From NES to Xbox One: A look back at the biggest and best console launches

GamesBeat: We’ve looked back at every major console release, starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System and working all the way up to the recent Xbox One. Note that all of our data is from the U.S. launches, and we’re only including systems that saw a degree of success in that territory (sorry, 3DO fans).

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darkronin229892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

Still have yet to nab a system on its launch day. So far, l got all my consoles -- SNES, Sega Master System, PlayStation, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 -- a few months to a few years after they came out.

wita892d ago

Same here. I'm always too worried about launch problems.

spacepope892d ago

Dreamcast is one of the few consoles I adopted on launch. In fact, pre-launch. My girlfriend (now wife) helped me import a Dreamcast unit during its Japanese launch. Buying day 1 console hardware is definitely a gamble and I hit the jackpot on that one. :)


lol i dont know why i think thats such a cute story. good wife i guess.

cesuf891d ago

Dreamcast went tits up in like 1 year. That certainly was no jackpot sir.

solidt12892d ago

PS4 was my first launch day system. I got the PS3 a few weeks later. I have owned almost every console since Atari 2600.

Sadie2100892d ago

The one that excited me most was Dreamcast. That was the last huge next-gen jump to me.

Minute Man 721892d ago

Got my Dreamcast the week after it came out, should have never sold it :(

scott182892d ago

The Nintendo 64 was my favorite, it had Mario 64 at launch... Oh the nostalgia.

Fanboyssuck27892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

Snes bundled with Super Mario Allstars. Wow one of the best Christmases ever.

The Snes in the article pic looked nothing like my Snes tho. Never seen a Snes like that before.

frostypants892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

The SNES in the article is the primary North American SKU. You probably had the later redesign (or the PAL version, which was similar to the Japanese design).

Max-Zorin892d ago

The N64 is my favorite childhood system.

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