Why Indian Gamers May Prefer Sony PS4 To Xbox One

As an entertainment centre the Xbox One is heavily reliant on high speed internet access; with apps like Netflix and HuluPlus which are based on video streaming via internet. Unfortunately, both these apps work only in a select number of countries, India and other countries excluded through geo-targeting techniques. In addition to these restrictions, Microsoft’s plans of launching a host of entertainment apps such as ESPN, FOX Now and other Video on Demand services are also likely to be restricted.

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stuna11614d ago

Because maybe the Xbox1 is a unfinished product outside of the U.S.

It's a known fact that the media side of the Xbox1 is severely lacking, because certain things are just unavailable to many outside countries. I'm sure this will most likely change, but the question on many peoples minds is when?

Spurg1614d ago

Its plays games...if it didn't then that's a issue.

LOLzy1614d ago

Not if Microsoft is advertising it as an "All in One entertainment system". Seriously, when they focus so much on these features and aps that aren't available where I live, it makes me feel like a third rate customer.

1614d ago
Becuzisaid1614d ago

Because of its great support of Indie games? :)

SilentGuard1614d ago

maybe for the same reasons as everywhere else...its cheaper and more capable.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1614d ago

Now lets wait for the next article "Why Black Gamers May Prefer Ouya to PS4 & Xbox One"

6DEAD6END61614d ago

Did you really have to go there man?

BALLBAGS1614d ago

you always get one, one who just doesn't know boundaries or how to act

urwifeminder1614d ago

Great for the Apachee to be into gaming questionable taste though.

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