Sony Goes on a Hiring Spree in Wake of PS4′s Success While Microsoft Continues its Own in Full Swing

One of the best indicators of the success of a platform is seeing the company behind it hire new personnel actively to support it. It happened with Microsoft and the Xbox One over the last month and now Sony Computer Entertainment America is at it as well, while Microsoft Game Studios keep hiring in full swing.

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GraveLord893d ago

Congrats on PS4 success Sony! Now please announce your megaton titles.

scott182892d ago

They are doing a great job, they should up production to meet the huge demand.

shivvy24892d ago

Not on topic : why was hip hop gamer banned ?

Elvfam511892d ago


He still exist on n4g? I thought he left to his website lol.

On topic can't wait for my ps4.

GT67892d ago

I pray to GOD those MEGATON titles not ALL firstperson shooters. rebirth some ps1,ps2 games along with it
now that would be MEGATON exciting.

Xer0_SiN892d ago

shivvy: i always wondered too. i watched a few of his youtube clips and hes alright. never saw the big deal.

Tapewurm892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

@GraveLord... Speaking of "titles" .... How about the "title" of this article? They could have just left EVERYTHING after the word Success out :) ... not sure why they included that irrelevant information at the end there :) (console war rages on lol)

RobbyGrob892d ago

I'm now officially a Sony employee! =D

Under my first day i got a porsche company car, a prototype of PS5, a million euros in cash and a blow-job under the table at my desk by a girl who's got my name tattooed on her mound of venus.

// End of dream

Sigh. Back to the 'ol hot-dog cart for me.

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stuna1893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

No one can deny, this is about to be one epic battle! I am just glad that I will get the chance to play my part in it. Regardless of what you choose, I forsee great, new, inspiring games this generation! Let's all just try to enjoy it.

frostypants893d ago

Yeah, this is a great time for indie developers...we should see some great stuff out of them. Hopefully the big time devs do the same.

hellvaguy892d ago

Wow indies on next gen consoles with the latest hardware is an afterthought, not a main reason.

Abriael892d ago

I doubt it's an aftethought. It may not be the "main reason" but an afterthought is not what i'd call it, Maybe for Microsoft, not for Sony.

KwietStorm892d ago


A game is a game.

Conzul892d ago

@helluvaguy Transistor looks epic

Sono421892d ago

I chose both and I gotta say i'm pretty excited :D

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

i like indie games alot. 2 of my favorite last gen games were mark of the ninja and journey. hell man its all good. and i really like resogun. variety is the spice of life

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Kingthrash360892d ago

always some dill weed disagreeing with neutral positive comments...smh. well said stuna.

cesuf892d ago

Or maybe he just doesn't care for indies? No need to be defensive.

Abriael892d ago

Lol too bad he had to give it back afterwards :D

DigitalRaptor892d ago

He kept the Banderas though. :)

ion666893d ago

Great news let the games begin.

MegaRay893d ago

I read it with aku akus voice. Ah crash bash... when will it hit psn?

WeAreLegion892d ago

Probably never at this point.

ion666893d ago

let no games begin? mr disagree. maybe i can win a agree with. free stripper of your liking for an agree.

ruefrak893d ago

Is it just my imagination or is N4G a portal for Seems like most of the stories I see lead back to that site.

MegaRay893d ago

But dualshockers has no comment whatsoever, that what make n4g great

RogerTriton892d ago

Yes, there seem to be a lot of dualshockers posts on N4G.