Ask The Experts: Kinect vs PS4 Camera

GameSpot - Are you ready to use your voice to control the new generation of consoles? They might not listen to you. Jeff and Peter breakdown how well the Kinect and PS4 camera are able to track your movement, voice, and more.

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xHeavYx1646d ago

Kinect: "Not reliable when there is chatting around" I can imagine what would happen on a Super Bowl (GO HAWKS) party.
They even said the "Xbox On" command worked 68% of the time.
"I'm sick of people giving it a pass"

PS4 Camera: "Works a little better but doesn't have as many commands", "more seamless and intuitive" "not as many applications"

Both: "Seem to work in small places"

Question: "Is voice and face recognition the future of entertainment?" Answer: "No, it sucks"

Pretty much my thoughts on this gimmick

GarrusVakarian1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Both cameras are gimmicks, it's just that Sony already know this and give you the OPTION to buy it or not. So according to this video the PS4 camera works better than the can speak more natural with the PS4 camera, you don't have to say specific phrases and it's more much for "Kinect is rocket science stuff, PS eye can't match this tech". Pretty much the only advantage of the Kinect is the fact it has more commands.

I won't be using any of the next gen cameras. Give me a controller, console, game and TV and im good to go for the next 5+ years. Let's hope MS hurry up and realise that not everyone want's this gimmick and release a kinect-less X1 because i really don't want to have to buy one with a Kinect included.....but i guess there's always E-Bay.

JokesOnYou1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Here ya go, IGN has a good vid to watch Kinect in action:

Looks like Kinect works very well, and I personally love using it all the time, in combination with my controller, for many things it works better for navigating the UI, my few friends and everyone else I know with an X1 really like how kinect is integrated into the whole system even most folks on the forums generally think it's great. Its far from a gimmick as I have no doubt ALL future consoles will make voice interaction a standard part of the experience.

iGAM3R-VIII1646d ago

Ill be honest you cant really compare a kinect to the camera. The kinect is by far better with its features but i think sound might be bettter on the camera. Both are gimmicky so it doesnt really mater to me tbh. I only got the camera for playroom and streams

4Sh0w1646d ago

Yea Jokes I agree I love Kinect, it adds alot to the next gen feel of the X1, my wife still waves and smiles everytime it greets her when she walks in the room. I wouldn't want a next, next gen console without the current kinect features, hell I want even more.

scott1821646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I think I am going to get the camera, it is fun to play the move games with my nephews. But as far as just straight up gaming and using the console, I will stick with the controller.

Army_of_Darkness1646d ago

"Kinect is awesome.... when it works..." Don't be that guy giving it a pass for a partially working product.
I like that Jeff guy, he told it how it is.

4Sh0w1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Yeah and it works 95% of the time. That's like saying a great game has an occasional glitch so don't give a pass.

This smells like they are trying too hard to knock it. Look at the vid Jokes posted, Kinect real world performance is very good, mostly and that's not even going into details like motion tracking, gestures, 1080p, and a huge factor how it all still works just as good in the dark while ps4 camera does not. lol but that would be a fair comparison and why would they do that. /s

I get just like a game not everybody has to like it, still it's received far more positive reviews so I think micro did a great job with Kinect. I just want to see more and more intuitive integration in the UI like scanning codes and in games like DR3.

ShinMaster1646d ago


Even Polygon had a hard time getting Kinect to work half of the time while playing DR3.

otherZinc1646d ago


Thanks to your link and for those of us that have Kinect that knows it works...These 2 guys aren't "Experts". These 2 guys are *Liars* and or friggin *Stupid*.

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USA0071646d ago

The face recognition on Xbone works great for me, but don't have ps4 camera to compare

I've been seeing what I can say instead of 'Xbox On' that still makes the kinect turn the Xbox on. Kinda funny what you can get away with.

Also the Kinect is annoying during conversations. One time I was talking with a friend over party chat, and out of no where the Xbox thought I said the command to turn off, and when I said 'no' to cancel it, the xbox turned off anyway

iamnsuperman1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

The PS4s isn't perfect either. Sometimes it thinks I want to say a command (the command bar pops up) but luckily it doesn't do anything else.

Generally, the voice recognition is pretty good (works really well when you want to use it) except for the major issue that comes with all voice commands and that is you feel like a massive pillock using it. I have never felt so uncomfortable and unnatural navigating a system. Voice recognition is cool in theory but silly in the real world. Voice commands are great for a mobile device when your driving (you need your eyes and hands for other things) but for a home console it isn't a normal and natural thing to do. It is actually a stupid method of navigation

The facial recognition is just standard facial recognition. Honestly, I have never really seen the appeal or a use for it. It logs me in but I can also press the X button quicker (so I do that instead)

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tigertom531646d ago

original Kinect work better the 70 percent of the time the new one for me and my friends would say it works 98 percent of the time and way better then the sonys which i would compare it to the original Kinect.. Also the Kinect 2 videop qulaity is twice as good as Sonys..

strickers1646d ago

Now res matters again? :-)

tigertom531645d ago

yeah video resolution is quite a difference thing over game

dsswoosh1646d ago

How surprising this video is..........NOT.

Kinect doesnt have any major or even minor problems.

It works.

And it works very very well.

This website is nothing more than a Pony loving website and this video goes well above and beyond proving that.

No, the PS4 camera is not as good as kinect.

Kinect works extremely well.

End of story.

BoriboyShoGUN1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Why are you guys so "butthurt" over a review from a couple nobodys. I have the PS4 camera and it works just fine. I dont even know any of the voice commands because I dont use them. The only thing I noticed if that if I curse in NBA2k the damn referee gives me a technical!!! So I curse less now :(

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B-radical1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

My kinnect is working fine. Only time I really use it though is to turn it on and off aha but works flawlessly when I do.

Am keen to use it for skype though

It would of been alot better if xbox one just had an inbuilt microphone for it.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1646d ago

you can use voice commands on the ps4 without a camera you can use the headset that comes with the ps4 and use voice commands infact any pair of heaphones with a headset built in can you can use voice commands

tigertom531646d ago

but it works really poorly...

kneon1646d ago

Actually it works quite well and is less strict than the XB1, though it does have fewer commands. But it's usually faster to just use buttons.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1646d ago

Actually doesn't work poorly at all understands every word I say first try

1646d ago
Trekster_Gamer1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

My Xbox One voice commands work 98% of the time.
These so called experts are incorrect.

They sound like Sony paid them to spread there ignorant lies.

husomc1646d ago

yea right, sony paid them to say that cameras on video games consoles are a gimmick.

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