Top video games of 2013: What's this year's best game?

This has been a huge year for gaming, but only one title can reign supreme.

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pat_11_51553d ago

The last of us is totally my favourite game of all time. I'm still surprised I enjoyed it so much.

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iamnsuperman1553d ago

The game of the year isn't also the playstation 3 game of the year. All logic goes out of the window with these things

pat_11_51553d ago

Why should it win both awards? It seems like a waste of a category if it can win both. This isn't the Oscars :P

Orpheo1553d ago

Agree. It doesn't make sense that "The Last of Us" won overall Game of the Year but lost PS3 Game of the Year to "Beyond: Two Souls."

I do like their list though, but I would've replaced their Vita Game of the Year with "Tearaway."

_QQ_1553d ago

PS3 GOTY Beyond two Souls? BAHAHAHAHAAH terrible list

SolidGear31544d ago

I know.. should've been GOTY.. for every publication and media outlet.. ever

pat_11_51553d ago

Have you tried it? It's actually a great game. I understand it isn't for everyone though.

Like the opening reads though, this is just my list.

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The story is too old to be commented.