Souls was anything but repetitive. The setting, the atmosphere, the enemies, the bosses were all one giant breath of fresh air after another.

Day 1 collectors edition is mine! >:D

CursedHero1819d ago

So and very excited about this!

Paul851819d ago

Really looking forward to this game still playing dark souls and its tough but when you finally beat a boss monster makes you feel great!

BABY-JEDI1819d ago

I was rather hope-ing someone would warn the guy that he was going to die a lot (Monty Python stylie). LoL