Bioshock Infinite, Persona 4 Gold Coming to PlayStation Plus?

It would seem that Bioshock Infinite and Persona IV: The Golden might be coming to PlayStation Plus in the near future, or at the very least receive heavy discounts.

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Snookies121127d ago

PS+ NA or EU? If it's NA I would be so happy... I unfortunately had to trade in my P4G because I was in dire need of money, so this would make my day if it came to NA. Of course, I certainly hope it comes to EU as well! That would be sweet for both regions to get it. Such an amazing game...

GrizzliS19871127d ago

immediately getting PS+ if infinite comes out for it

abzdine1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Europe is getting DMC, Borderlands 2, Don't Starve, Soul Sacrifice and Blazeblue Continuum in January!!!!!!

PS is the best thing ever!

mikeslemonade1127d ago

Infinite wasn't worth buying so happy to play it for free soon.

Unreal011127d ago

I think BL2 and DmC are out on Dec 24th for Europe, I can't wait to go through these. I really hope BS:Infinite is coming, PlayStation Plus is proving to be an amazing service.

FlameHawk1127d ago

@mikeslemonade, please leave, forever, don't come back.

PeaSFor1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

at this point, if you are already in the playstation ecosystem and dont have PS+ yet.... then a good bitchslap is required.

Septic1127d ago

Omg PSPlus...I love you! Blazblue?! Borderlands 2? Soul Sacrifice! Man I wish Gaikai allows these games to be played on PS4. Beastly!

adorie1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

@MilkesIt'sleaps and bounds above most games this year. I'd hate to say something like you just said, about something I purchased. It's the reason I am so picky now-at-days and buy less games.

Eh, to each their own, as they say. Right? :T

nunley331127d ago

I just bought bioshock infinite a week or so ago for NA during it's big holiday sale that's still ongoing so I kinda hope not but it wasn't that much $ though. I like metal gear reveangance or remember me that eu got instead and I'll put p4 in my download list for later.

GameSpawn1127d ago

I wouldn't mind getting Infinite free for console. I played it on PC.

I LOVED the story of Infinite and its twist. There are some things, like the Skyline gameplay, I felt had fallen a little short of their potential, but it was nothing to detract too much from the overall game. The game still had a linear feel, but nothing as narrow as BioShock 2 -- I feel the linearity fell between BioShock 1 and 2 -- again not too detracting.

I've never picked up ANY Persona game and may get some flak over it but, hey, if I can try it out with PS+ I can see what all the fuss is about.

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pyramidshead1127d ago

EU has got theirs already I think. 'DMC: DMC' and the such like.

Great deal though. Brilliant game for BioShock fans.

hawkeyejonjon1127d ago

I think it is EU(if anything) because in the article Chris Howe warned the user. Chris Howe is the person that does PS+ Posts on the PS Blog for Europe(this could for PS+ members in February in EU or a sale but hope it comes to US whatever it is)

nunley331127d ago

Infinite was recently on sale on psn for NA so it may be coming to plus in a month or two,there's a pattern of this happening with plus games.

porkChop1127d ago

It's from the EU PS Blog. Would be nice if P4G came to both NA and EU PS+ lineups.

ApolloTheBoss1127d ago

I've just realized something. PS+ is basically an advertising campaign for future games in development. If P4G is coming to NA or EU plus, does this this imply that Persona 5 will be released worldwide?? Why else would they add Japanese names in western format in the teaser trailer?

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WeAreLegion1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I have to stop buying every game that comes out. I don't think I've seen a Plus game I don't own in like four months.

EDIT: I'm assuming everyone thinks I'm knocking Plus? No. I love Plus. I'm just saying that I have to stop buying every single game or I'll never enjoy Plus's full value. -_-

CocoWolfie1127d ago

come on, the olderest game is like 9 months old, plus the more great games they have the more people pay want plus :p

HarryMasonHerpderp1127d ago

Well that's bound to happen if you buy every game that comes out :p

MightyNoX1127d ago

Nah, I got what you were trying to say. :P

Puppy_Farts1127d ago

Thats why I'm holding out on Tearaway, even though I see it available for 19.99 at Gamestop. I really wanna play it, but I KNOW it's going to pop up on Plus.

admiralvic1127d ago

"I really wanna play it, but I KNOW it's going to pop up on Plus."

People like you are killing weird / unique games and contribute to some of the problems with Plus. While it sucks possibly buying something that will go free, by holding off support you're lowering sales, which suck for Tearaway (110,000 WW according to VGchartz). If you "really wanna" play something, then you should ACTUALLY support them or else Sony or whomever will write these titles off.

sincitysir11127d ago

I don't care when u do this for games like gta5 or big games but when sales matter more than anything and a unique game comes out support it please!!! If u want future content on ur vita like everyone else does then SUPPORT THE DAMN GAMES!!! Please! Because when u find the vita getting more and more gmes u don't like or aren't quality ur gunna whine but u never did ur part. Remember that. 20 for a game like tearaway is absolutely nothing. I'd pay 60 for it just because of how awesome it is.

Puppy_Farts1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Admiralvic. Excuse you? You don't know me to pass judgement. I never said I wasn't going to buy it, I simply ACKNOWLEDGED I was holding out and it will be on plus. Now, get off my d*ck..

I buy ALL my games NEW and spend shitloads of money on ALL types of games, so don't tell me I'm "killing" unique games when you haven't the faintest idea as to what my library consists of.

Irishguy951127d ago

I'm doing to opposite of you already. I see games I kinda want, but don't want to throw the money a them? It's worked out great so far. I don't have any of the games on Ps+ this month. And in general I haven't had them. I only buy the games I REALLY want nowadays. Or wait for sales. Think the last game I bought was actually Infinite on PC, when I got Darkness 2 and Xcom for free with it.

Agent_00_Revan1127d ago

I got what you were trying to say. But it always comes down to 'I really want to play this game. Do I buy it now or take a chance and Hope it hits Plus some time soon?'

Usually my curiosity and impatient-ness gets the better of me and I just buy it. Some games I'll still download even though I own the disc, that way I have a nice digital library to jump into should I want a quick change.

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CocoWolfie1127d ago

EU too please! I basically need p4g

ruefrak1127d ago

Bioshock Infinite was just on sale on the PSN store for $13. I thought it was a good deal and picked it up. Not a great game, but fun at times. Now that I've bought it, it will most assuredly come to PS+ as a free game. That's the way it seems to work.

ocarina641127d ago

Wow. I can't belive people's standards are so ridiculously high that they don't even consider Bioshock Infinite a good game.... It drives me crazy when people complain about Bioshock being not that great of a game. I mean if you can't enjoy this game I don't really see how you enjoy gaming at all really. I know it's an opinion but there were only 2 other games higher rated this year..

DragonKnight1127d ago

It's called preferences. Look it up.

I hate shooters, ergo I'd hate Bioshock Infinite. Does that mean you'll hate it? Nope. But there is no such thing as a game that everyone has to think is great. Subjectivity makes that impossible.

The idea that just because you like a game, and someone else doesn't means that that person doesn't enjoy gaming is insulting and ignorant.

ocarina641127d ago

Well I just meant it is getting a lot of hate.. Just wondering how none of these people enjoy games anymore these days. Wow.. now we are using the word "insulting" with video games.. good god it is just entertainment just enjoy it stop complaining about it.

ruefrak1127d ago

I didn't hate it, but I think I was going in with really high expectations considering all the praise the game got. The controls weren't all that great for me, and there were nit picky things here or there that bothered me (why do all the people of Columbia throw away silver coins in the trash cans?). I then got to a point where I was just waiting for it to be over.
Someone wrote that the first 20 minutes were great, the last 20 minutes were great, and the eight hours in between were just ok. That's kind of how I felt.

WeedyOne1126d ago

I thought the game was ok, the ending was a trip and a half that's for sure.

The only thing that sorta pissed me off about the game was a huge difficulty spike toward the end of the game, Comstocks wife was a bitch! The whole game was rather easy on hard difficulty till you got to her. I almost gave up till a friend told me the ending was worth seeing.

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