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Sony Is Testing A Cloud Gaming Service Right Now

Thanks to an anonymous source, it appears we now have visual proof that Sony is testing their long awaited cloud gaming service with select persons today, under the rather clearly named “Cloud Gaming Test”. (Dev, Industry, PS4, Sony, Tech)

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malokevi  +   561d ago
Sony's head is in teh cludez...


PeaSFor  +   561d ago | Funny
but but but.... only MS have cloudz and dedicated server.... what is this?thats impossiburu!
Septic  +   561d ago
Huh? Did you never hear about Gaikai?
iGAM3R-VIII  +   561d ago | Well said
LOL DriveClub has dedicated servers my friend.

I'm sure this is Gaikai anyway
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PeaSFor  +   561d ago | Well said
your sarcasm detector need to be repaired.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   560d ago
Sony always stated they had cloud technology!
Anarki  +   560d ago
Clearly Septic hasn't heard of sarcasm.
ShinMaster  +   560d ago
The DIFFERENCE is that this is something that has been proven to work before.

While claims of increasing the power of the Xbox One, better graphics, etc, have not.
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P0werVR  +   560d ago
It's obviously Gaikai. By Sony's statement on Cloud Computing, it clearly shows that they believe the idea to be absurd.
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chaos-lockheart  +   560d ago

Sony always have it, but they know we are smart and know what it is cloud is. But MS just thinks their fans are dumb a$$es, so they make up $h!t and exaggerates everything, "Our cloud is like skynet it has 30000000000 servers(which turn out to be mostly digital servers). And it makes Matrix graphics.
Irishguy95  +   560d ago
Of course. Now the Sony fanboys will change their tune on "teh clouds"
ShinMaster  +   560d ago
@ Irishguy95

And you guys choose to remain ignorant.

This isn't about making the PS4 more powerful.
nukeitall  +   560d ago

"The DIFFERENCE is that this is something that has been proven to work before."

You neglect to include that streaming games has resulted in two businesses that has essentially failed, OnLive and Gakai.

If you think the difference between 1080p and 720p is significant, what do you think will happen when that same game has heavy compression artifacts, inconsistent input and laggy experience?

"While claims of increasing the power of the Xbox One, better graphics, etc, have not."

Incorrect! Nvidia has shown that cloud based light rendering is possible:



That said, increasing graphics is not important to me personally. It is more the other uses, like Forza 5's AI, dedicated and stable servers for online play, and seamless experiences.

If graphics was important, I would have focused on PC a long time ago. Console even by today newest generation is subpar compared to even a modes PC today.
Nintenja  +   560d ago
It's Sony playing catch up...again.
TheKayle1  +   560d ago
theres no relation between dedicated server and gaikai...lol

gaikai was renting their server before sony aquisition ...is renting server now

gaikai is a streaming service...no dedicated servers
Kryptix  +   560d ago | Well said
@irishguy95, Nintenja

Title: "A Cloud Gaming Service"

It's Gaikai...

...so why are some people here thinking that it's Sony doing the same thing Microsoft is with the cloud? Where they said it boosts Xbox One's specs by "the equivalent of three Xbox Ones" and idiots still believe in that.

What I find laughable is that it's clearly in the title and Sony already said that their cloud gaming service is Gaikai.

If you're not going to read the article, then read the title carefully next time.



"You neglect to include that streaming games has resulted in two businesses that has essentially failed, OnLive and Gakai."

And you neglect to do the research and realize that out of the two, Gaikai has been very successful.

Partnerships included:

Limelight Networks
Video Games Blogger
Bigfoot Networks
The Escapist
CD Projekt
Level 3 Communications
Best Buy
LG Electronics
Green Man Gaming
Warner Bros.
Meteor Entertainment
En Masse

Till Sony acquired them in June, 2012.

And before that, in one year, from 2010 to 2011, they had quickly gathered up 10+ million active monthly users.


Why do you think Sony chose Gaikai over OnLive? It was a much better service, they accomplished more in less time than OnLive with no record of layoffs.


"what do you think will happen when that same game has heavy compression artifacts, inconsistent input and laggy experience?

Doesn't look like none of that was happening when Gaikai was streaming Hawken.


Or Spore, Mario Kart 64, and so on.


And all you had to do is do some research to uncover the facts, but it's cool, there's a lot of blind people like you on here and it's always funny to read their comments.
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UnHoly_One  +   560d ago
Did you seriously just use an N64 game as an example of how game streaming can work without compression?

So you guys will be happy playing your ps3 games streamed in glorious 480i?

I'm very sorry, but game streaming just isn't possible YET without noticeable issues.

Every single button press has to be sent to the server, and then the video response to that button press streamed back to you. I don't care if you have google fiber, there will be latency there.

I'm not saying it will be unplayable. Frankly I don't know.

I'm just saying that I PERSONALLY wouldn't want to play like that with constant lag on every single game. But this service isn't designed for somebody like me anyway, I still have my old consoles and games.
Flames76  +   560d ago
you seem slow
mikeslemonade  +   560d ago
The point is there's an option. If I am cheap, which I am, then there will be games I will not mind to play over a stream. If you read gamer reviews about these streams, they say it's playable. Imagine playing COD on dedicated servers, which someone would hard-pressed to find any noticeable latency.

I'm not gonna play online competitive gaming with the service. Although you could and it still would be playable. I'm actually picky about my specs, but I know a game like Tomb Raider or Last of Us would work more than fine on Gaikai.

And also I would challange you or a friend who is also a nonbeliever to have a blind-test on two different games(one that is off-disc and one that is off-stream). You guys probaly would have a hard time telling which one is off-stream and which one isn't.
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pyramidshead  +   560d ago
@Kryptix damn, laying down the smack down there. +bubbs
andibandit  +   560d ago
No one ever said sony couldnt do cloud computing, its getting the costly servers that are the issue
Kryptix  +   560d ago

"Did you seriously just use an N64 game as an example of how game streaming can work without compression?"

It was included in the video so I mentioned it. Was I supposed to download the video, cut that piece out, reupload it to YouTube and get flagged by ContentID? lol Did you wanted me to not mention it at all and look like I was hiding something? Anyway, Spore and the last game (Need for Speed: Pro Street) shown in that video looked good with video compression not having major noticeable effects and Hawken did, too. And those two videos are from 2009 and 2012 so most likely improvements were made.

Also, I never said it wasn't going to have video compression, I said it "doesn't look like none of that was happening" because Gaikai is handling the problems better than any other streaming service. And from watching the 2 videos, it looks like the coding for streaming compressed video is of very high quality. Explaining why Gaikai is not just the fastest growing, but a leading cloud gaming service.


"So you guys will be happy playing your ps3 games streamed in glorious 480i?"


According to this Digital Foundry article from 2012 I posted above, Gaikai sacrifices 60fps for 30fps but in return gives a much better picture closely resembling 720p. Remember though, a lot of PS3 games run natively at 720p, 30fps like Uncharted 2, GTA V, and The Last of Us.

"video quality is much more solid with Gaikai - in fast-paced scenes with lots of complex scenery, detail is maintained, and despite there being some visible artifacts on show at times, we really get the impression that we are looking at something closer to a native high definition presentation." -From article


"Every single button press has to be sent to the server, and then the video response to that button press streamed back to you. I don't care if you have google fiber, there will be latency there."

According to the same article I posted above:

"Other latency analyses were revealing. Gaikai handles Bulletstorm rather well, sometimes even matching the 133ms input lag of the Xbox 360 - an astonishing achievement. However, with anything up to 50ms in variance between our Crysis 2 readings, the experience was too inconsistent to be considered an enjoyable, playable experience." -From article

Not hiding anything, but it looks like Gaikai will be able to maintain close to the input lag of the Xbox 360 in certain games.


Well, of course playing on the older systems will work much better but like mikeslemonade said, the option is there...not only is it there but it's working better than expected at very playable levels.

I'll be playing older games on my PS3, but I think it's great for people that never bought a PS3, PS2, and PS1. PS2 and PS1 will work flawlessly on Gaikai, but the PS3 games will still run at acceptable standards.

Thanks for replying since you gave me the chance of explaining how it's going to work out once Gaikai finally releases by pointing out potential problems.


Thanks man, just laying down the facts like usual.
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andrewsqual  +   561d ago
Lol yeah because Sony didn't announce at E3 2012 that they had purchased Gakai, one of the leading Cloud Gaming spokescompanies.
Seriously though just because Microsoft destroyed the meaning of the term this past 6 months doesn't mean it isn't going to be absolutely epic on Sony's end.
air1  +   561d ago
Yea im sure its going to be epic now that sony is doing it... /s
Morgue  +   560d ago
Exactly. There is a difference between cloudy and partly cloudy. /s
dsswoosh  +   561d ago
Sony fanboy : "Cloud sucks !!"

*Sony announces the cloud*

Sony fanboy : "The cloud is awesome !!"
maddskull  +   561d ago | Well said
it is not like that and sony arent using the cloud for system optimization but for game streaming and microsoft are saying they will make their console strong by the cloud and they didnt do anything you idiot
Armadilo21  +   561d ago
PlayStation was talking about the cloud before the Xbone just that xbox gamers talk day and night about it.. cloud, the cloud, more clouds
Prime157  +   561d ago
I don't think you get what cloud technology actually is.
G20WLY  +   560d ago
*Sony announce Gaikai acquisition E3 2012*

dsswoosh fanboy: "cloud sucks !!"

*MS Announce da powah of teh clowdz*

dsswoosh fanboy: "The cloud is awesome !!"

*Sony tests cloud gaming*

dsswoosh fanboy: "Whaaaaa!?" *head explodes*

World: *facepalm*

EDIT: At dsswoosh below. Ain't you the man? If you don't lose a bubble for that, I give up.
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BOLO  +   560d ago | Well said
Xbot: "Cloud can enhance Xbox One's graphical power by a factor of 4x!"

Logical Developers/Gamers: "That's ridiculous"

Xbot: "All of you are Sony fanboys!"
dsswoosh   560d ago | Off topic | show
kayoss  +   560d ago
Theres a difference

Microsoft: the cloud will make the x1 more powerful.
Sony: we will be using the cloud to make backward compatible possible.
TooTall19  +   560d ago
As someone who has talked about OnLive for years on this site, this is exactly what happened.
stuna1  +   560d ago
No! It's just that Microsoft's version of what the cloud is and what it can do, is how can I put it lightly? "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs"!
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Sci0n  +   560d ago
Cloud can be utilized well for bringing us games from last gen to the PS4 and it can be great for some extra added server stability for online gaming. The thing is xbots drank the koolaid from microsoft about the cloud boosting graphics etc. Microsoft totally obliterated the cloud name and the meaning behind it when they hyped there fans up with nonsense.
Welcome2Die  +   560d ago

The difference between Sony and MS as far as cloud gaming goes is that Sony isnt saying that TEH POWAH OF DA CLOWD is going to make it so that the PS4's power increases as if it went super saiyan 4 or anything like Microsoft is.
SilentNegotiator  +   560d ago
Actually, it's more like this.

Xbox fanboy: "The cloud will save the Xbox One from being behind in power!"

PS Fan: "It will never make sense for all developers to spent time programming that, and furthermore it will never make sense with the average person's internet connection"

*Sony announces Gaikai purchase*

PS fans: "That will be great for streaming less demanding classic games!"


PS fan: "Sure I did...sure..."
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razrye  +   560d ago
@dsswoosh You really are thick. Sony's been using the cloud for ages. Even the ps3 uses the cloud for backing up saves. Gakai is used for streaming games. Not magically increasing a games visual quality, screwing people without a Internet connection.
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Gekko36  +   560d ago
@All So first we have Sony testing Giakai Streaming, about time too. Then we will have MS testing Rio Streaming so both new gens will have backwards compatibility streaming services.

That sounds like a win-win for all concerned.

So MS are running cloud compute along with dedicated servers for the whole xbox live ecosystem. Cool. The whole thing is running on the Azure cloud infrastructure so it's pretty much all cloud tech.

Not sure about Sony's set up, they been as communicative as Helen Keller... Well I'm sure it'll all come out sooner or later.

Point is both companies are pretty much doing the same thing but in different ways.

So chill everyone, there is no need to resort to name calling and self gratification.
GoodnessGreatness  +   560d ago
Microsoft cloud sucks, it's all propaganda bs to fool people. Sony's Gaikai cloud will give benefit like game streaming and backwards compatible games.
gigoran  +   561d ago
I know you're speaking English, but the words make no sense.
3-4-5  +   560d ago
Gaikai , God of the clouds.

I wonder how these services will work out 1-3 years from now.
BobBelcher  +   560d ago
lol... awww, so many disagrees. Sounds like there are a few people who have their panties in a bunch.
Droid Control  +   560d ago
This should hopefully deliver my cherished backwards compatibility.
USA007  +   561d ago
Couldn't that just be Gaikai streaming?
Mikey32230  +   561d ago
ding ding ding.. we have a winner
Callediceman  +   561d ago
the link wont load for me as im at work using internet explorer 1.3 but i believe you are correct sir
Fishy Fingers  +   561d ago
Fine vintage.
KwietStorm  +   561d ago
No, it couldn't, it is. Mindblown.
frostypants  +   561d ago
Probably. Sony already provides dedicated servers to devs who want them for games.
Charybdis  +   561d ago
Sony does not provide dedicated servers. With their firs party title killzone they did had 'dedicated' servers which weren't 'true'dedicated servers.
Developpers for the ps4 will need to decide if they want to pay for dedicated servers.
Third parties might even decide to use/pay for azure services to provide dedicated server for the ps4, other possible choices for server support include amazone and google.

I hope Sony will make a deal with amazone or google so that can also offer free dedicated servers.
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TheUndertaker85  +   561d ago
@Charybdis: Yup, just like those MAG servers, right?

KingofGambling  +   560d ago
you do know that Sony offer dedicated servers to their first party games, do you?
even the ps3 launch games like Resistance, motorstorm, and warhawk has dedicated servers.
frostypants  +   560d ago
@Charybdis, Sony does offer them...if the devs pay for it. But if you think MS isn't pricing the cost of cloud servers into their licensing agreements, you're nuts. The difference is they likely have to pay for it whether or not they use it.
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marvgarvy408  +   561d ago
They been testing it... its called Gaikai...
Chrono  +   561d ago
You don't say?
LonnYTonnY  +   561d ago
no s#!t sherlock!?
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MegaRay  +   561d ago
Now Nintendo need some cludez...
Cupid_Viper_3  +   561d ago
Mario has been floating on clouds since forever now.....
air1  +   561d ago
pacosanchez88  +   560d ago
well played good sir
This is why they didn't want to put in backwards compatibility. They wanted to charge you to play those old games with lag and downgraded graphics.
GentlemenRUs  +   561d ago
That Logic is flawed...
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   561d ago
To "put in" backward compatibility they would have needed to "put in" the cell processor among other things inside the PS4 causing the price to skyrocket... Remember the PS3 launch? The first PS3's were B/C, and to achieve that had the PS2's emotion engine installed in every PS3, which was a factor in the sky high pricing, they tried to emulate this later via software but there's a list of ps2 games and their problems on wiki, wasn't the greatest thing...

Putting a cell processor in a PS4 would have likely caused the console to be at $100 more if not more than that, Im fine playing my PS3 games on one of the three ps3 consoles in my household. How hard is it to play the old system?? I still play my NES but i guess thats just me huh.
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frostypants  +   561d ago
Not sure who the hell is disagreeing with you...everything you say is historical record.
jackanderson1985  +   561d ago
didn't Sony allude to the possibility that you'll be able to plop in the auld discs and stream the content that way (could have made that up in my head)... i assume there'll be a yearly sub to Gaikai or something similar
Nail13  +   561d ago
Sony is putting relatively new games on PS+ so whatever. If some old PS3 game I want comes up that I missed, charge me for it when I buy it. At times I feel like am ripping Sony off with PS+

Sony would make it backwards compatible if they could. It would sell more PS3 games and PS4 consoles.
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razrye  +   560d ago
I assume that you're talking about Microsoft. Oh wait Microsoft won't have any streaming service. Smh.
e-p-ayeaH  +   561d ago
Testing it on a PS3?
Kappa Mikey  +   561d ago
I Hope Gaikai comes out soon. Like first half of 2014 soon :)
jackanderson1985  +   561d ago
ha imagine that was just the users name "cloud gaming test"
Nail13  +   561d ago
Demos of Gaikai streaming "Mass Effect 2" "Dead Space 2" and "Crysis 2" all over youtube.

Search for "Microsoft Cloud" and find people talking.. slogans like "300,000 servers" and "four times more powerful".

Okay, so XB1 fanboys, if Microsoft launches an update and it's KoolAid to each users house... don't drink it.
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Iltapalanyymi  +   561d ago
Could you post youtube links?
Armadilo21  +   561d ago
maybe try searching it, you are using the internet
Nail13  +   560d ago
Okay, for Microsoft users:
Click on "Microsoft Internet Explorer"(The "e" thing)
The URL bar uses Microsoft’s search engine Bing.. so search for "Google".
..Now use Google to search for "Gaikai Demo Mass Effect 2".

If you're using Google chrome just type "Gaikai Demo Mass Effect 2" in the URL bar.
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Thunderhawkxbox  +   561d ago
I tho cloud gaming was BS that was from Sony fans now Sony doing it it's reall ? Lol
TheUndertaker85  +   560d ago
I thought Xbox diehards were smart enough to know that cloud streaming such as Gaikai does not equal the so far mythical cloud Microsoft hypes
SoulSercher620  +   560d ago
Yup cuz they used it to make GT6 1080p 60fps just like Turn 10 did for Forza 5. Oh wait they didn't.
DigitalRaptor  +   560d ago
It's funny seeing the exact same ridiculously stupid comments from the Xbox faithful that completely miss the point, due to shameful ignorance.

Refer to the replies to comment #1.3 (dsswoosh) to gain some kind of absolution.
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mmc-007  +   560d ago
this is what gaikai does for the PS4:


this is what MS makes you think it can do:


sony is using it to make it backwards compatible with all their games.
MasterCornholio  +   560d ago
Gaikai has already proven itself Xbox Live Compute hasn't yet. If people expect Xbox Live Compute to bring Xbox One multiplats to the same level as the same games on the PS4 they will be making a huge mistake.

And to all the people who keep bringing Nvidia to the argument. I have news for you.

Nvidia isn't owned by Microsoft. So stop trying to pass off Nvidias technology as something that Xbox Live Compute can do,
danny818  +   560d ago
to be fair sony wants it to add backwards compatibility as well as other features. they are not advertising it like Microsoft. Added visuals and what not
Onenyte  +   561d ago
The sarcasm here is exploding right now lol
bornsinner   560d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
Armadilo21  +   560d ago
They said Gaikai was going to up in 2014, seriously for some reason it seems like I know more about video game stuff than game journalist or maybe they just don't care that much to even pay attention
porkChop  +   560d ago
Why is this surprising? It's not like Sony bought a massive cloud gaming service named Gaikai and announced they'd be bringing it to PS3/4 and Vita... oh wait.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   560d ago
yes, that was at the reveal..

the difference between GOD/GAIKAI., and A$$/AZURE?

GAIKAI, doesn't make asinine claims of making the PS4. 4x more powerful, ..

NETFLIX of games??? yes please, I'll have some.
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KingOfArcadia  +   560d ago
Why would Sony ever want to do that? I thought you Sony guys made it pretty clear that 'the cloud' was some kind of figment of Microsoft's imagination?
Monolith  +   560d ago
Soooooo uninformed you are. :/
UbiquitousClam  +   560d ago
Hmmm I wonder if N4G's opinion of cloud services will suddenly improve? I know that Sony are trying to bring cloud streaming games to the console where MS are trying to bring cloud computing or whatever to there's.

But of course Sony's cloud service will be great wont it? I mean cloud streaming games has been tried before and worked perfectly didn't it? And of course Sony have an unbeatable track record when it comes to there software don't they?
Jonoc33  +   560d ago
pwnsause_returns  +   560d ago
neogeo  +   560d ago
Now your playing with power, cloudz power!
corvusmd  +   560d ago
Once again Sony follows suit...and now tons of fanboys will suddenly jump on board....too bad Sony has a HUGE gap to try and catch up
wenaldy  +   560d ago
This is one example of idiotic xbot. Gaikai has been part of Sony since 2011 way before Xbawks "da powah of da cloudz" tech announcement, and one of their their flagship is cloud streaming technology. Mind the difference.
DigitalRaptor  +   560d ago
How about you elaborate on that "HUGE gap"? Sadly, I don't think you can. Because again, it's all been hot air from Microsoft in regards to the cloud. They said some marketing stuff about it to get you excited prior to the launch (just like Sony did). And the same hot air is being regurgitated by people like you.

What Gaikai is, is completely different to what Microsoft is trying to do, but hasn't done yet.... but they will.... I'm sure. Because you can tell us all about it with your vast knowledge of Microsoft's cloud services that will deem Sony, the PS4, its games, and its network irrelevant.

I'm also sure you didn't realise that Sony was working with Gaikai months to years before its acquisition in July 2012? Of course you didn't, you're an Xbot. Did you not also notice that this was underway before Microsoft even announced any of their large scale Azure services to Xbox? Of course you didn't, you're an Xbot.

I'm sure you also didn't realise that PlayStation has also been working for YEARS with RackSpace, and has recently closed a deal with them as an "enterprise level customer" to deploy OpenStack private dedicated cloud servers, to compliment their already large focus on game streaming with Gaikai?
http://www.playstationlifes... http://www.youtube.com/watc... of course you didn't, you're an Xbot.

In all seriousness, do tell me about the "HUGE gap"...
#19.2 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
razrye  +   560d ago
No Microsoft has a huge gap to close. It's called sales lol.
Outlaw1986  +   560d ago
I can't wait to stream the last of us in my ps4. I'm still waiting to play that until I can play it on ps4 and I think I'll be able todo it soon.
SoulSercher620  +   560d ago
Wow when did the xbox fanboys turn into idiots on here? It's pathetic they don't know the difference between cloud streaming and cloud computing.
cesuf  +   560d ago
Is this your very first time reading these forums ever, or do you just have the blinders on? Sony and MS fans go at it all day long. Almost always over bias b.s.
#21.1 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   560d ago
I want to give them the benefit of the doubt i really do, but yeah these comments....

I think the past 9-10 months has been really testing and tough on them with all the negative news and rumours about the bone.. most of which turned out to be true. I honestly think they jsut need to get it out of their systems, but this can't be helping.
#21.2 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SoulSercher620  +   560d ago
Lol. I know it has to be hurting them on the inside. I think eventually they'll come around though. Hopefully.
meday354  +   560d ago
By the way dont we get rain from clouds?
Lulz_Boat  +   560d ago
on PS3?? na, i call it fake. it should be a PS4 screen.
idontcare  +   560d ago
lol, now sony fanboys come out and say: The cloud is great ... lolololololol
WeAreLegion  +   560d ago
Cloud streaming is great. We've always said that. You're thinking of cloud computing. That's what they're trying to do on XBO. Easy mistake to make. :)
HurstDarkStar  +   560d ago
I dont think anyone here has said cloud was a bad thing??But to say it would make your graphics far 2x better was actually pure grade A++++++ bullshit (here's the kicker if PC's don't do that how in the world is a closed off system gonna do it?).
Mister_G  +   560d ago
Greatness! :)
smeg0rz  +   560d ago
Why wonder I don't frequent this site any more, you're all thick as f**k.

None of you apart from a few actually know anything about Gaikai how it started, when it started and who was pushing ahead first with cloud streaming technology.

Microsoft are using the cloud asynchronously, sony are using it to stream. Anyone who says 'Oh now all the sony people are saying cloud is good cos its now on PS4' are fucking stupid, wtf do you think remote play uses?

Dumb. As. Fcck.
The_BoZZ1991  +   560d ago
Fake picture. PS3 players cannot see PS4 players online.
Flames76  +   560d ago
A little late there sony on the cloud.Im doing that already on the Xbox One
razrye  +   560d ago
What the xbox does cloud computing. Ps4 does cloud streaming. Learn the difference or shut up. Also Sony have been using the cloud for storing saves online on the ps3 for ages.
#29.1 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
saber00005  +   560d ago
Sony: "Release the Kraken!"

It will be interesting what they come up with.
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Review: Poly Bridge | GENWire

2h ago - A Bridge too far? GENWire reviews Poly Bridge, Dry Cactus' new physics based puzzle game. | PC