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Sony Goes on a Hiring Spree in Wake of PS4′s Success While Microsoft Continues its Own in Full Swing

One of the best indicators of the success of a platform is seeing the company behind it hire new personnel actively to support it. It happened with Microsoft and the Xbox One over the last month and now Sony Computer Entertainment America is at it as well, while Microsoft Game Studios keep hiring in full swing. (Microsoft Game Studios, PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment, Xbox One)

GraveLord  +   221d ago | Well said
Congrats on PS4 success Sony! Now please announce your megaton titles.
CocoWolfie  +   221d ago
they deserved it!
scott182  +   221d ago
They are doing a great job, they should up production to meet the huge demand.
shivvy24  +   221d ago
Not on topic : why was hip hop gamer banned ?
Elvfam511  +   220d ago

He still exist on n4g? I thought he left to his website lol.

On topic can't wait for my ps4.
GT67  +   221d ago
I pray to GOD those MEGATON titles not ALL firstperson shooters. rebirth some ps1,ps2 games along with it
now that would be MEGATON exciting.
Xer0_SiN  +   221d ago
shivvy: i always wondered too. i watched a few of his youtube clips and hes alright. never saw the big deal.
Tapewurm  +   220d ago
@GraveLord... Speaking of "titles" .... How about the "title" of this article? They could have just left EVERYTHING after the word Success out :) ... not sure why they included that irrelevant information at the end there :) (console war rages on lol)
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RobbyGrob  +   220d ago
I'm now officially a Sony employee! =D

Under my first day i got a porsche company car, a prototype of PS5, a million euros in cash and a blow-job under the table at my desk by a girl who's got my name tattooed on her mound of venus.

// End of dream

Sigh. Back to the 'ol hot-dog cart for me.
TAURUS-555  +   220d ago
RIP xbox1
stuna1  +   221d ago
No one can deny, this is about to be one epic battle! I am just glad that I will get the chance to play my part in it. Regardless of what you choose, I forsee great, new, inspiring games this generation! Let's all just try to enjoy it.
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frostypants  +   221d ago
Yeah, this is a great time for indie developers...we should see some great stuff out of them. Hopefully the big time devs do the same.
hellvaguy  +   221d ago
Wow indies on next gen consoles with the latest hardware is an afterthought, not a main reason.
Abriael  +   221d ago
I doubt it's an aftethought. It may not be the "main reason" but an afterthought is not what i'd call it, Maybe for Microsoft, not for Sony.
KwietStorm  +   221d ago

A game is a game.
Conzul  +   221d ago
@helluvaguy Transistor looks epic
Sono421  +   221d ago
I chose both and I gotta say i'm pretty excited :D
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   220d ago
i like indie games alot. 2 of my favorite last gen games were mark of the ninja and journey. hell man its all good. and i really like resogun. variety is the spice of life
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Kingthrash360  +   221d ago
always some dill weed disagreeing with neutral positive comments...smh. well said stuna.
cesuf  +   221d ago
Or maybe he just doesn't care for indies? No need to be defensive.
GamersHeaven  +   221d ago
Christmas has come early :)

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Abriael  +   221d ago
Lol too bad he had to give it back afterwards :D
DigitalRaptor  +   221d ago
He kept the Banderas though. :)
ion666  +   221d ago
Great news let the games begin.
MegaRay  +   221d ago
I read it with aku akus voice. Ah crash bash... when will it hit psn?
WeAreLegion  +   221d ago
Probably never at this point.
ion666  +   221d ago
let no games begin? mr disagree. maybe i can win a agree with. free stripper of your liking for an agree.
ruefrak  +   221d ago
Is it just my imagination or is N4G a portal for Dualshockers.com? Seems like most of the stories I see lead back to that site.
MegaRay  +   221d ago
But dualshockers has no comment whatsoever, that what make n4g great
RogerTriton  +   220d ago
Yes, there seem to be a lot of dualshockers posts on N4G.
Callediceman  +   221d ago
where do i apply?
danny818  +   221d ago
Callediceman  +   221d ago
Sony/MS rep- so Mr Iceman what experience do you have?

Me- None what so ever but im laser focused at meeeting deadlines no matter the cost.

Sony/MS rep- well we wouldnt be interested, but you may have a very bright future with EA!
AngelicIceDiamond  +   221d ago
I love the fact Sony's doing this though Sony's known to do this.

Such great competition and games coming from both Sony and MS. I will get spoiled.
AceofStaves  +   221d ago
Agreed. No matter which console someone chooses, there are great gaming times ahead.
KNWS  +   221d ago
I think we should unite against EA instead of fighting over consoles.

Both consoles work great, but EA is releasing buggy games, and i'm not happy.
Dark11  +   221d ago
Don't buy EA games then , for me i only buy the bioware games for them but if they continue with rushed games,DLC BS, microtransactions
then i'm not going to buy a damn thing from EA.
KNWS  +   221d ago
Its hard not to because when Battlefield 4 works its great and a lot of fun.

EA is the publisher not the maker of Battlefield, but they forced DICE (the maker to release before the game was ready.

EA is destroying good games.

Fifa 14, i got for free as i live in the European area. It too is buggy online and often crashes to the dashboard.

i can leave fifa 15, if this crap continues.

I'm worried for titanfall with EA been the publisher. It could be another disaster,but hoping not?
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MatrixxGT  +   221d ago
Its nice to see both companies succeed and not afraid to bring in new talent and create a few jobs. With news like this the clear winner here is us gamers.
pyramidshead  +   221d ago
Hope they get more class talent like they've been slowly hiring earlier this year. Not to mention the megaton of Corrinne dropping the MS field and bouncing over to the Sony way of things because she hates their way of coding. More like her please, the Ice Team must be a force to be reckoned with by now.

Hopefully too many cooks won't spoil the broth.
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Convas  +   221d ago
The lead level designer of the Uncharted series went to 343i ... so I guess you could say there's been a trade.
pyramidshead  +   221d ago
Sounds like an unfair trade looking at Corrinne's past works lol :X
DigitalRaptor  +   221d ago
Hmm. Tough to say how fair that trade was.

Lead level designer on linear third person action/adventure games - how well will that translate into designing more open fields that Halo is known for? We'll see.

Engine programmer is a much broader role in terms of what that does for a game. Her skills and work on Naughty Dog's IPs can translate over to the ICE team where that goldmine is shared amongst the first party teams at SCE.

Both are very talented individuals and are lucky to have such fantastic jobs.
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Spartan119  +   221d ago
You mean like halo 4. A game that Sony fanboys jumped all over saying it was crap and the graphics were horrible and bland but yet praised Naughty Dog and worshipped the ground they walk on. So now that shes with Naughty Dog fanboys are singing a different tune.
pyramidshead  +   221d ago
Luckily I've never thought that so your blanket statement doesn't have any real effect, sorry :/.

The thing is she's a coding genius(reading up on her) so it's a very massive get for the Ice Team. She even expressed immense enthusiasm to be on the team too, most notably by her having to delete her tweets after saying it, oops. lol.
Spartan119  +   221d ago
Doesnt change the fact that if she was still with 343 the tune you would be signing would sound alot different
DigitalRaptor  +   221d ago
@ Spartan119

As pyramidshead said, that doesn't negate that fact that you guys like to group people together over random hypothetical things that haven't even been done or said. Silly really.

I wouldn't even know who Corrinne was if she hadn't moved to Naughty Dog, just like I don't know who the person was at Naughty Dog who she replaced. So your statement is a massive generalisation and absolutely 100% inaccurate.
Spartan119  +   221d ago
And by who are you referring to when you say "you guys".

I am in the same boat as you as I hadn't heard of her before the article. I couldn't even name more than a couple of people in the industry. I play games, if a game is good I couldn't care less who made it. But it doesn't change the past. A quick look through comments on this site and you will find so many people saying ND this and ND that. Saying how great there games are. How the graphics are beyond anything on the 360 and the same people would be saying how crap halo is and how terrible the graphics are. Now the main person responsible for that "bland game and terrible graphics" goes to Naughty Dog and all of a sudden she is a genius and Naughty Dog games are gonna be even better and it was an Unfair trade.... You can try and defend them all you want and disagree to your hearts content. But any "Sane" person who is able to think for themselves and isnt a mindless fanboy who will die on a cross before they will use even a grain of logic and rational thinking would agree. But go ahead continue defending then while they sing there merry little tune. Ill just sit back laugh and play my games regardless of who coded it or who designed the levels

Happy Holidays
Armadilo21  +   221d ago
Microsoft might have more new games shown right now but by E3 2014 PlayStation are going to show their hand of cards, at E3 the real battle for Next Gen dominance begins
hellvaguy  +   221d ago
Sales of both consoles/pc will continue to be great. Dominance is something argued over forums by egotistical fanboys.
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andibandit  +   220d ago
Cmon man, E3 is like 6 months away, we need games now
Spurg  +   221d ago
Guys this could also mean what this what this person said in this article's comment section.

mmj quote 'On the other hand it could signal that they're falling behind deadlines and/or hemorrhaging staff.'


Just pointing out the hypocrites.
#12 (Edited 221d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Abriael  +   221d ago
Wait, what? Nothing like that was ever said in that article.
Spurg  +   221d ago
I meant in the comments
Abriael  +   221d ago
Ah ok lol. Fanboys will be fanboys, what can you do.
XboxFun  +   221d ago

Yes notice the calm cool heads congratulating and being excited compared to that whole article that says the exact same thing this one does except now it's about Sony....
famoussasjohn  +   221d ago
Now may be the best time for my sisters boyfriend to apply for Sony again to see if he can get a job with them again. He got laid off a few years back and has been trying to get back into it but no one has really been hiring.
hellvaguy  +   221d ago
Um oh thanks for twitter update?
famoussasjohn  +   221d ago
Too many characters, no need to be condescending.
ho0lee0h  +   221d ago
Why so rude? Please remember that even though you see usernames and comment space, we're all still people here. Btw, it'd be more like a Facebook update than a Twitter update.
marvgarvy408  +   221d ago
I cant wait to see how this plays out! lucky me I have both systems

This Gen is going to be awesome
zaz12  +   221d ago
Microsoft is hiring people to support their games on windows 8
TristanPR77  +   221d ago
I would love to work at Sony, it would be a dream job.
JJShredder  +   221d ago
Loving my PS4 and Xbox One. Just wish the Wii U would get moving along as well. : (
RogerTriton  +   220d ago
The Wii U needs about 20-50 AA+ third party games.
truthhurts01   221d ago | Spam
electricone85  +   221d ago
Remember when sony fan boys were saying that microsoft hiring spree after the xbox one launched was them not having confidence in the system before launch? I guess it's safe to say the same can be said for sony?

Notice every time some news comes out for xbox there is always a counter article for sony? It's like sony is saying we have to match what ever positive news that microsoft throws out there.
cesuf  +   220d ago
Regardless of which side of the fence your on in the whole "console war", its comments like this that make you a blight to the forums and a whinny troll.
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Agent_hitman  +   221d ago
Like I said PS4 could be the next PS2... The next king of consoles.
DigitalRaptor  +   221d ago
True dat.
Ryto  +   221d ago
Great to hear that both companies are creating more jobs for people. Congratulations MS and Sony!
DinoNYC  +   221d ago
Been applying to those career opportunities. Fingers crossed..
just-joe  +   221d ago
Hopefully this meant they hired the people they previously laid off.
Mister_G  +   221d ago
Give us a job Sony! I'll be the best PS4 OS/UI/Games tester you've ever had :)
MarkusMcNugen  +   221d ago
Awesome. Keep them awesome games comin' Sony! Same goes for you Microsoft! Make me proud!!! Not that you care, but do it anyways.
Truthandreason  +   221d ago
hope some people can get steady jobs and pump out great content.
Colieo_87  +   220d ago
Grandia 4 bra
thehitman  +   220d ago
3 Sony Corporate America jobs opened on my College Site in NY. 2 Marketing and 1 Administration job so ya they are hiring.
spoonard  +   220d ago
PS4 Announcements I want to hear about because of Sony's new staff:

God of War
Demon's Souls 2
PlayStation Battle Royale
Ratchet and Clank
Dragon's Dogma
Mortal Kombat
Blur 2

That's not asking much is it? :-)
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